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Main Weapon / Sentinal Weapon Mod Bug?


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i was playing with the Burst Laser (Pistol) on my Sentinal equiped to level it up. Today when it reached Lv30, i changed to a different Sentinal Weapon "Death Machine Rifle" to level that one up.

After i earned a few levels i tried to put a Mod in it and received the message "Mod can't be used on your Primary-Weapon and Sentinal Weapon at the same time ".

I don't know which one is bugged since i can use my Pistol Mods on my main Pistol and at the same time on the Sentinals Burst Laser.




Same Mods (Main Pistol + Sentinal Burst Laser)



Trying the same with my main Rifle + Sentinal Death Machine Rifle but won't work.




Sry, the text is in german in the pictures~

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afaik, the ability to use the same mods on the pistol is the bug, and not the other way around.

in other words... you should not be able to use mods on your sent and use the same mods on your guns.

even in the warframe universe, 1 thing cant be in two places at the same time.

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You aren't supposed to be able to share mods between weapons and sentinel weapons at all, that means this whole loadout thing is worthless when it comes to weapons. You can't mod a sentinel weapon if you have a primary SOMEWHERE that is modded with that mod, never mind if it is in use or not. It's a horrible system IMO, they should keep the system that allowed us to equip mods anywhere, but that would be way too convenient. Because maxing one Serration was easy enough, right?

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