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Daily Login Blueprints And Mastery Rank



Quick queston here.


I was recently given a Gorgon blueprint as a daily log in reward.  Normally that requires rank 3 mastery to buy from the shop.  Currently I am only Rank 2 (though only about 300 points away from 3 at the moment).  If I were to craft the Gorgon before reaching level 3, would I be able to claim it from the foundary?  Would it let me equip it?


In this case it is a pretty moot point since I will hit rank 3 in no time, but I am curious for the future.  Especially since I was planning on getting a soma building today and want to know what will happen when they change the mastery requirement on it, I don't necessarily want to clog up one of my weapon slots with a weapon it won't let me equip or something.

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So any idea what will happen when the Soma changes mastery rank (as discussed in the last Live stream)?  Will people that already crafted it still be able to use it or will they be stuck with an un-equipable weapon until they get the new mastery rank?


I only started playing recently so I am not sure if there have been mastery rank adjustments in the past.

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