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Add new Echo-Lures or beacons that can add more enemies and go after a player that used it.

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I will like to see more Echo-Lures or beacons like Grineer, Corpus, Corrupted, infested, and more. Using them will allow more enemies show up and go after player that used echo lure.

There are 3 reasons why I want more enemies.
1. Too small number of enemies in solo survival.
2. Not enough void traces and no more enemies in E-Prime exterminate Lith Fissures, bad for players that joined mid game in multiplayer.
3. Green extraction "Eliminate all targets." in exterminate. No enemies for some times.

I tried using the existing Echo Lures, nothing happens. No enemies. I guess I have been using the wrong Echo Lures. The existing beacons are expensive, rare, limited to 1 or 3 enemies, and can only be used once per mission if allowed.

The new Grineer Echo lures may not exist, maybe not yet.
Syndicate beacon may not exist, maybe not yet.

This video just shows my attempt to try to make more enemies show up, and fail.


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