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Next Project: Banshee ! (Builds,mods,useful At?)





even tho i got every frame. i just started to forma the S#&$ out of specific frames. just cause i like them. (dont care if frame A is > frame B whatever)


most frames got 1 to 3 forma's  but the first one i forma'd to hell was SARYN.  (also made a thread about her setup)


now that project SARYN  is DONE.  i thought hey.. why not good old BANSHEE.. instead of easy peasy nova,rhino and stuff.


but to be honest.. last time i played her was MONTHS ago. she was my second frame after MAG (starter) luckily i found every part quite fast in the beginning.


i remember her 1 was usefull, her 2 was really great and her 4 was very powerful.

(lets skip the SILENCE power.. i guess i wont use it. so this polarity will be changed for sure)


so i heard her Sound Quake got nerfed really hard. and does much less dmg + u can get hurt while casting it.


question 1: is it really that bad? (soundquake) were is it usefull?


when does it lose everything? and does almost 0 dmg? rank xx - xx enemys



what do you build on her? (mods)


10 slots.  the only "must haves" for me are









that are already 6 slots.  4 left.. for maybe stuff like sonic boom,soundquacke,vita,redirection,vigor and others.



post ur banshee builds/ideas




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Sonic Boom is good to have, very useful for the cheap knockback, especially to clear a crowded pod.


Sound Quake is either very good or very bad, depending on who you ask and who you play with. If you're in a good group that can protect you while you're using it, it is a very effective AoE CC. However if solo or in a spread out group, you can die very quick and its frustrating to have happen.


Personally I'd fill those last 4 spots with;

Sonic Boom, Redirection, Vigour, and Vital or +shield regen


Edit: Might want to consider Streamline instead of Flow, Banshee has a huge energy pool already.

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So starting from your six mods, the other four I'd equip are Sonic Boom, Soundquake, Redirection, and Streamline.


Use Sonic Boom extensively to push/corral/disrupt enemies, gun them down. Banshee's playable with so-so health (large shield and fast shield regen), so long as you have lots of energy. If an enemy is giving you sh-t, push him down and fill him with lead.


EDIT: I personally build most of my 'frames for heavy power usage to complement gunplay, so Flow+Streamline is pretty much the staple of my builds.

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i think im done with my banshee but  2 things im still not sure about




this picture includes a little picture of the shield/health numbers


1. vigor/redirection.  is it rly worth it? should i put out vigor and put in something like streamline? cause lets be honest.. in high defense (which this banshee is made for) does it rly matter ? if u get hit hard it doesnt matter if u got 720 shields or 800.  same with life..  if u get caught by a toxic on high levels u dead. no matter if 300 health or 720.  so maybe just keep redirection for a bit safety.


2. rifle amp aura for more dmg for everyone? (nice comb with sonar) or just take energy siphon?

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1 I *would* put Streamline in - but I would use it to replace Flow. You dont need both, and Streamline will reduce the number of energy orbs you need to pick up to use an ability. Combined with the Chorus helmet you can get the cost of Sonar under 50 energy (2 orbs), and even without it's pretty close, like 52e. Vigour helps because it provides a bit of a health cushion to take the delay in Guardian's activation, and adds much needed shields. That 120 shields is actually 240 ehp, and regenerates (and thus can be useful over and over). If you play conservatively enough that Guardian never activates, than yes the extra shielding is wasted and you can sub something else in there.


2. Sonar maintenance isn't too expensive. Rifle amp is indeed the better choice (Corrosive Projection if you arent using an AI weapon)

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true.. yes i use the second alternate helmet which makes me use powers with less energy.


i might even forma it once more regardlessly so i can switch out everything i want for specific situations (like auras)



but imagine flow put out,streamline in. vigor out .. what could replace vigor? if not flow.. hmm never tried the new mods through like equilibrium

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