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[Mod Concept] Guidance


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Why is this mod needed?

Long-range "sniper" weapons suffer greatly because of slow projectile speed. Althrough they are classed as "sniper" weapons, you can't hit anyone from long or even medium distance because of projectile travel time. This mod is needed to resolve this problem.



Nightmare mod, rare, sniper rifle & bow, C8, tactic polarity ( — )

Level 1: Projectile Speed +200%; Zoom +10%; Cost 7
Level 2: Projectile Speed +250%; Zoom +15%; Cost 8
Level 3: Projectile Speed +300%; Zoom +20%; Cost 9
Level 4: Projectile Speed +350%; Zoom +25%; Cost 10
Level 5: Projectile Speed +400%; Zoom +30%; Cost 11



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