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DE's sustainable content problem shows up again (AKA: All Lich weapons farmed. Now what?)

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18 minutes ago, Vyra said:

Man it nothing personal, ... its just i hear people want more content or more to do or more reward...
Do you know what i really like to have? 3 more open worlds "at least", custom weapon stances, more operator customization / genetics ) more factions, The entire orbiter instead of just the small rooms we have... the list could go on and on...

But by the same time i know how hard it is to create stuff, especially if its unique.
First of all you can not force yourself to be creative, then when you're creative you can not just magically wave your hand and all is done... it needs time, it need configuration and compatibility.. across multiple platforms even...

Then there is the nerf folks who constantly complain about "OP STUFF" etc...
Then we have the vets who eat content easily and EVEN IF there is some kind of reward you get to hear "why would i do this for this little reward"....

I think i am lucky because i enjoy my time in the game, even if i just level up weapons nobody likes, go fishing, mien gems or try to make money outside of index...
I enjoy the game and its world... for me the game is a place to be... not another "workplace" where i seek to keep myself busy...
To me Warframe is like a Party or a Meadow, i go there to enjoy the environment.

Some other people play for the social aspect, and then there seems to be people who want to have something to do and they also want reward...
Problem with that is no one can still the hunger of that kind of people.. nowhere..IF that would be the case, people would be there...

Even games like Eve Online have a point where Vets get bored and complain to have nothing to do other than making plex to sell...
And that game is even bigger and exists longer, has a huge team and a huge base...so....

I guess, until there are new things to do in a game, try making cash?
Why not make community events?
I remember when we got burned out from STO or Champions online, we did farm Crystals, converted them to the premium currency and created ingame events.
Cinematic Events, Fashion Events, Tactical Gameplay Events, Duelling Events etc... we had up to 5 prices each theme.

So if you're interested, just farm Platin, host Events, entertain people, make yourself a name.. maybe even get involved with DE and become a community manager.
really everything is possible.

I owe you an apology. 

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For the most part, the liches are nothing more than recycling already existing content and weapons. So their value as content is minuscule. 

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