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COMING SOON: Devstream #134: Empyrean!

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Does the Orbiters fit into the picture in any way with the Railjack? For example, does the Railjack has hangar/compartment/attachment point for Orbiters?
If so, will there be new kinds of "air support", essentially having Ordis as a <pet> in Railjack space-combat to a degree

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1 minute ago, (PS4)PerigoBerro said:

1) When will we be able to apply Railjack skins? 

2) Will there be upgradeable parts to the Railjack?

3) Now, that we have 'Rail'jacks, will solar rails be coming back? (It was before my time but looked very fun).

They were fun, before DE turned them into PvP, but they also were toxic because of the way the clan system was set up. It would be cool if Railjacks replaced solar rails, and we could build fleets of them as clans and alliances, and then fight against AI in a reworked Solar Rail-style system. Maybe we can fight against a big Lich that everyone can fight.

So, DE, I second this question.

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Will you consider lowering the build costs for the ship and dock for those dojos dojos who are small and only a few members in them? I hope so because it will take a long,long time for small dojos to build them and it kinda punishes ssmaller dojos!Great job so far though DE, Keep up the great work! : )

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hey DE with the changes to fire procs using heat is more common now but single element buffs (grendel's nourished strike, 1 augment buffs) are combining with the heat element causing unwanted dual elements, could you maybe change that? 

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1 hour ago, (PS4)BlightDragon89 said:

I don't recall this actually being announced officially as the launch date. With what they are working on, I would really be surprised if we have New War before then even on just PC. From what they have said, Empyrian needs to be in place before New War can be released.

Yes it was set at tennocon for december/christmas 2019 it's on the trailer.

Also the way I see it going we got the dry dock first to build the railjack, then we use it in the quest for the new war to get to the tau system then maybe emperyn next year. So no it doesn't need to be in place first.


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2 minutes ago, (PS4)aqua_d1965 said:

Will you consider lowering the build costs for the ship and dock for those dojos dojos who are small and only a few members in them? I hope so because it will take a long,long time for small dojos to build them and it kinda punishes ssmaller dojos!Great job so far though DE, Keep up the great work! : )

It's a personal railjack, and so it's not based on your dojo size. Everyone has to build their own dojo. The dry dock is something different, though, but even that really depends on how much personal resources you have.

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This is going to run too long to be read as a comment on the devstream, but I'm concerned about Archwing with the release of Empyrean, both within and without the Railjack spaces.  These are the biggest concerns I have:



I know everyone runs Itzal for its loot vacuum, but it's still not effective even with maximum range modding in wide open spaces like Caelus/Uranus.  Salacia/Neptune isn't bad because it's nothing but fairly tight corridors with somewhat open rooms, but Caelus is a massive open sphere of space.  Looting in regular on-ground play isn't horrible because drops are subject to gravity and fall to the ground.  Drops in space just 'hover' if they don't end up flying off the map eventually.  Trying to farm out drops can be tricky because people only have a general idea of where drops came from and there have been more than a few times where I or someone else can't get a drop because we either mark the wrong spot or it ends up flying out of bounds.  With respect to Railjack, I can see the spaces being that much more bigger.  Not to mention, if someone gets a rare drop on a ship they're hijacking, how much trouble do you think it'd be for the pilot of the RJ to go get it themselves?  "Hey, don't blow it up, someone come back and let me go grab that real fast please?"

Proposal:  What if drops auto-collected on drop while in Archwing?  And only Archwing.  If an Orokin Cell drops 2500m away on a Grineer Galleon that someone is inside and you're on the RJ trying to keep it alive, you get the Cell too.  I know people would cry out that this is another blow to the Itzal, but what if Cosmic Crush had a better use than "spam this for drops"? 


This largely ties with the above, but even with Vazarin focus and with Fosfors and the natural affinity share range boost, you still can't share EXP in ranges greater than 700 meters in space.  I keep referencing Caelus because of the size of the map, but there are over 1000 meters between some points and that's just the beacons themselves.  I know you probably aren't gonna be leveling AW gear in Railjack missions, but you can Lens your AW gear.  And this might address the go-to leveling spot of Salacia not being as necessary anymore since you won't have to worry about spawn density and/or player positioning. 

Proposal:  Same as the above, just make the affinity share range infinite for AW/RJ missions.

I know, people are going to say these two will encourage leeching.  But I know how reward-driven we are.  If you're the pilot and people are scoring a bunch of kills on enemy ships or out in space, what of those rewards do you get?  If people out in space are getting kills and all, then how about you on the enemy ship?  Think you can blow it up or leave before those drops despawn?  And forget people trying to mark them because trying to see the itty bitty drop lights is pretty difficult with all of the other visual noise we have.  People have a tendency to ignore stuff that's not rewarding (why should I bother to do X when I can do Y for stuff I actually want?), and this might help retain player interaction well after the new wears off.  I'd rather risk leeching (better warm up those Report Player buttons) than having Archwing die again.

...moving on.


This is two three parts but I'll lump it together here:  Dying in AW bites worse than in other places.  First, you have no way to shoot the enemy/clear a path/secure the area around you.  Second, you bleed out in 20 seconds because nobody takes Undying Will to Archwing.  And third, people reviving you need to be pretty dead on the money to revive you.  They can afterburner into your corpse holding R, but if their aim is a little off...

Proposals:  Why don't we have Archwing sidearms (more Mastery!)?  If not those, then let us use our regular Primaries only when we're bleeding out in space.  Or even the actual Archguns we're using?  You could say we have to hold the secondaries due to the weight/recoil of primaries when we're on the ground, but in space, that shouldn't really be an issue, right? 
Why not increase the bleedout timer to 40 seconds in space?  It's very generous, but I expect RJ spaces to be even bigger than the biggest AW maps we have, so people should have plenty of time to get to you. 
And, why not expand the 'revive hitbox' to a larger sphere?  Let's say it's 5m now--why not 15m?  You don't need to be dead on the money and you don't need to fly right at the body of your friend to count.  And I know not everyone does the high-speed rescues I talked about above. 

Auto Extraction

Admittedly, I've only heard of this, but that doesn't make it any less valid a concern!  Unless it no longer exists. 

If you fly off the map in the open space areas/Jordas arena, you automatically leave the mission.  I don't understand why this is a feature.  I've never done it myself, but it sounds easy to trigger on accident if you get tunnel vision and/or chase a drop or something.  I can't see why you'd want to intentionally escape unless you were trying to screw over your allies. 

Proposal:  Remember Starfox 64?  When you hit the edge of the map in All-Range Mode, the game forces you into a U-turn and then you're free to keep flying around as normal.  A feature like that would be useful. 


This is more of a Plainswing concern, but when an enemy missile is locked-on, I really would love to know which direction it's coming from.  Every 'wing has countermeasures, but those would be much more effective if you were given an idea where to move away from while using them.  As well as the warning appearing as soon as the missile is fired 100% of the time.  Getting shot out of Plainswing with zero warning is beyond annoying, but if locked enemy missiles were a serious threat in space, then this would be an even more serious concern. 


I know, that's a lot of concerns, but I actually like Archwing!  Yes, even the way it is.  It could just be better

Sorry for the long walls. 




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2 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


Who:  Rebecca is joined by the usual crew on the couch, and 2 more Devs from their work PCs!

What:  This Devstream is dedicated to all things Empyrean – from the Dry Dock to Earth, learn about the core Empyrean Systems and Regions you’ll be venturing off to. Sit down and tune into the Devstream with your Crew – you won’t want to miss this!

Prizes? Oh yes! We have plenty of Digital Prizes to give out.

Where: Find us at: twitch.tv/Warframe and mixer.com/playwarframe

Twitch Drop / Mixer Reward: Tune in to find out what you can snag for watching our Devstream!

When: Join us this Friday, December 6th, at 2 p.m.   

Ask your Empyrean questions here – this stream is dedicated to giving you information about Warframe’s next major update!  

By installing the Youtube app for free on your Nintendo Switch, you can conveniently watch the stream on the Warframe Youtube channel from your portable system!


can someone please tell me why the new archwing movement knocks me back every time i move and shoot my weapon?...

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So with the recent changes to the melee crit mods would we be able to get more mod buffs? For example, mods like tactical pump are useless because you get 30% reload speed for 7 capacity, when you could use chilling reload that gives 40% reload speed and 60 % cold for 5 capacity. Another would be Status chance mods.  The one on shotguns give 30% for 9 capacity when dual stats give you 60% status and 60% of an element for 7 capacity. Could we see these looked at to make them useful.  

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Hey DE,

on the Old Blood Console Update you put the Heavy Attack only on RS/R3 but now put it back on hold B/Circle.

Could you please revert this or give us the option to not use hold B. It seems flimsy and when i play with my Nikana Prime i always loose my Combo Counter, my hand tremor doesn't make it better. I liked it with only RS/R3


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vor 2 Stunden schrieb [DE]Rebecca:

P.S I will also bring up The Old Blood and Liches.

Yes Please do so, in fact there are multiple things I'd love to see you guys take a closer look at, which include but are not limited to: 

  • The Kuva Lich ability stealing that was originally planned, the current system gets kinda boring when all they do is switch teleport you around (radiation lich as example)... also Kuva Ignis please?
  • The ship color customization, especially accents, the gold color is very pretty with the main rooms metallics now but it tints the display stand in your quarters and the tenno pod yellow too, non metallic yellow, looks like a toddler just finger painted the walls pee yellow. a seperate color for the wall decals would be nice too, right now they use the accent color, same problem as with the pod and display stand. (and also even though no screenshot of that but the scratches on the walls near the arsenal and on the floor don't disappear with the slider all the way to the left.)


Very pretty and nice golden colors (although the metallic colors still look a bit plastic-y)


Heavy smoking area, look at all those parts stained yellow


More smoking damage, even the display is stained, cheap materials and all, also who let the kids finger paint all over my walls? (also roomba photobomb)

Some more questions as well: 

  1. Excalibur Deluxe? Any release ETA on that beautiful piece of art? (I really want that pipe...) and whatever happened to that nova skin? Anything in-engine you can show yet?
  2. What about using our liset instead of the Railjack to use as a alternative to travel think stealth frames but in this case smaller ships to explore less flashy than with your Railjack.
  3. Please could we have an extra button for the Archwing Blink? having it on shift is the worst thing ever... it feels clumsy and slows down the whole experience even more than the cooldown does...
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