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Upgrade for Atlas '-'

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Atlas kit is "fine", especially since his Petrify is instantaneous, and his passive grant him more armor.
With his recent prime, I wanted to play more with him, but I found that he conserves 2 major issues that bother me..
- His 1, Landslide, is too..simple, and it's often frustrating not to be able to use it, just because the nearest enemy is out of range, just by one meter >.<
- And his 2, Tectonics, is just..useless.. '-'
I mean they are some warframe powers which are often said to be useless, but which in reality are useful for people who know how to do it, but in this case, that poor little stone wall that rolls..
I never found the opportunity to use it..

So, here are my little suggestions to improve Landslide and Tectonics.

For Landslide:
I suggest an "hold to use", similar to Mach rush, of Gauss.
Of course in the case of Atlas, no high speed, but a continuous charge that hits the enemies on its way. Maybe only for a certain distance or duration, or with a drain for each meter.
Since Atlas does not do this charge for speed, he does it for damage, so while Gauss often leave enemies alive, Atlas would most likely kill them, as the damage would be similar to that of the simple use of the ability.
Of course, simple use by tap remains possible, as currently.
This solution bring the possibility of starting to cast the ability, in preparation to attack that group of ennemies that we see 20, 30 meters away.

For Tectonics:
I suggest the removal of the Tectonic Fracture augment mod. Really useless mod that exists only because the base abilty is already useless..
The basic ability would be able to generate 2 walls, a number influenced by the power strength and the passive armor counter.
At 200% power, we would have 4 walls.
And the 1500 counter could allow us 4 other walls, regardless of the power strength.
By holding the ability key, each wall would be sent in a straight line on the direction it faces.
Landslide could be used on a wall to send it in a specific direction.
I already see much more use for this ability ^ ^

The rest of Atlas is pretty good, I've seen suggestions of big rework and adding totally new abilities, but .. no..
In my opinion, Atlas is in good state, it's just his 2 first abilities that would deserve a little improvement.
These are abilities that date from another era of the game I think..

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