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Some Ideas for Functionality/QOL Mods

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Just some general ideas with some commentary on my thinking. 


 - Punch-through in proximity. -- EG: 2-3m punch within 5-10m

Confession:  This idea was mostly brought on by new Kuva Ogris.  Which has killed me far more often than everything else combined since I got it.  A portion of this is because of my needing to adjust to its blast radius.  Another, more annoying aspect, comes from things popping under my crosshair has I pull the trigger.  Like syndicate operatives, thanks, guys. 

The thought being that it gives you a chance to survive if you fire at something too close to you, without preventing the shot from detonating on a target that it could completely pass through at a safe distance.  If the punch is high enough, it could be a fun idea for shotguns.  The point there being that it has a higher effect than other punch mods, but only in the optimal firing distance of a shotty. 

No idea how or if the code would allow this.  The feature would check the existing punch through calcs, but remove it at a given distance.  Distance is tracked for damage fall-off, but having it check for punch is an unknown as far as I know.  A "punch-through all things until Xm" method might be a less expensive calculation, and even ~5m would be useful. 


 - Reduced spool-up shots

Another Kuva weapon related inspired idea, the Kohm in this case.  The spool-up time on the unmodded fire rate makes it feel bad to not hold down the trigger, while increasing the fire rate easily makes the full spool fire rate alarmingly high.  A mod that reduces or eliminates the spool-up would be a good alternative to fire rate mods without letting the ammo consumption run away from you. 


 - Convert trigger to automatic

Mostly QoL, to the point where having this as a feature in the options menu rather than a mod.  Though if it consumes a mod slot, it should add something else to the gun.  Maybe magazine size and fire rate?  Theoretically this could cause problems with guns that have a select-fire feature already, but not a huge one. 


 - Single target damage to area damage. 

I was thinking something in the ballpark of Acid shells, but without copy-pasting it.  My first thought was a mod that chained/radial burst damage based on reducing shields or how much armor the target has.  Seems horribly situational, like bane mods++. 

Second stab at the idea focused on sniper/bow weapons.  Overkill damage chaining to nearby targets until it depletes, or following chain lightning rules (chains to X targets in range, reducing Y% per chain step).  I grant that sniper/bow weapons are intended as single target weapons (with weird uncles Cernos Prime and Komorex on the fringes) and, up to a point, should have limitations that reflect that.  However, the game is mostly built around dealing with hordes, the mod takes up a slot that could augment a different aspect of the weapon, and when using it against higher level targets it would stop one-shotting them sooner. 

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These all sound like they'd be real nice, my terrible aching knuckles would especially appreciate the 'convert trigger to automatic' for weapons like the opticor 👍

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