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Questions From A Returning Player



Hi everyone,


So I took a break from Warframe just before it made the jump to Steam and have now come back to it. There's plenty of cool new stuff but I am finding my gear isn't effective as it used to be, particularly now I'm going onto tougher levels.


I'm wondering how I should change my gear, it's a bit all over the place at the moment. I am Rank 3 and run a level 30 Loki suit. My  level 26 Paris and level 28 Bolto still seem pretty good.


My 28 Strun doesn't seem as good as I remember and the reload speed seems slower even with my fast reload speed mods - should I try to improve it or just buy something else?


My most recent acquisition before I took a break was a Gorgon, now at rank 6, I got one as I did a playthrough with another player who had one and it seemed awesome but I'm finding it a bit feeble and unsuited to my playstyle so I'm considering selling it - should I persevere though?


My melee selection is a complete mess, I have a rank 27 Skana, rank 14 dual Skana, rank 4 Fang, rank 16 Zorens and rank 14 Cronus. The Zorens seem like the only thing which actually works reasonably well. I am considering having a clearout and going for either an Orthos or an Ether Reaper - is this a good idea or a bad one? I am increasingly finding it difficult to level melee.


I'm also considering some new sidearms - Broncos, Vasto and Kunai - again, are these good ideas or not?


Thanks to anyone who replies.

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unfortunately DE is forcing power creep further and further, instead of using weapons we like we are forced to use weapons which are effective.


perhaps new damage system will change that, because as it now it is wise to skip 95% of arsenal and invest only in clantech or latest additions such as galatine or soma.


you can alter your boar through forma and make it viable for entire game, however high level ed, survival or even new alert missions with level 90+ enemies will be difficult. not to mention T3D.

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Kunai will be a good sidearm choice, though they are not as strong as despair or acrid.  They would hold you over till you could get something better.  Also dual vastos are fun and worth trying out.

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