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(XB1)Tucker D Dawg

Host/Client map discrepencies on Pavlov Lua Spy

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On what is typically vault C all breakable walls were pre-broken for the client.

I was host - nothing was broken - but would break on my screen if I (or the other player) shot the requisite chandelier/explosive barrel etc.

However, for the other player, all the walls & floors etc were already broken allowing him to run straight through (or down through floor or up through ceiling etc)

We ran 5 spies back to back and it was an issue every single run - he could just pass right through, i would have to actually break the walls.  He said on his screen the floors/walls/ceilings etc were already broken - but the explosive barrels were not shot - so he could shoot them if he wanted to.

Decent connection to host (his xbox is in the same house on the same network).



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