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New Warframe Idea : Invoker dota copycat?

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This idea really popped up right now as i where playing.
A warframe that combine spells with 1,2 and uses them on 3 and have counterpart skill on 4 depending how 1 and 2 is combined.
(yes its  alot like invoker from dota and dota2)

1 rotates with - fire and cold
2 rotates with - toxic and lightning
3 combines the elements making a skill of combined elements.
4 becomes a some random ultimate. defensive, offensive, negative buff or positive buff.

Just a random idea. Got any idea to add for this? please post away on this topic!!

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To quote the movie 'Big'; but what does it do?

It's an interesting mess of words you've put up there, but nothing you've listed actually does anything.

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I know this is considered an old post by most players standards, but I have to say that I get it. I don't just get it, I like it. To explain what I think he is trying to say, psycedelic, just like with many existing frames with toggle selection skills, (like Vauban, Ivara, and so on)  make the first two skills toggle select passives. So kinda like Chroma, but instead you control in game two of his elements.

But you are wasting two skills just to change your passive... yes and no. Lets do every combo of elements based on his list above.

#1: fire and #2: toxic

#1: fire and #2: lightning

#1: cold and #2: toxic

#1: cold and #2: lightning

So its only 4 different combinations... yes, but you have 4 different modes for 2 skills which makes it act like 8 skills and 4 different passive combos.

The only problem with a warframe that has a system like this, is that it would be hard to balance out. That and most of the combos listed already exist with the current 4 (5 if you include Oberon)  main element frames. Fire and toxic = gas, fire and lighting = radiation, cold and toxic = viral, and cold and lightning = magnetic. Two of them are in Saryn, one with Oberon, and the last one with Mag.

At this point, what I would like to see is psycedelic may be add a little bit more to this idea, like what kind of skills using this system. I don't think it is overpowered as there is already a frame who can toggle one skill to change the other 3 skills and that is Equinox. I think we can all agree that Equinox is not overpowered, but is a really divers and fun frame.

As always, I am open to constructive criticism and I my apology if I misunderstood what you were saying psycedelic and went on a rant for nothing, but really I do think you should add to this idea so others get it.



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My idea is solely based on Dota character Invoker.
He uses Quas, Wex and Exort to combine them into diffrent spells but they also adds passiv stat.
In Invokers case Quas adds health regen, Wex attack speed and move speed, Exort bonus dmg.
And he can have 3 orbs floating around him at all times.
For a Invoker Warframe

Cold/Ice - Blue (Quas) orbs have health regen like wisp reservoir but player only.
Void Dmg - Purple (Wex) orbs have attackspeed and move speed also like wisp but player only.
Fire - Yellow (Exort) orbs have increased dmg/strenght - little bit like chroma.

(swapping the orbs around cant cost energy and combining skills can cost some energy)

Skill 1 would just circle the the orbs around and give bonus stat of any chosen orb.
Skill 2 would become a usable skill depeding on which 2 orbs that circle around you
Skill 3 would combine the orbs into a bigger spell on 4

Just a random though.

Might be overkill to have as many spells as the dota invoker because he has 10 spells.

just and idea really... i know its alot of work behind to make them reality.

it might be heavy copy right infringement to make a invoker in warframe xD


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