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dunno if this has been suggested already, my (very quick) search came empty...


since we have those fancy clan titles (general, officer, leader...), i'd suggest giving us the option of creating groups within the clan to help us organize.


eg. the warlord assigns x (5 maybe?) number of players to every general. we could group them according to their times zones/mastery rank/what not, so that when someone wants to play with their clanmates, they could first as ppl in their group.


it gets quite confusing (at least for me) when +10 ppl are asking for help at the same time. some wanna do void, some defense, some wanna farm keys and they usually always ask the for warlord (me) to join them. it's be great to be able to assign them to a few veterans. this way then won't get disappointed when i choose some over others and it'd provide everyone with a feeling of organized unit instead of just an expanded friends list


also, it's be great to have a chat tab *group* to minimize the clutter in the *clan* tab

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