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[Fan-Fiction] Gold, Crimson, Azure


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This is going to be something to show my warframes from the beginning of their time, their awakening and how they met. If you've read the Ash and Fire: How We Envision our Tenno thread then you will notice mine almost right away. Khimera, myself; Nova-Quinn, Cherry-Lover; Crowley, Icy Nekros. I will be posting up each of their chapters simultaneously and respectively for each Tenno the chapter will be A, B, or C. Without further ado, let us look into the lives of three broken, crazy, and somewhat different Tenno.


Kapitel Eins A- 1 Watt      Ambiance Track: 


"It's time to wake up, Tenno."


Groaning softly, a Volt slowly came to consciousness. Even as he looked around he felt disoriented, the landscape white with pixelation around the edges of his vision. His memories were fragmented but some of them stood out in his head. Flames...monsters...aberrations...someone...special? Ripped apart...torn away...abominations...hatred...rage.


Collapsing to his knees, the Volt finally found his name among the fragments even as the voice persisted in telling him to get up, that it was time to wake and re-learn what was lost. "Not 'Tenno'...Lotus." He growled, default-colored warframe glowing as it powered up fully. "I am Khimera...or what's left of him." Remembering the Lotus' name, the Volt tried to piece together what she -or it- was but nothing but the name was left to him. Lotus was not the special person he'd forgotten...and knowing he'd forgotten this special person caused his heart to ache as if it had been stabbed with a Skana.


"You are one of the deadliest warriors in the Sol System. The Cryo-Sleep will have damaged your memories, but your knowledge will return in time. For now, let me give you back your powers to see if you remember how to use them."


The feeling of old functions being restored was exhilarating, like a fresh breath of cold air in one's lungs. Taking a deep breath as electricity flowed over his form like water Khimera activated his abilities one by one, eliminating the digital targets the Lotus called to greet him. Yes...that's what they were...where he was. This was the datascape, a place within computers and terminals. Occasionally it linked back to someone's mind, but such cases were rare.


Shock, Speed, Electric Shield; all unlocked and for him to wield in this place. Finally, the Lotus gave him command of his greatest power: Overload. Since he had yet to remember all his skills Khimera could only activate its most basic function, blasting away a crowd of digital foes into oblivion. Still, something twinged in his mind as he floated for those few seconds. It hurt...it connected to the rage in his heart...and despair.


When he fell rather than landing on his heeled feet the newly awakened Volt collapsed onto all fours, panting. He vaguely heard the Lotus make a note about how his systems might not yet be fully functioning still. Once again the powers were stripped away, leaving Khimera with nothing but Lato, MK1 Braton, and Skana.


"Time to wake up, Tenno."


A flash of blinding white engulfed Khimera's vision as he was brought to reality, having fallen from an upheld cryopod. Getting up, he flexed his limbs to reinvigorate himself and return strength to his body. "Not Tenno, Lotus, Khimera. Tenno is a collective name." He stated, sounding irritated and feeling so as well. Beginning his walk out of the Orokin facility the Volt paused as he looked at his reflection in some still-polished metal. "My helmet...and my chroma colors...can you return them?" He asked, looking up at the ceiling as if for answers.


"Escape, and you can return to yourself." Was the only reply.


Taking his MK1 Braton off his back Khimera started to make his way out of the facility, hearing harsh voices in the distance. Again the frustrated Tenno winced and dropped to one knee, hand reaching up to his helmet. "Grineer...damned...Grineer." He hissed, rage mounting and making lightning crackled around his torso. "F-ing...Grineer." Letting out a primal scream of wrath Khimera sprinted for the voices, for the enemies that stole something dear to him he'd forgotten.




Kapitel Eins B- Cherie           Ambiance Track: 


Floating...a feeling of weightlessness...black unconsciouss sleep. Pain, no...waking up. How long was this sleep? So many jumbled memories. Something yellow...something blue...something broken...something hurt...and cherries...cherry stems all tied up into little hearts. Dozens, thousands of them falling like crimson snow.


Jerking upright a red and black Nova looked around, finding herself in an old-looking base overgrown with flora. Sitting up a little more she looked around to gain her bearings, stopping when she saw red flowers underneath what had been her cryopod. They were growing...but some looked like they'd been picked and placed there originally. As she stared more memories returned.


"Hey, it's been a while..."                                             "Did you know Roses are..."


                                "So bright and beautiful..."            "...like you."


     "I heard you like...."

                                                        "Will you marry me?"


                "I'm sorry..."                  "...cannot be saved..."                   "...grievous..."

 "...protect you no matter..."                              "...don't die!"




                                                                                                                                                  "I love you, Ma' Cherie."


Taking off her helmet the Nova reached up and brushed away a tear that threatened to fall down her cheek. Looking at the wetness in her hand her expression became one of confusion. Shrugging it off she wiped her face of tears and donned her helmet once more. With more vigor than a recently-awakened Tenno should have she sprung up to her feet and started trotting out of the base humming softly to herself. She didn't know what all the memories and words meant, but she figured it was okay not to think to hard on it for now. Though...what was her name again?


"Colored like..."




Oh yeah...that's right...she was Nova-Quinn. Satisfied with her deduction and dismissing everything else the happy-go-lucky girl barely even noticed the observation drones floating nearby watching her every move.




Kapitel Eins C- Singur         Ambiance Track: 


Dust swept over the cold desert world encased in eternal night. Clad in cold blue and silver light from the twin moons high above that seemed to just barely catch light from a star so distance it could almost not be seen. Yet this world was not made of ice or covered in snow, a unique trait to be sure. Regardless, sitting on a somewhat flat stone in the vast expanse of nothing sat a Nekros colored in icy blues. He wore no Syandana nor the Raknis, simply his warframe as it was by default aside from the colors.


Crowley...that was the name he'd taken long ago, but so much was still lost to him. Why...why did his memories fail him? He was supposed to hold all his memories without fail wasn't he? Never before had there been a Nekros wielder whose memory faltered once they donned the ceremonial Warframe...had there? Staring out into the cold abyss of night Crowley let out a soft sigh.


Without the passing of night and day only his own counting marked the passage of time. He had awoken long ago...several months at least by now. He'd come out here frequently to simply watch the endless night go by, to see wisps of forgotten things show faces in the dusty winds. Yet, for all that he tried any memory that did not involve his survival here and now had been stripped away by his frozen slumber.


Slowly standing up the mournful Tenno turned away from the scenery and back to the grand ruin he had left several hours -or was it days?- earlier. Slowly Crowley made his way up the myriad steps that marked the passage to the entrance that forever gaped wide. It was a place that seemed...more than Orokin, as if it had been crafted as a special place only one such as he was supposed to go to. Still, he had never seen another Nekros within what he assumed to be an ancient temple. Already he knew its hallways and could trek back to where he'd awakened just from memory, ironically.


Time passed as if mired in sludge to Crowley while he made his way to the grandest room, a room with a great cryogenic coffin at the end where he'd awoken. He remembered he was important, that he was strong, and that he had been alive for millenia. However, he knew that one such as he who had taken solemn vows and undergone the pain of permanent bonding would not die from a mere several thousand years of functioning. Time was not an obstacle for Crowley, merely death by combat or poison or bodily obliteration.


Stepping up to the coffin Crowley traced his fingers over the detailed symbols and markings and icons that covered his sleeping place. They felt familiar to the touch but the mind struggled to remember. Behind his helmet Crowley grimaced in frustration as he slammed his fist onto the lid. One thing he'd chosen to do until he'd remembered was not speak, as a reminder that he was alone here. If he spoke, surely the echoes would drive him mad, would make him forget more until he was nothing but a mindless beast.


Tilting his gaze upward the blue Nekros saw a statue of someone important, but they looked like no Tenno he could recall. They wore a Warframe that reminded him slightly of his own but it was so much more ornate, but did not give the regal radiance of a Prime. It felt...sad...solemn...shrouded in melancholy. Walking around his coffin Crowley stopped before the statue, reaching up as he felt overwhelmed by these emotions. Without thinking the ancient Tenno parted his lips and drew breath.


"Why?" Crowley begged of this grand, divine being set in stone before him as he fell to his knees. "Why am I...alone?"




This is just the first chapter, and you will find out possibly shocking things about each Tenno as time passes.


Also, whoever first gets right the meaning behind a chapter's title as well as translates the entire chapter title together into English will be rewarded with a tidbit of information about the coming chapters.

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I felt inspired and wanted to write the next chapters anyway so...forgive the double posting.



Kapitel Zwei A- Iskra


The savage cry drew the squad of Grineer Lancers to the raging Volt like moths to a flame. As soon as they sighted Khimera they opened fire...and so did he. Even for just waking his aim was impeccable, hailing the heavily-armored torsos with bullets until they were red mush. Without even wasting one clip he'd finished off his first set of enemies. Shoulders rising and falling as he took ragged, weighted breaths Khimera stumbled over to the corpses and glared down at them.


They were only three in number and hardly of the calibur to take down any but the most inexperienced Tenno and Initiates. Khimera let the rifle hang at his side in one hand while he pulled out his Lato in the other, placing it to the forehead of the nearest Grineer cadaver.




It was insurance, a way of knowing they were truly dead. Even as memories trickled in pure instinct drove Khimera to repeat the process with the other two so they would assuredly do no more harm to others.




Holstering the Lato Khimera moved forward through the facility toward an exit beacon marked on his helmet's HUD. Lotus' doing no doubt, though he would not complain. His route seemed riddled with enemies, perhaps on purpose to vent the anger he felt from what fragmented memories he could still yet grasp. Whatever the case, the next Lancer to round the bend got stunned but a jab to the head from the butt of the MK1 Braton Khimera handled before he spun it about and released a spray of bullets into his enemy's face. The guttural sounds of shock, fear, and pain sparked delight in the Tenno; after all why should he not be happy to obliterate those that had taken so much from him, from all his people? Not just them...there were others...things...things he had no name for but they were responsible too...and he would find them after he finally left this accursed place!


The death of their comrade caused the three remaining Grineer of the squad to hide behind several radiator-like objects and containers. It was a pitiful effort, though, as their hulking forms only just managed to squeeze behind such obstructions to the Volt's line of fire. Just as the teal form moved into the doorway they fired, forcing Khimera back behind the safety of the entryway frame. They could not stall him forever, but he knew they would bring stronger reinforcements if he waited; ones he would be unable to defeat with his powers still locked away as they were.


Growling in frustration Khimera looked down at his right hand, feeling the electricity coursing through and over it yet without release! He could generate millions of volts of electrical power at will and over time but with all of his most powerful functions still locked it only served to energize his movements near electrical devices. Wait a moment...


Turning around, Khimera let out a short laugh as he reached out to a terminal. His hacking skills were rusty but it would serve a better purpose. Grasping the interface he applied more and more pressure until his hand clawed into it, drawing energy from the system into his body causing the nearby lights to flicker out.


Surprised by the lack of light the three Lancers chattered among themselves in their crude dialect in frightened tones, wondering when the Sawmen and Troopers would arrive. This had been a mission to find a slumbering Tenno and kill them, not full-scale guerrilla warfare. In the next moment a circle of light scattered the gloom and three flashes went off accompanied by the sound of gun shots.


They were rounds from a standard Lato and not enough to pierce totally through the metallic hides, but it was enough to startle them into action. Khimera pressed his back to the wall as the three rushed out guns blazing after their target. It was too easy to fire through their unarmored backs with his rifle and down them as he'd done their comrades. However, as he knelt down to scavenge rifle ammunition from them he could hear voices over their comm links speaking rough English dialect.


"What is your position, Beta Squad? Have you found the Tenno wretch?!"


It occurred to the Volt to rip out the comm link in one Grineer's helmet and say something sinister over the line but he knew better. Stealth was his ally here, there was no telling what kinds of units were laid out here and if a Heavy Gunner or a Napalm was present he was screwed out of his sparking, powerless butt.


"Keep going, you are almost to Extraction."


"Finally...doesn't look that way." Khimera rolled his eyes, assuming that the Lotus was only guessing at where he actually was. A flash of memory reminded him that Lotus had always been that way; guessing and making estimates. Shrugging it off he started trotting through the facility again, taking to higher ground when he could take it. The first two squads had thoroughly sated his need to kill something already and reason had crept back into his mind. He had to leave this place and get somewhere save to set-up and get prepared to actually do war with this a-holes.


Time passed at a crawl, making Khimera more agitated as he crept through the facility at an agonizingly slow pace. He took out two more small squads; one of two Lancers and one with a Sawman and a Trooper. This did not make it any easier to avoid the multiple other squads that were becoming increasingly tight-knit in their sweeps near the exit.


"Extraction's just ahead, Tenno, keep going."


Clenching his hands into fists Khimera stood and activated a reply line to the Lotus. "Shut the F*** up you stupid $#*(@. I get it. I'm almost there! The squads are probably there or will be so just...shut...up! If you're so knowledgeable you know my temper so stop pestering me!" Khimera hissed into the line, earning a stunned silence as he shut it off so he could proceed. As he'd guessed, there was a swarm of Grineer right at the extraction point. At least two Sawmen, three Troopers and a...was that a Lancer with a shield? Swearing repeatedly with his helmet's vocals set to silent for a minute he let himself vent it off before calming down.


Somehow the Volt got the impression he wasn't actually normally this irritable, but he contributed it to having just woken up coupled with how much...hate...he felt right now. A seething need to just wipe this facility clean with all the fury of the storms at his command. Kneeling down he pulled out the MK1 Braton again and aimed for the Troopers first. The Sawmen would be no problem, he could use his Skana on them. It was the Shield Lancer that would be tricky, as it never seemed to leave the safety of its protective barrier.


Lightly nudging the trigger Khimera watched the small yet accurate spray of bullets kill the first trooper, sending the Grineer on alert and headed toward the source of the sound. With little hesitation Khimera blew the second from existence but was unable to get a bead on the third before a Sawman crept up on him.


"S#&$!" Rolling back he drew his Skana back-handed and leapt forward, cleaving the Sawman in half. The next got his ribcage torn open by an upward stab once Khimera ripped the blade out in order to turn it on the final melee-oriented Grineer for decapitation. It was beautiful, fluid, mind-wiping...soothing. Releasing his thoughts to the pure instinct of Tenno combat gave Khimera peace inside, letting him put all other things aside to finish his objective. The sudden burst of clarity was gone as a shotgun round hit him from the side, re-igniting the hatred he'd felt earlier.


Khimera drew his Lato with his free hand and emptied the clip into the remaining Trooper just as two bullets hit his chest. Those had actually hurt, his Warframe's shields downed due to defending from the shotgun pellets. Reloading the Lato on the move Khimera sprinted around one of the catwalks toward the Shield Lancer leaving trails of red sparks in his wake.


Sheathing his Skana the Volt outstretched his now-freed hand, channeling all his rage through it, fighting to bypass the locks on his functions that had been placed on him for cryo-sleep. The angry scream he let loose as he drew closer and took more fire only increased in volume as he took on more wounds. By now the Shield Lancer had his protection off to the side, feeling confident that the Tenno in his sights was running to its death.


Oh how wrong that pitiful Grineer found out he was.


Skidding to a stop Khimera let his body slide forward until his hand grasped the head of his victim. All the anger he felt, all this hate, it demanded to be set free!


"Ability Lock Over-Ride Active. Protocol Indra now in effect."


The metallic, monotone voice sounded in Khi's head moments before a bright red bursts of lightning fried the Shield Lancer in his grip. For several seconds the only thing to overtake the silence was the hum of the facility and the steam rising from the charred corpse held in Khimera's hand.


Only able to let go when lucidity claimed his mind once more the rampaging Tenno found himself much more calm. Something about his body felt lighter, more flexible perhaps. Taking no time to dwell on the matter he moved to what he assumed was a Snub Fighter's underbelly and mounted himself in the magnetic grips.


"Well done, Khimera, welcome back to the Sol System." Lotus declared, her face appearing on Khimera's HUD with a slight, Mona-Lisa smile on it. "You will be taken to a safehouse to tend to your wounds and weapons. I will inform you of your next mission in 12 cycles. Be prepared, Tenno."


"Hmph...are we not always so?" The adrenaline rush had worn off and the wounds were really painful at this point, but at least his warframe's regenerative functions were working to keep him alive. Perhaps he would meet other Tenno at the safehouse. It would be best to work in teams until their powers were fully restored.




Kapitel Zwei B- Noir et Rouge


The base had very little in it to worry about except for some odd looking insects that Nova-Quinn deemed too icky to even get near. Whenever they blocked her way she hid behind or on top of something to stay away until they'd pass. It was long going, but she was following this nice red beacon on her helmet display that looked pretty and she wanted to find out what was there. If it was red like cherries it was good, right? That's the feeling NQ got, at any rate.


Having slowed her trot down to a walk the Nova actually too some time to look around at the plants that grew in this place. It was actually quite beautiful, though she would feel better if she could give it a name. It was better than just referring to the base as 'this place' and it might make it feel more homey if she was going to be here a while. It wasn't like she'd need to eat for at least a couple days because of the Warframe slowing her metabolism's needs. Wait...did it slow down her metabolism or speed it up? Taking a moment to ponder this Nova-Quinn stopped where she stood and tilted her head, a finger on her chin.


Shrugging and dismissing the question as usual she resumed her walk through the lush, forested facility until she came across a large room. It was easily the size of a football stadium and the center was a huge tree with glowing blue moss on it and all sorts of little animals. This wasn't earth, of course, but the habitat and atmosphere must have resembled it at some period of fertility because some of the creatures were definitely mammals while others looked somewhat like amphibians, keeping near the roots of the tree.


Drawing close to the base Nova-Quinn looked over the edge of the hole the roots made and could just barely see the shimmers of an underground lake or river feeding the plant life. As she leaned close a small, furry creature with six limbs sprang from the tree and landed on the Nova's shoulder.


Letting out a squeak or surprised NQ jumped a bit and thrashed for a bit until she saw it wasn't a creepy crawly. The poor thing was clinging to her forearm tightly and shivering as if it had frostbite. On actual inspection it resembled a squirrel of sorts though its tail tapered at the end and it had a blue stripe of fur down its back acting as camouflage to imitate the tree's moss. Instantly feeling horrible Nova-Quinn slowly drew the critter closer and stroked over its back.


"Shh...it's okay." She cooed, gently holding it to her chest able to feel its little heart thumping against its rib-cage. "It's okay...I'm not gonna hurt you. Promise." Closing her eyes the female Tenno sat down at the edge of the hole keeping the small, shaking animal close and safe. Several minutes passed before it had calmed down and clambered back onto Nova-Quinn's shoulder, chirruping with curiosity. With a soft giggle Nova-Quinn stood up and stroked over the creature's back with one finger. "I'm gonna call you...Mossy! Cuz you look like the moss on this big ol' tree here." Smiling behind her helmet, NQ felt warmth in her chest as the creature nuzzled her cheek. "And I wanna call this place..." Looking up at the massive tree, she bathed in its soft glow for a moment as she let the name come to her mind. "...Eden."


Mossy squeaked and flicked up his tail, jumping from his new friend onto the tree, scrabbling up to the nearest branch. The strange young Tenno took a few steps back then did the same, surprisingly able to keep a good grip even with the shape of her Warframe's feet. Sitting on the thickest part of the branch NQ kicked her legs back and forth like a small child's for a while, watching her furry little friend scamper about, gathering some small fruits that grew toward the end of the limb and eating them.


Without taking much notice, Nova-Quinn had allowed a miniscule arachnid to gain close proximity to her, hanging down by a thread. When she stopped looking at Mossy she took immediate notice and shrieked at the top of her lungs, flinging her hands out and causing the eight-legged terror to explode into nothingness just as she began to fall back. Mossy, of course, had been frightened by the sudden, high-pitched noise and had retreated to the very end of the branch. When he saw his friend starting to fall off he scampered over and tried to keep her upright by grabbing at her leg with four of his tiny paws.


Instincts kicked in and a sudden zen of mind hit the childish Tenno as she swung back, letting momentum take her nearly all the way around before she released the branch with her legs and got flung to a higher branch in the tree. The act of grace was narrowly interrupted at the finish as Nova-Quinn saw Mossy floating in mid-air looking ready to fall. "MOSSY!" She cried, reaching out and snatching up the small creature and holding him close causing her to land on her back on the branch. Before she lost consciousness from the shock to her spine NQ heard a particularly loud cracking sound.




Kapitel Zwei C- Strigoi


As he'd thought, there was no answer from the statue save for the echoes of his own voice that reverberated in the large, empty room. Sighing, Crowley resigned himself to spending his remaining days alone in this place like a monk having taken a vow of isolation. No one had contacted him, no one seemed to be here besides him, and there was no ship here to take him elsewhere. The blue Nekros felt hopelessness overwhelming his heart as he dragged himself up from his kneeling position. He was not here to pray to some invisible, unreal being that did not exist. Even if Crowley's powers afforded him the ability to pierce the veils between the living and the dead there were some things his logic told him were assuredly not a reality.


A slow trudge was the Crowley's chosen march out of the room, leaning on the archway of the entrance with another sad sigh. Just beyond his grasp were so many memories, things that played at the edges of his senses and taunted him in this place. Emotions he knew were not his own from mere glimpses at things he felt were not from his own life. Even now Crowley felt a presence behind him but he knew if he looked it would just fade away as soon as he turned around just like all the other times he'd walked these empty halls.


With a soft grunt the weary Tenno made to leave the area when...


"Is that any way to treat an old friend?"


Shocked, Crowley began to turn about slowly at first then snapped around as swiftly as he could to see...a human? This could not be...this world's atmosphere would not support life such as a human's! He'd checked a thousand times before; no life on this desolate world could survive the lack of light and harsh temperatures, let alone the eternal night! The only reason he was able to continue living was by grace of his Warframe.


Opening up his mouth to speak the Nekros found himself stopped by the specter who held up his phantasmal hand. Finding his vocal chords unable to perform, at first Crowley touched his neck to make sure nothing was wrong though soon after he realized it was merely his awe suffocating any form of communication he would be able to muster. Watching onward as the phantom turned away Crowley spotted what looked like Warframe armor on the one arm. Why was it only one arm, though? Even Initiates got a full suit when they finally got inducted. There hadn't been a case of a Warframe being worn in only pieces in...in...blast it why couldn't he remember?! The fact he remembered initiates and a tidbit of information about them was a step in the right direction, but it wasn't information he needed right now.


There was a quiet chuckle as the ghostly figure phased through the base of the statue. "If you want answers, come back to what you ran from!" Came the phantom's voice, both taunting Crowley and egging him onward.


Hesitating at first Crowley took a moment to return to the statue's base, calmly searching over the stone with hands and eyes, feeling and looking for anything that might allude to where the spirit had gone. After a few seconds he hit something metal on one of the sides and a panel opened up on the front revealing a plaque of silver engraved with ancient Orokin writing. Somehow Crowley found himself able to read it, though he had no idea as he spoke the words aloud he spoke in Orokin dialect rather than the norm.


"Here lies our Guide and Guardian. To him we commit slumber. When he wakes, may his Sorrows finally be at ease." Kneeling down to see who had signed the epithet Crowley leaned in close. "So say we of the solemn vow; Nekros." As the final words escaped his lips and echoed through the hall a deep rumble emanated from the statue. Jumping up and moving back the blue-clad Tenno watched in amazement as the statue slowly moved to the side, revealing one identical to it mirroring its position and pose on the other side of an enormous archway. On either side of the plaque the original base of the statue melted into itself to form stairs leading up to the archway. What Crowley could see beyond made him gasp in awe and rush out to take in the sight.


The statue had given way to a cloister, more passageways that Crowley could care to count lined the walls, though only two great archways existed to denote places where traffic and passage were common. One that led back to the coffin room, and one across the great open expanse that was lit only by the eternally moonlit sky.


"There's no turning back once you go forward this time. Are you sure you want to know?"


The voice echoed far more this time, making Crowley look upward at the twin moons framed by great rock faces far too steep to climb and far too tall to jump down from to get inside the cloister. It was simply fascination for Crowley to look at this natural wonder and think of how the architecture worked but he knew that this phantom wanted him to go somewhere.


"Which way do I go now?" He demanded as he walked into the middle of the open area which was marred in its plainness only by a dark stone font that seemed to have long since dried up. Looking around a bit, it seemed he would get no answer until he noted that in the basin where what must've been a restorative fluid flowing once, the markings of liquid aging had not made it to a particular triangular-shaped blank spot in the basin. Looking first in the direction the 'arrow' was pointing Crowley could see it led to a dimly-lit archway. Turning about the blue Nekros could see an identical one in the opposite direction. "Back to what I ran from...what was I running from...why?" He mused, trying to decide on which way he should go as he leaned on the font a little.


Clouds moved across the sky slowly, blocking the small light of the moons that made it to the secluded area of the ruin, the blocked light bouncing across the stone walls and into the basin until it seemed to form a path across the ground in the direction the triangle was pointing. Shaking his head, Crowley folded his arms. "If you're showing off, it's tacky." He called out, though behind his helmet was an amused smile as he stepped through the archway and began to move deeper into the ruin than he ever had before.




as before, translating the name of the chapters will give you tidbits about stuff in the chapters or about future chapters. google translate is your friend!

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It's nice to know people like this stuff so far. I give you all...the third chapters. Ah, and before I forget...here's a hint to something involving of the chapters: Bosnian, French, Romanian.




Kapitel Drei A- Munja


The trip to the safe-house had been a long one. Mainly due to the fact Khimera was in near-constant pain by the time he got there but at least when the Snug Fighter docked someone was there to catch him as he fell out. His vision was far too hazy from being kept awake through the regeneration process and even now only a few bullets had left his body. Without an aura like rejuvenation such healing would take an achingly long time without help. Feeling like he was being dragged somewhere, Khimera tilted his head up just barely to see shadowy figures around a table handling objects delicately. "Weapon maintenance..." The volt murmured as the thought came to his head, though whoever was dragging him didn't seem to notice. The sounds of the person dragging him shouting at the others came to his ears only as a dull roar. Unable to keep himself conscious anymore Khi let himself be taken into the blackness of sleep again.


When the first, biting sparks of consciousness came back to the recovering Tenno's mind it took some time for him to realize he was no long in constant pain. Reaching up Khimera traced over where he could remember the bullet holes being and found nothing there. Someone had removed the remaining shells and given him something to accelerate the healing, perhaps? Either that...or he'd been out for a greater deal of time than he cared for.


Attempting to sit up Khimera was met with disorientation as the world seemed to flicker black and warp before his vision. Indeed...he had been unconscious for a long time if that was happening again. The feeling passed and Khi shook his head to clear it before taking in his surroundings.


"Protocol Indra in effect. Sub-systems rebooting."


It was the same monotone machine voice from before. Pausing in his observation Khimera took the time to focus on what was happening on his helmet's HUD instead. Small windows in blue hovered over his vision, popping into view and overlapping neatly. Loading bars and other indicators of system start-ups were present but above them all still flickered that mysterious protocol he'd somehow managed to activate back at the place he'd awakened. Tempting to speak the name and see what it would do he reached a hand up in his vision to activate the AR Touch function and enter the protocol folder.


As he got so close to seeing inside mere nano-meters from clicking the small window he was interrupted by another Tenno walking into the area. Startled, Khimera swung around to look at the new presence when all of the windows on his HUD closed and vanished. Swearing softly he berated himself for being surprised, even if it was by another of his own kind.


"You look well." Came the effeminate voice as a Mag unfolded her arms and came close to inspect Khimera. "You were out for three days, we were afraid the Lotus had not brought you to us in time." She spoke softly, reaching out to touch the Volt's helmet.


Batting away the hand in the blink of an eye Khi let out a low growl and glared at the female Tenno. "Do not...get near my face. I was promised to 'return to myself' if I escaped so why am I left at this crummy default coloration and helmet? What happened to all my gear, my weapons, my memory!" He snapped, though inside Khimera knew the Mag did not have such answers.


Stepping back, the Mag held up a hand to keep a green Excalibur behind her from firing on the newcomer to the safe-house. "Relax...we all felt like you did. Whatever happened right before cryo-sleep we've been essentially reset. The Lotus has opened the Foundry up to us again, so we've been gathering materials to re-make what we have lost." Sliding her hand up to her collarbone the Mag tilted her head and smiled behind her helmet. "I am Surish. The Excalibur is Martin and the Rhino currently checking supplies scavenged from your location of awakening is Lodestone..." Holding out her other hand in a gesture of peace it was clear she wanted the name of the Volt before her.


Pushing off the table Khimera brushed off the hand as red sparks began to crackle around his body again. "You can have my name when I have back what is mine." He growled, fluidly moving around the Excalibur with an instinctive, noble grace. Normally Volts had some issues moving fluidly due to the foot-type they had for their Warframe; which, incidentally, made most others in general conclude that Volts were usually female too. Khimera had lived with his Volt for a while before the cryo-sleep and in his body he felt instincts flow to him like water into an emptied glass. Memories were so much harder though...so much was missing but he still clung to the fragments from his awakening. Turning to the side to look at the Mag and folded his arms. "Where is Lodestone?"




After an explanation on the rules and what was actually around for the four Tenno to use Khimera was taken to the storage section where a gray and blue Rhino was rummaging through crates that had been retrieved from the Volt's Snub Fighter. It had been nice to know that somehow the Lotus had scavenged some of what had been in the facility since Khi had not had time to find anything himself.


Striding toward the Rhino Khimera felt hope blossom in his breast as he saw materials and a hint of golden yellow in the crate. "Step aside!" He shouted excitedly, accidentally giving Lodestone a static shock from a touch making the heavily armored Warframe recoil a bit. Digging into the crate the electrified Tenno gave a cry as he pulled out a Storm helmet colored black and golden yellow like a wasp. Without giving thanks to the larger Tenno beside him Khimera whirled about and briskly walked up to Surish. "Where can I reset my Chroma?"


Pointing the way, Surish had Martin follow their newcomer to the station before the green Excalibur was shoved out with enough force to send him tumbling into some metal containers. Shaking his head Martin gave his friends a shrug before getting up. "That guy's really pushy...does he not want us to see his face or something?"


"No." The deep gravelly voice of Lodestone overtook that of the smaller Tenno. "He needs time. We all did...but we should keep him monitored." With a grunt the Rhino returned to rummaging through the new crates of supplies for things they could use. Blueprints for a few weapons they already possessed showed up but he could feel that something special was hidden in the cargo somewhere.


In what equated to a Tenno changing room Khi cradled the Storm helmet to his chest, feeling a deep ache in his heart. "It was a gift from you..." He choked as a sob threatened to overtake his voice. Khimera had no idea who he meant by 'you' but he knew it had to be the precious person stolen from him. It took a moment for the Volt to compose himself before setting his new old helmet down on a shelf nearby. Reaching up to his current helmet, he undid the locks that kept it in place.




Kapitel Drei B- Cerise


Groaning softly Nova-Quinn turned on her side and coughed, feeling pain aching over her back and right shoulder. Slowly sitting up she could hear voices nearby. Vision was as slow to return as consciousness but as she looked up NQ could see blocky forms huddling around  the edge of a great circle of light.








Only able to make out tidbits NQ shrugged and looked around, finding herself sitting at the roots of the great tree from before. Wait...why had she been at this tree? Eyes drawn to the glowing moss at the nearest root the Nova's memory clicked for a bit. That's right...she'd made a cute fluffy friend and he was falling and...something...had something exploded? Shrugging it off Nova-quinn got up and looked around in the dim light down in the underground passage.


"Mooooossssssyyyyyyy~" She called, cupping her hands at her helmet as if to amplify her voice. "Mossy, where are you?" She asked, starting to feel worried for her little friend as she started walking in the direction the water flowed. The three vents her Nova Warframe sported gave off a very slight red light so she wasn't totally in the dark once she left the safety of the tree but she was still terrified. Every little splash and skitter had Nova-Quinn jumping and looking around frantically for icky bugs and nasty things.


The cave-like passage eventually came to smooth metal and the water went down a grate. With a sad sigh of defeat the female Tenno sat down where it was dry and leaned up against a rusted wall. Drawing her knees to her chest Nova-Quinn hugged her legs close and sniffled. Why'd she always have to lose everything? Wasn't that what happened before? What...what had happened before? Resting her forehead on her knees NQ tried to remember again.


"Keep up like that..."                    "...no one..."

                "Geez just shut up..."              "...ditzy..."

    "....relax..."             "...promise..."

                           "...leave you..."                               "...Ma' Cherie..."


Yeah...that's right...she always ended up alone and destroying everything around her. Despair engulfed the recently awakened Tenno as she started to weep. Nova-Quinn's sobs echoed in the empty hall, mixing with the sound of the flowing water running through the naturally made aqueduct.


Time passed, though how much Nova-Quinn was unable to tell in this dark, dank, scary place. Her tears had long since dried up but misery was still shrouding her heart. A soft chirrup made the melancholy Tenno lift her head to see what had caused the new noise. Letting out a cry of surprise Nova-Quinn saw her fluffy little friend not far off looking rather damp and scared. "MOSSY!" She gave a cry of delight as she rushed over and took the critter from the water cradling him close to her chest for safety. "Ohmygosh you're so cold and shivering!" NQ cooed and stroked over the squirrel-fox-thing's head gently as he clung to her for safety. "I was so scared I'd lost you...don't worry, I'll protect you!" She whispered, heading down the metal path away from the tree and the water. "Let's get you warm."


The path was a sort of metal tube with dilapidated walls with panels missing here and there or rusted or overgrown with flora. The rare light on the floor worked giving Nova-Quinn the occasional sanctuary from darkness to see how Mossy was doing, but in this labyrinth of shadows and metal it seemed like she wouldn't be able to find her way out to help her little friend in time. Frustrated, NQ leaned back against a weak wall with a harrumph.


The creak of metal caught her attention a little too late as all she could muster before falling was "Huh?" Toppling backwards into a small service passage. Sparks from metal plates collapsing over ignited a gas stream overhead just narrowly off to the side of where the particularly lucky Tenno had fallen. While it was an accident NQ just went with things as always and settled close to the flame, allowing her fluffy little friend to get warm and dry while she had time to contemplate. Had she always been like this? Maybe she'd been a totally different person before she'd gone to sleep like that.


"Hahaha..."                                   "...so funny!"

             "....play a..."             "...gonna beat..."              "...silly..."

    "I always just..."     "...with the flow."

                      "...think I'm in..."                         "...with..."

                                                        "Hey..."                        "...tell me..."                         "...what is love?"


Squeaking from Mossy brought Nova-Quinn out of her reverie and she picked him up, now a complete ball of adorable fluff. "Awwww, you're so cute Mossy. Let's find a way out of here." She nodded to herself, letting her little friend cling to her shoulder as she looked around. The only other way out besides behind her and the tube maze was blocked in fire. Shrugging lightly NQ did a 180 degree turn and started walking the other way. Somehow she felt that this service walkway would lead up to Eden.




Kapitel Drei C- Izolare


Crowley found himself more amazed by the bas-reliefs carved into the walls of his path than the idea of what his destination might be. Great beasts and creatures, warriors and nobles, angels and demons. Small memories giving him an idea of what all this was came back like little drops of water getting poured into an ocean's worth of emptiness. Still, even with so much missing he took the time to look over and touch the carvings, committing them to memory -or perhaps committing them to memory again if he'd been down this way before his slumber.


Stopping before a large stone tablet the size of his person Crowley saw images of Warframes this time. The reliefs were still very skilled but they seemed...crude somehow. It was as if these Warframes were in the first stages of creation and use. Looking close, Crowley tried to decipher the text but it was far too faded for him to make out. The word "Tenno" stood out prominently at the top, however. Moving along the blue Nekros began to see more and more tablets though each one was depicting a different Warframe or alterations on a particular one. The names at the top all made perfect sense to him, though the text around the relief of the Warframes was always faded beyond his grasp.


One thing that Crowley noted was that the Warframe 'types' were repeated often, but the suffix after them changed almost just as frequently accompanied by some sort of numeric notation. Pausing, the gaunt Tenno looked back and was surprised to find that he'd been on decline for quite some time, as well as a curve. Whoever had made this place had mastered subtle architecture, as he'd not even noticed when he'd started on a curving ramp downward. Still, having never been to this place before Crowley decided to make a mental note that such things could be elsewhere in the other passages of the cloister he'd left before.


Seeing no harm in it at this point the exploring Tenno started looking at the names and spoke them aloud just to hear them from his own voice. "Excalibur Orta Three...Saryn Noxum Five...Loki Sleipnir Twelve...Excalibur Sectum Two..." Having been so preoccupied with the tablets Crowley didn't notice the door in his way until he'd bumped into it, causing him to reel back and splutter in surprise for a moment. When he'd calmed down he looked at the huge double doors made of shimmering white stone that contrasted starkly to the rest of the long hall of memory. "First One." Crowley read, the words repeating over the arch of the portal. The relief spanning over the two doors looked like no Warframe up to this point...it looked...human.


Reaching out to push the doors open, Crowley hesitated and drew his fingers back. It felt like a sin to mar such a perfect creation with his touch. Bowing his head in reverence the Nekros brought his hands together in prayer for forgiveness. "Forgive me, whoever you may be, but I must continue." Dropping his hands Crowley looked up into the face of the relief. "I must get back what I've lost." Again Crowley moved to open the door and this time he only hesitated for a moment before pushing them open.


The light from the room beyond the white stone doors was blinding, leaving the blue clad Tenno without sight for several seconds even as he covered his face to let his visual sensors adjust. When vision returned Crowley was awed once again by the ruin's secrets. It was an enormous circular chamber similar in size to the cloister just by eyeballing it and it came up to a dome at the top with a single cylindrical shaft leading up to the surface for air and light. Whatever stone or metal or...whatever it was this room was really made of it reflected light to such a degree it was as if a full moon lit up the chamber from the center.


Slowly walking to the middle of the room Crowley continued to look around, finding a great circular carving in the center of the floor surrounded by a stonehenge-like arrangement of pillars that were like gateways or windows perfectly sized to see the tablets with more carvings of Warframes on the walls of the chamber. From the center, any direction Crowley looked he would be able to see through a pillar archway to a particular carving. Instead he looked down, seeing a Nekros shaped like the statue he'd activated to find the cloister. "Nekros...Vis...Primul..."


Clapping sounded from behind and Crowley whirled about to see the phantom from before standing there. Now that he could see them side-by-side the Nekros realized the phantom matched the relief on the white stone door exactly! Recoiling in fear Crowley dropped into a slightly more feral stance. With no weapons, he would fight with his hands if he had to. "Who are you? Why have you brought me here?!"


Chuckling, the spirit shook his head and waved his hands in a peaceful gesture, showing his one arm was most assuredly not human. This motion eased the Nekros' suspicions a bit and he stood upright in a more respectful stance toward his guide to this place.


"You are here to get back what you gave up. As for who I am..." Holding his arms out the human-yet-not-human smiled warmly at the only living being in the chamber. "...I am Hayden Tenno."

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Kapitel Vier A- Prekidač

The face that stared back in the mirror once the teal helmet was removed seemed...unfamiliar. It felt alien to see one's face after so much time having hidden it behind a helmet. His looks were...average, slightly high cheek bones and a round chin with thin, dark pinkish-red lips contrasting the pale skin of the rest of his face. Facial hair, eyebrows aside, was generally not an issue and similarly other aesthetic flaws could have easily been 'purged' before the Collapse that much Khimera could recall. Staring back in the mirror were vibrant, electric blue eyes slightly covered by shock-white bangs. His hair was short, and the color was because of the electricity that regularly ran through his body while he wore his Warframe but he didn't regret it. Turning his head this way and that Khi looked himself over for flaws, just making sure it was really him. "Mid twenties." He mumbled, reaching out and grabbing his Storm helmet. "Doesn't matter...no one gets to see my face...no one except you." Khimera sighed, donning the Storm helmet and feeling a sudden rush like the first breath of fresh air after being stifled by stale oxygen for so long. It felt familiar, comforting, inviting.

Done with his preening Khimera took the time to set up the colors on his actual Warframe to match those of his helmet. When he left the Chroma Station the Volt looked like a wasp, though far more deadly than one. His functions hadn't been restored but he did notice the window for Protocol Indra flash briefly after putting on the helmet so it was something to do with his Warframe in particular. Shrugging it off, Khimera headed back to see if he could find Lodestone and apologize for his frantic actions.

Surish was waiting by the door to the storage room, fiddling with what looked like a dagger with no handle. "Oh! Hey now, you look pretty intimidating in those colors. I wouldn't want to get stung by you." She giggled, setting the small blade aside as she approached her new comrade. "So, are you going to do us the honors of actually giving us your name or are you going to sulk?"

Fumbling over his words at first, the way he acted indicated that Khi was at least blushing in embarrassment behind his helmet. "I'm sorry...I was...overwhelmed by the first fragments of memory...they were not pleasant." He admitted, hugging himself as small lines of electricity crackled over his upper arms. "I am Khimera. Khi for short, if you like."

Nodding in understanding the Mag tapped her head twice, disrupting the flow of energy over the glassy dome just briefly enough to form a ripple that traveled over the circumference of the helmet once. "The first memories we get back are strong ones. Lodestone was a bull in a china shop until he got some of his memory back. It took Martin and I three days just to get him restrained so he wouldn't wreck the place. Now he's the only arms expert we've got to help us put in orders at the Foundry."

Looking through the doorway Khimera stared at the Rhino for a moment, finding himself slightly surprised. "I just remember...something was taken from me. Someone was taken from me..." Turning away, Khimera saw Martin maintaining a Skana. It was likely the one Khimera had come in with, as there were no others around and the Excalibur already had a blade on his person.

"So that's why you were so eager to have your helmet back. That person gave it to you?" Surish asked, tilting her head and leaning to the side a bit as if trying to look up at the down-turned face of the Volt before her. "We all lost a great deal in the Collapse...that you are angry and hurt...you are not the only one."

Nodding, Khi turned on his heel and strode into the storage room to apologize first to Lodestone. The gray and blue Rhino was still rummaging through and sorting boxes. There was plenty of ammunition in the new ones and one was filled with various materials needed for weapon forging. Waiting quietly as he watched Lodestone's back, Khimera felt his mind cloud over for a moment. Static seemed to cling to his vision as he saw a memory before him.

Back turned to the Volt was another Rhino, but this one wasn't Lodestone. The helmet was different, the colors were far more reflective and metallic; silver and gold. Turning back to face him this different Rhino chuckled then turned back to what he was doing.

"It's almost done, I promise it'll be ready for..."

"Hey...hey! Hey are you all right?" The deep voice of Lodestone broke through the memory, startling Khimera and making him jump back a bit before losing balance and falling over. "Oh...S#&$...uh...sorry." Leaning over his fallen ally the Rhino held out a hand to help Khi up.

Shaking his head the Volt grabbed onto a crate and pulled himself up, laughing softly. "No...it's my fault. I was...remembering." He said softly, waving away Lodestone's hand gently though he avoided all physical contact as much as he could. "I came in to say that...I'm sorry for how I acted before...I was...I still am..."

Holding up a large hand to stop an extended explanation, Lodestone held out a Sicarus to the wasp-colored Tenno. "I was worse. You will get better. Take." He commanded, shoving the new pistol into Khimera's hands before returning to his cataloging efforts.

Stunned, Khimera tried to speak but found no words would come. The memory felt special. Was it Lodestone he'd lost so long ago? Shaking his head as he left with Sicarus holstered Khi dismissed the idea. It wasn't the gray and blue Rhino, the voice was too different and his speech was too jolting and cut-off. Left with his thoughts on the trek to Martin, Khi nearly tripped over a chair. Cursing, he moved the chair around and sat down, shaking his head. He was getting to into his thoughts, if this continued he wouldn't look like any sort of asset on the next mission.

"Yo." Martin looked up, un-phased by the fumbled entry into the situation. "S'almost done. We don't have many melee weapons to pick from and you don't look like you'd do well with a Furax so I'm just honing the blade until your mind is clearer." The green Excalibur explained as he kept his eyes on the weapon in his hands.

"Thank you...I'm sorry for my callous behavior before."

Shrugging it off Martin paused as he moved as if remembering something then burst out laughing. "Hahaha~ I'm sorry, but you acting so...so...TIMID...it's hilarious. It's the opposite of how Lodestone was when he calmed down. He worked himself to death getting new weapons made for Surish and I. Just relax, we don't hold it against you for being angry. Surish probably explained it all to you already." Holding up the Skana Martin inspected it once more before giving it to Khimera, holding out the handle to be grasped.

Taking hold of the sword he awoke with the Volt sheathed it at his hip opposite the one he'd holstered his new Sicarus on. "Thank you...I will make this up to you...to all of you. Is there anything I can do?"

"Can you do computer systems?"

"Is a Grineer Lancer ugly?"

The two laughed at their back-and-forth for a while before Martin directed Khimera to the main terminal of the safehouse. The Excalibur was kind enough to mention the alarms were sensitive so he might trigger them two or three times before he got in, which Khimera took as a challenge. It was good to be needed, it eased the memories of rage and hatred that still dug into the recently awakened Volt's heart.


Kapitel Vier B- Bête

Her trot down the service-ways slowed over time and soon Nova-Quinn realized the pathways in the walls were as maze-like as the tubes on the other side of said walls. Still, at least her little friend was safe and sound so she could deal with some confusion for now. It wasn't like she had to be anywhere right? Without even stopping to think on it NQ decided that she didn't have to go anywhere, it wasn't like the flower lady had contacted her or anything. Wait...who was the flower lady again? Something to do with lilypads or something... Shrugging like she always did when the thinking got too intense Nova-Quinn dismissed things and continued on her path.

Finding a forth leading left or right the female Tenno peeked around each corner at first to look for creepy crawlies. Ears perking up, Mossy jumped from his perch on his big friend's shoulder and scampered down the pathway to the right. Giving a soft cry NQ went after the fluffy little creature, trusting in Mossy's decision.

There was water again, but it was a very small trickle on the floor and the air seemed less stale along this pathway. It was growing brighter too, which was a good sign. The service-way led out in another dense-foliage area with shrubs, bushes, herbs and all sorts of smaller plant life. It wasn't anything like the tree but it was all very pretty and the bugs here didn't look like they wanted to chew off Nova-Qiunn's leg which was a plus.

Walking slowly through the veritable garden of variety NQ took the time to smell the prettiest flowers and inspect the strangest shrubs while she searched for Mossy among the flora. "Moooosssyyyy..." She called softly, getting down low to look for the little fluffy thing she'd befriended not a few hours before.

"Keep searching! She must be somewhere in the facility!"

"Powers must be locked, or we'd be dust by now."

"Hah, and no weapons, did you see?! The Tenno will make for a fine dissection candidate."

Gasping quietly as she heard the voices the black and red Tenno looked around frantically and hid under some dark-red colored plants she had no name for. Then again a lot of the stuff here didn't crop up in her memory so for all she knew this was poisonous. Still...instinct told her to hide from the voices.

Staring at the ground from under her crimson-leafed hideaway she saw lots of boots walking past. They made her think of galoshes and rain-coats for some reason, whatever those were. Then, out of the corner of her eye she saw the scampering form of Mossy on one of the paths leading through the brush. Covering her helmet with her hands near where he mouth would be the Nova felt her heart sink.

"Ah, this was the one she stole!" The Corpus Crewman exclaimed, pointing at the six-legged squirrel-like animal with his gun. "Capture it, it may have some important data!"

Rushing forward one of the Prodmen lashed out with his Prova, Mossy jumping out of the way of two strikes before a second Prodman managed to jab the poor creature's side, electrocuting it briefly.

"Idiots! I said to capture it not kill it!"

"We've thousands like it, this one makes no differe-"

"MOSSY!" Nova-Quinn screamed, leaving her hiding place and running for her minute friend she was stopped in her tracks by a Flux Rifle being pointed at the squirrel-creature. Gasping in horror the slender girl cupped her hands at her mouth again and choked.

The Flux Rifle belonged to an Elite Crewman colored in an unusual yellow-red-orange pattern with a more domed helmet. Laughing wickedly he held out his hand to the Nova. "Come on girl...if you don't want us to hurt your little friend. We promise to keep it alive if you come...'help' us." Behind the dome was a sadistic smile of a Corpus having found a discovery beyond his wildest dreams.

"I...I..." Every instinct told her to reject the offer and run for her life, but she wanted to save Mossy. She couldn't just let them kill him! Mossy was her only friend, and Nova-Quinn needed him. Maybe...maybe he'd be okay...if she hadn't been here at all. Starting to hiccup and sob the conflicted Tenno began to shake where she stood like a frightened Initiate faced with all the types of Ancient Infested at once.

"No? Oh well." The Elite shrugged, pulling the trigger. In a split second Mossy was sent flying by the blast, now leaving a trail of smoke in the air in the direction he went. There was no way the poor creature survived such abuse and not even a miracle would save him.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Nova-Quinn shrieked at the top of her lungs as something inside her shattered.

"Activating Fortuna Program; Protocol Cherry Bomb."


Kapitel Vier C- Durere

The silence that followed the spirit's proclamation was as palpable as the air of reverence the room radiated. Crowley felt the knowledge flow to him easily in this chamber, as if it were a focus for remembering lost knowledge. Touching his helmet the blue Nekros didn't notice a crack forming along the one side. "Hayden...Tenno...THE Hayden Tenno...you are...you were..."

"The First Tenno. Hence the title 'First One' on the door."

Shaking his head, Crowley felt more memories returning. "This...can't be...you would have to be...ancient...why hasn't your spirit moved on? Did...did you bring me here to send you off?" He asked, more of his purpose and duty becoming revealed to him even as more fractures appeared on his helmet. "What is all this? Why am I alone here? Why has the Lotus not sent someone to retrieve me?" He demanded, more memories surfacing as he grew frustrated to his questions remaining unanswered despite what was coming back to his mind.

Shaking his head, the phantom of Hayden Tenno stepped back and pointed to the carving on the floor beneath his azure-clad descendant. "You chose slumber to escape your duty...if you want to remember, truly, you must take back what you gave up."

"I...gave up...my duty? Such shame! Such selfishness is not within the Tenno, not within me!" Crowley exclaimed, taking a step toward the ghost before the sound of moving machines and stone reached his ears. By now small chips and fragments of Crowley's helmet were falling off as he turned to see the upper half of the circle that wrapped around the carving of the ornate Nekros lifted up to reveal a massive scythe. "This..." Crowley murmured as he reached out at the case, jerking his hand back when it opened in response to his presence.

"Are you so certain? Take the scythe of the Grand Master of the Dead and show us you are worthy then. Take Lunasos, lost artifact of lunar might!"

"Lunasos..." Brushing his fingertips over the perfectly molded handle the blue Nekros could feel the power radiating from the weapon. More than a weapon, this was a tool made only for the most skilled of the Nekros. This could not be, his abilities were far from that of a Grand Master, especially in this state! Still, the way it reacted...the way it felt to touch Lunasos. It was familiar...like an old friend had been returned to Crowley's side after so long. Grasping the handle he pulled it out of the protective case, getting a good look at the design of the blade as he gently let it touch the floor. It was like a crescent moon and in the center an empty circle rimmed with gold. Tilting the blade this way and that the moonlight showed micro-fine lines along the surface and minuscule letters that seemed to glow just ever so slightly.

Chuckling softly Crowley hoisted up the great scythe and leaned it on his shoulder while still grasping it with both hands lower on the shaft. "It is...eheheh...heavy. Are you certain I am to wield this, First One? Without swiftness a Nekros cannot act efficiently in battle...but...that's not what we were meant for..." Tilting back a bit Crowley too a moment to adjust himself with a grunt. "Why is this blasted thing so heavy! It wasn't like this before I...I..." Not sure how he knew Lunasos hadn't been so heavy in the past, Crowley looked to Hayden for answers.

"It is meant for a Grand Master...you gave up your duty when you came to slumber...gave up everything you protective. Now you must win back the honor and responsibility you chose long ago." This time the phantom faded away as he spoke, voice echoing in the grand chamber.

Tilting his head in confusion Crowley didn't notice another chip of his helmet falling to the ground. The sound of snow and ice sliding over stone snapped the Nekros' attention to one of the archways. Off by the wall the image of an ancient Frost suddenly gained life, freeing itself from the wall in the form of a shimmering white phantom wielding Dual Zorens of old design, so old they did not even have the symbol of the Lotus upon them.

"I am Arcturus, the first soul laid to rest by the Grand Master. Show me you are worthy of me!" Shouted a deep voice from the phantom as he pointed a Zoren at Crowley before firing a frosty blast at the Nekros.

Panicking, Crowley could only think to swing Lunasos down to block the attack. It was so heavy...the freezing blast reached him long before he could bring the old weapon to bear. "Agh!" Growling in pain the azure Tenno skidded back and nearly fell over if not for the support of the scythe. "Too heavy...huff...huff...how am I supposed to fight with this!" He shouted in defiance, looking up to find the Frost bearing down on him from above. Pouring all his strength into swinging his only weapon, Crowley prayed to whatever higher power existed that this time Lunasos would listen...and his prayer was answered.


2.5 hours of writing. Three chapters at once is tough. Haha~

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Kapitel Funf A- Trabant


It had been some months since Khimera had found himself in friendly company after waking from the Cryo-sleep. Much of the time had been spent performing missions for the Lotus though it was not always with each other. Each of the four had reported joining squads of other Tenno to complete certain missions, though some had expressed less enthusiasm about the knowledge of other awakened Tenno being around than others. Khimera, overall, was actually quite thrilled to know there were many others who had survived the Collapse. Many, however, was a matter of perspective.


Surprisingly, the most pessimistic of the four was Surish. For some reason the Mag was not as happy about seeing and fighting with other Tenno as the rest of her friends. Often after missions where she met up with other squads she expressed that there were so few of their forces left to fight in this war. At one point Khimera expressed curiosity as to why Surish felt this way and was informed by Martin and Lodestone that she had lost many of her original friends in the wake of the collapse. It seem that many precious things had been lost during the event that preceded the Tenno's escape into cryogenic slumber.


Tapping his fingers idly on the main terminal of the safe-house Khimera had pulled over a smaller storage container to serve as a seat while he did his work. So far the primary systems of the safe-house were online and working at maximum efficiency for the resources they currently possessed. The yellow and black Volt had actually found an AA Defense Turret that could recognize Tenno Bio-Signatures on incoming vessels but it was a pain in the butt to get it working. Sighing in frustration Khimera leaned forward over the terminal trying to get the blasted turret to fire some test shots.


A firm hand touched Khi's shoulder and made the Volt jump, tumbling over as his chair fell. "Who? What?!" He exclaimed as he whipped his head around before seeing Lodestone looming over him. Over the past few months Khimera had generally avoided being near Lodestone so as not to confuse him with the silver and gold Rhino from his flashback. For all the time he'd spent with his three new friends so far he'd still not found a name or face to go with the silver and gold Rhino he'd seen in his memory vision on the first day though he was almost certain that it was the precious person he'd lost. Regardless, this had not stopped Khi and Lode from speaking about the armory and their armament situations.


"Hey, I thought you'd like to know lunch is ready." Lodestone spoke softly, holding out his hand to help up the startled male. "Ah, and I've nearly finished your Strun and Heat Swords so your next mission you should try them out and tell me how they work." Smiling behind his helmet the gray and blue Rhino chuckled and pulled his friend to his feet. "I know you don't eat with us but you should take a break anyway." With the months Lodestone had grown a bit more fluid in his speaking, though he did revert to his jarring way of speech when pre-occupied with something.


Sighing softly, Khimera stroked over the top of his Storm helmet briefly as he stood up and set up his seat again. "Thank you...I suppose it has been a while since I've eaten. I just...there are some things I can't let others see." He said, heading toward the make-shift living area they'd made sectioned off using some of the bigger crates they kept regular supplies in. "Before I forget, I've almost got the turret working and I've unlocked the armory section again. I think there's a redundant program somewhere that keeps it locked down when no-one's inside. If I can find it I can set it to activate only at a certain time or when none of us are here."


"Oh good...that is a bit of a pain." Lodestone remarked as he walked behind the slightly swifter Tenno. Looking up he raised a hand in greeting to Surish and Martin who had already begun to eat. Martin was bald, something that never ceased to surprise his fellows it seemed. Surish, however, had brown hair that was cut off so that it framed her pale face perfectly. Taking it as a sign to remove his own helmet Lodestone sat down on a bigger box they used for his seat and left his headgear on the table near his plate. Lodestone looked to be the oldest among them, a scar running from the left corner of his chin up to his right temple just barely breaking the line of dark red hair that was slicked back and spiked at the ends.


Khimera stood nearby, holding himself as he watched his comrades. As the first time his vision faded over with static and became tinged in monochrome somewhat. This time he could see himself sitting at a nice table across from the Rhino from before who seemed to have only just sat down. He was un-helmeted but the Rhino reached up and removed his to reveal a face not much older than Khimera's though his skin was a bit more tan and his hair was short and brown.


"Hey Khi...I uh...I finished the anniversary gift." The Rhino-bearer blushed and pulled out a box which he slid across the table to the other male.


In the memory Khimera opened it and pulled out the Storm helmet he now wore, though it seemed so new in the memory...like it had so much more luster to it. "Oh wow...I love it! Thank you so much-" And just like that the memory stopped and Khi was finding himself stared at by his three allies back in the makeshift living area.


"I said, do you want to join us this time?" Surish asked, sounding a little irritated as if she'd repeated her question a couple times. "Wait...did you have a flashback again? Lodestone didn't he do that the first day he was here?" Looking over at the armory expert the Mag made a face mixed between confusion and relief.


Shrugging then nodding Lodestone turned to his meal and started eating while Martin folded his arms and smirked. "So what was it about this time?"


There was a silence as the wasp-colored Volt took his plate of food and turned away, taking a few steps toward the seclusion of the armory before stopping. "It was when I was given my helmet" He said over his shoulder before resuming his walk to where he would eat by himself, leaving his allies in further confusion than when he'd simply been standing there remembering.


Thinking on it, perhaps he should have told them about the odd readings he'd gotten on his last mission. Sitting down at one of the tables in the armory Khi tilted his head as he removed his helmet to eat. "What was that...it had a reading like a Tenno." He mumbled to himself before eagerly chowing down and replenishing the nutrients he'd been losing during his working time.




Kapitel Funf B- Dissimulé


Everything was blank. There was no memory, no sorrow, no pain, no Nova-Quinn. There was only Tenno, only the desire to destroy what had wronged her. Every Corpus agent in the black and red Nova's field of vision had a reticle over its person that only meant they were a target. Even the movements of the broken Tenno seemed different, far more menacing than before.


"Haaaaahhhh..." She hissed, snapping up her hand and conjuring forth a sphere of anti-matter the size of a fist, holding it out toward her foes. It was just Anti-Matter Drop but it was being controlled to a degree that exceeded the skill of most Nova-wearers.


"I thought she had no powers!" One of the Crewmen wailed, opening fire on Nova-Quinn without thought. Such a cry of terror brought the other Crewmen, Elite included, to fire at the Tenno before them with every bit of ammunition they could muster. The Prodmen, however, knew much better and began running off to get reinforcements. To get close to such a dangerous object was certain death...an unfortunate fact that went amiss on the Prodmens' allies.


For every blast and ray that was fired it was swallowed by the sphere causing it to simply grow in size and density until it seemed to have gravity itself changing to pull small objects toward it. The weapon that Nova-Quinn had become could no longer see her targets beyond the sphere of destruction and so chose a different course of action. Bringing her hands around as if to hug the now-massive orb and slowly drew her palms closer together. With that motion she caused the sphere to shrink and become more and more dense. Inside the blackest parts of the drop it looked like like was forming, sparking and burning.


True terror now gripped the three Corpus before the Nova, seeing her not as a helpless, child-like being but a hardened weapon of war. They turned to run but it was far too late; she had no mercy for such transgressors.


"Die." Came her low growl as she released the sphere. It traveled many times the speed of a normal Anti-Matter Drop and as soon as it made contact with the Elite Crewman's suit it expanded in a glorious explosion, decimating everything in its radius in a blossom of scarlet destruction. Bubbling up in her belly and flowing up to her chest, laughter came from the female Tenno as she watched the anti-matter flames burn unnaturally bloody red. It was not normal laughter, it was the laughter of someone who had lost everything; even their sanity.


A stray laser blast brought to the attention of the cackling Nova the arrival of a large squad of reinforcements including several Techs with Shield and Mine Ospreys hovering about. Tilting her head, a wicked smile curled over Nova-Quinn's lips. "Oh? Have you come to play?" She inquired, voice higher in pitch and grating a little as she held her arms out toward the volley of lasers now coming her way.


"Switching Protocol...Schrodinger."


In the blink of an eye the black and red Warframe was gone and then sitting on a pipe above the squad sent to deal with her. "Woopsies, you missed!" She giggled, jumping up to stand on the pipe before vaulting off it when the mechanical female voice chimed in again.




This time, rather than an orb from her hand Nova-Quinn was wrapped in a mantle of glowing red stars that left streaks as they followed their summoner. Throwing out her hand she set her shining missiles free, laughing gleefully at the destruction she rained down from above. Every small star was a shard of anti-matter that exploded on contact...and nothing was going to be left by the time she ran out of them. Indeed, after she landed and her assault stopped nothing was left of the squad or where they had been standing but barren, ashen earth.


"Oh well, not very durable." She snickered, turning away and shrugging in a dismissive pose. The next thing she knew she felt a searing pain in her back. Whirling about Nova-Quinn snarled as she saw a survivor...or perhaps...someone new?


"You really have made a mess of things my dear. This was a veritable Garden of Eden before you came here and started blowing things up." Bowing low was a Corpus in ornate dress wielding what appeared to be a dark gray sniper rifle with an oddly large magazine and laser sighting. "I am Biological Engineering and Research Head; Menos Yana. Who are you?"


The same insane smile crept over Nova-Quinn's face behind her helmet as her vents began to flare up again with power beyond the scope of such a young and normally unskilled Tenno girl. "No one in particular~" She broke out into a high-pitched laugh as she called forth another array of stars to attack, seeing a worthy opponent at last before her!




Kapitel Funf C- Eter Mort


This time Lunasos obeyed the call to move, swinging up in a great arc that left silver trails of energy behind and blue sparks as the blow repelled the ancient Frost's Zorens with such force it sent the spirit spiraling backward though not sprawling. Arcturus landed on his feet and entered a defensive stance, keeping a watchful eye on the scythe-wielding Nekros. "A nice try, but so long as you are ignorant you cannot keep up such strikes O' gaunt one!" He called mockingly as he brought his axes down to drag on the floor in his next charge.


Panting heavily just from the one swing Crowley glanced down the shaft of the artifact to the circle. It was oddly large for such a weapon...then he saw a glint of black on the inside. Grinning as another piece of his hood-like helmet fell off he grunted and raised the scythe high, as if to hammer down with the flat of the weapon's blade.


"Hah! You cannot stop me with that!" Arcturus shouted as he trailed crystals of ice on the floor while picking up speed. The shade saw the defeat of his opponent, but did not falter in his movements as sad as such an event would truly be.


"Rrrrraaaah!" Letting out a savage battle cry Crowley brought Lunasos down, knowing that if he got this wrong even slightly he had lost. Each second seemed a lifetime as everything lined up...and Arcturus found his head in the circular hollow of Lunasos' blade. "I win." The blue-clad Tenno spoke solemnly as he twisted the end of the scythe's shaft, activating the beheading mechanism inside. Rather than blades it was black stakes that impaled the Frost's neck, causing the spirit to vanish and a blue sprite of glowing light to remain in the circle for a moment before it, too, vanished. Fascinated by the phenomenon Crowley noted that one of the inscriptions on the blade had lit up in blue when it had not been lit before.


"Too slow." Came a soft hissing voice as kunai flew from one end of the room toward the necrotic Warframe. Snapping his head in the direction of the throwing knives it seemed Crowley had failed to notice part of the front of his helmet was now missing, revealing one of his blue eyes within. Trying to bring Lunasos around to block Crowley found the scythe a bit lighter than before, but it seemed still far too slow!


This time there was no chance for a blow to get struck as a globe of ice engulfed Crowley, energy of shimmering silver like that of Arcturus. The attacker let out a hiss of agitation even as the Nekros looked from Lunasos to the icy barrier that had saved him. Grinning behind his fragmented and decaying helmet Crowley set the butt of the artifact's shaft on the ground, holding the scythe like a ceremonial staff. "I see...this is what it can do...and I am beginning to understand." He mused even as several more kunai attempted to breach the frozen barrier.


This time the opponent was an Ash that had been cloaked in smoke for a few moments though now his cover was gone. "Fine..." The ghost-white Ash-spirit growled as he stood and motioned for Crowley to come after him. "I am Insepitor, Second-Dead tended by the Grand Master." He proclaimed as he drew an Ether Dagger from his hip, as phantasmal as his own body.


Shaking his head the ice-blue Nekros brought his weapon to bear again, keeping in mind that it was still quite heavy. "The more I remember...the lighter it gets." He mumbled to himself as he got low, noting that his opponent had vanished again.


"Too slow." Came the repeated hiss, this time from behind as Insepitor made to strike at Crowley's back. Less than a centimeter from piercing the gray back of the gaunt Warframe the spectral Tenno was pushed away but a strike from the butt of the scythe's shaft in his gut.


"You think?" Crowley retorted, finding a youthful energy flowing through his body. One would not be able to tell but right now he was still experiencing new memory even as he pushed his foe back and moved away to recover some of his own strength. They were the memories of Arcturus, the spirit he had taken unto his being. They flowed easily, like memories he'd known before. He could see the valor Arcturus had shown in battle, the compassion he had shown to friends, the sorrows he had known from fallen allies, and the pain of leaving behind everything at his defeat. It was so much, so painful, and yet the keeper of the dead did not falter as he twisted and swung Lunasos in its next arc, barely missing the swift Ash much as Insepitor had barely missed him.


Such exchanges suddenly and violently became frequent, this battle more a test of endurance than of stealth or strength. With each Teleport Insepitor drew close to his prey only to have his strikes miss by a painfully narrow margin and receive retaliation for his efforts. However, such blows had no damaging strength behind them and Crowley could not keep this up forever. If he fell now Insepitor knew the Nekros would not be able to persist in the trials to come. After the third jab to his stomach, however, anger took the spirit and he snarled in frustration.


"Come on...huff...huff...is that all you're going to do!" Crowley let his shoulders heave as he panted, having exhausted his energy just trying to swing Lunasos so many times in a short period. If only it were lighter he might have a chance!


"Block this with your silly, stolen power!" The Ash snapped as he activated his ultimate ability. Among the 'uber' powers Warframes possessed the Ash had one that was situational at best, and at worst it failed completely. Still, this was not a modern Ash, but an older one and from the looks of Arcturus by comparison the older powers carried with them a far more vicious weight. Rather than teleporting to his target Insepitor created nine other simulacrums of himself all carrying Ether Daggers in their hands. "No escape!" They spoke in unison and began their counter-attack.


This was impossible, how was he supposed to fight such abilities so exhausted himself? Crowley still heaved even as he felt defeat creeping up on him again much like when he'd snatched victory from defeat with Arcturus. Still, such a miracle was not liable to happen again. Even so...he could not simply give up because of the odds! Allowing Lunasos to hang low to the ground Crowley gave a battle cry once more as he heaved to swing in a circle and disperse the copies.


Lightning-fast, the simulacrums and original all seemed alike as they sliced and stabbed at the Nekros, finding their target again and again even as a few of them got caught with the mighty swing. It was nowhere near enough to stop them, though, and after briefly jumping back the assault resumed, leaving Crowley no time to breathe as he let momentum carry himself into another swing only to get cut along his shoulders and chunks of his helmet torn off by the repeated blows.


"You cannot win! You left us to rot into nothingness you heartless bastard!" Insepitor shouted in sync with his simulacrums, jumping up and landing on the scythe, running up the shaft like a true ninja and slamming his fist into Crowley's face.


With the blow the duplicates faded away and the exhausted Tenno was flung back against the tablet that once housed the spirit of the Ash, Lunasos laying at the spirit's feet. Giving a confident laugh the swift phantom strode over to Crowley, inspecting how little of the helmet actually remained. "God you're an idiot. Why Hayden chose YOU of all people...what's so special about you? You gave us up to leave us to become forgotten..." Insepitor sounded tired and upset, though he didn't even have his weapon in hand at this time. Shaking his head the spirit turned away and walked back toward the artifact, crouching down to pick it up and finding it heavy as a giant block of lead. "The hell...you should be reset you stupid..."


Peeling himself away from the wall Crowley sighed, most of his helmet now torn away to reveal his pale face and cold blue eyes. Reaching up, now aware that his helmet was obliterated, the ancient Tenno tore off what remained. He looked no older than mid-twenties with fair features and raven black hair unkempt and shaggy flowing down to the middle of his back. Taking a few slow, calming breaths Crowley closed his eyes. "So sad..." He whispered, gaining the attention of his opponent. "...so dark and empty...is this what the memory of being forgotten is?" Crowley looked up at the Ash with a sad smile, tears streaming down his cheeks. He had been fighting with an overwhelming pain bearing down on his shoulders, and now he'd let it free. "I still don't fully understand what I did...I know I tended to the dead, I prepared the funerals...but that can't be all we were for."


Holding a hand out Insepitor called forth an old, Orokin-styled sniper rifle aimed directly at Crowley's head. "You'll know what it feels like in a second you insipid, whimpering brat!" Pulling the trigger of the ghostly gun the phantom Ash's eyes widened as a spiraling blast of energy hit him in the chest. Without even getting to fire off the gun he'd called up Insepitor felt a wrenching inside his spectral being, writhing on the floor as his energy was sapped away, making his bodily form flicker in and out of existence. Staring up at the moonlit ceiling he soon saw the face of the blue Nekros over him, blocking the painful light.


"You died burning from the inside out...a poison from the Grineer. I'm sorry I was not there to save you." He spoke softly, waving a glowing hand over the Ash's face even as the phantom chuckled and groaned in pain. Crowley could see he'd won this time, though it didn't feel like a real victory. The glowing sprite-orb that formed once the body of the phantom had vanished flowed into Lunasos, lighting up an inscription in white. Hesitant this time, the blue Nekros grasped the handle, finding the scythe just a bit lighter once again.


Hoising the weapon over his shoulder Crowley returned to the center of the room and looked around again. "I've dealt with your cold indifference and frustrated rage...even now I feel the memories of Insepitor joining Arcturus in my mind, in my soul! I promise each of you I will earn the honor of holding your memory forever once again!" He shouted, voice echoing in the huge chamber as he waited to see what legendary spirit he would need to fight next.


"The Sand Asp shall be your next opponent." Came a cool, calculating voice as a tablet on the edge of Crowley's vision lit up in sickening green.




wow...3+ hours of work this time. I lost the first half of the first chapter on accident so it took longer than I would've liked to get this up. Hope you all enjoy it!

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Kapitel Sechs A- Bijez


The Lotus must be omniscient because not moments after Khimera had finished eating did she send her voice over the intercom system present in the safe-house. It was unusual since normally she was on the personal lines of the Tenno's helmets or their group line so it showed she knew they didn't have their helmets on.


"Greetings, Tenno. I have a special mission for you today. You are to coordinate yourselves and plant explosives on an asteroid that we believe contains high-threat experiments nurtured by the Corpus."


That was unusual indeed. They'd been sent to stop the Corpus from performing experiments before of course, but not to go after the experiments themselves. Shrugging, Khimera donned his Storm helmet and brought his plate out of the armory, leaving it on the table in the living area. "Is she sending us the explosives?" He asked off-hand as he smoothly traveled from the table back toward the terminal to prepare the docking bay for take-off and subsequent lock-down of the safe-house.


Following the Volt, Martin looked over Khi's shoulder as the more computer-minded Tenno tapped away on the terminal screen. It wasn't a long process, but the wasp-colored Volt wanted to be thorough. It was rare when they all went out together at once so they had to take every precaution.


"So...that turret functional yet?" Martin asked with a hopeful tone of voice, having tilted his head with curiosity. The Excalibur hadn't been on a mission with everyone in a while so he was fairly eager to participate in one with his friends again.


"No..." Khimera gave an exasperated sigh as he stood up, clocking the Excal's chin with his shoulder unintentionally. "...it is not." Shaking his head Khimera went over to his own personal arms crate and brought out his Sicarus, pondering if he should ask about his Strun and Heat Swords. Something told him he wanted the new firepower. Shrugging, the Volt headed back to the armory with Martin in tow rubbing his scuffed chin.


Lodestone was frantically working with the machines in the armory to finish his current projects swiftly as feasibly possible for someone of his bulk. Surish was standing off to the side looking decidedly disturbed at the moment.


Drawn by curiosity toward the normally more carefree Mag's current disposition Khi paused in his quest to retrieve his new weapons and approached the female Tenno. "You look tense..." He managed, not quite sure how to deal with a woman like Surish being pensive.


"Infested." She said, unable to speak with much more venom than when uttering that word. "The creatures that killed so many of us in the Collapse...monsters...abominations of the worst kind. I have seen them before...and I doubt the Corpus are responsible for making these. They probably built a facility near some dormant Biomass trying to control them." Surish gritted her teeth as she brought her Amphis from her back, the nodes on the ends crackling with electricity similar to the kind Khimera was capable of conjuring. "This thing is useless...you need to burn them out...purge them in fire!" As she continued to speak Surish's passion began to rise with flaming fury. The silent hand of Lodestone on her should was what brought her out of her blind rage. "Sorry...I remember seeing them destroying and overtaking one of the Golden Halls..."


While Surish had went into her minor fit Khimera had fallen into silence. Monsters...he remembered monsters. Aberrations and beasts...they stole something from him. The anger he'd felt when he'd awakened, the unquenchable thirst to destroy the ones responsible for his pain and loss. All of it was coming back and just barely beneath the surface. Looking around the bulk of the Rhino's body he was able to see his Heat Swords were ready, already glowing red-orange with their cauterizing edges. As quietly as he could muster Khi took a breath and took the dual-sword weapon and sheathed them at his back and hip.


"The Strun isn't done...when did the Lotus say we must go?" Lode looked to Martin who shrugged and Surish did the same.


"We leave now." Khimera said, the tone in his voice giving a peek at the rage hidden inside. It was a miracle he wasn't coated in sparking, crackling snakes of electricity with how he felt right now. "Get to the Snub Fighters with what you've got...mod for fire...fire and piercing rounds." Taking a shaky breath Khi turned around and reached out, snapping up a MK1 Braton from a shelf. "Don't be long." He stated with a tone of finality as he left the armory, heading for the docking bay leaving the other three Tenno concerned for their comrade.




The first to get to the marked asteroid, Khimera docked with his Snub Fighter and marked it with a waypoint for extraction if he had to escape...not that he wanted to. Drawing his Heat Swords he went into a lower, more feral stance as he began to creep forward. In the next room he found a bunch of weapons lockers and strange, flesh-like growths along the walls and floor. With no further info on the matter he assumed it to be Biomass of the Infested. Still, that did not stop him from stabbing at the growths, searing them with his Heat Swords. The satisfying hiss of flame purging the infectious abominations made Khimera grin viciously behind his helmet.


In the time Khi spent purging the locker room his three allies had made it to the asteroid as well, Lodestone carrying a case of explosives rather than a primary weapon. "Need get to center." He stated gruffly, holding up the case. Even with so few words it was easy to deduce that they had to start setting up the explosives from the center of the facility outward.


Reluctant to stop his purging agenda Khimera managed a nod and moved to the back of the group with Surish, forming a sort of upside-down Y formation. The trek into the center of the asteroid facility was a long one, and it showed obvious signs of being infested for some time as many of the walls and smooth walkways the Corpus were prone to having were marred with rust and growth. The only saving grace was that the spread of Biomass was slow and there were no abominations to fight...yet.


"It's okay...don't fight it..."


Shuddering, Khimera whirled around, sparking bolts of electricity from his person onto the nearby floor. "Did you hear that?" He snapped, suddenly very skittish in such a dark, empty place. He didn't like it...it wasn't like his memory...in his memory it had been daylight...they were not on advantageous ground now.




"I heard my battle-sister..."


"Same...but I heard my father..."


Lodestone, Surish, and Martin all turned to Khimera, knowing he had heard the same thing as all of them. It was disturbing for all four Tenno and they quickened their pace to the red marker that led to the center of the facility. The more swiftly they placed the explosives and left the better. As they quickened pace from stealthy crawl to nervous trot. Of the four, however, Khimera was the one who looked back most often, feeling like on the edges of his vision he could see shadows, things creeping in the dark just out of sight.


The center of the facility was unremarkable, it had a huge platform and a large pit off to one side that had Biomass growth spilling over the edges like bulbous, fleshy vines. Lodestone broke out into a run for the platform, Surish close behind as Martin stayed by Khimera, watching the Volt glare at a pulsing Biomass growth before stabbing it, purging it in fire.


"Dude...you okay?" The Excalibur asked, feeling unnerved by the cold silence that didn't suit the Volt, in his eyes. "It can't hurt us...Tenno are immune."


Growling, Khi whipped around and pointed the longer of his Heat Swords at the other Male. "Tell that to the lost ones!" He didn't even know what he was talking about but it came to him with the anger, with the hatred for this unnatural blight upon the system. "They stole him from me..." Stabbing the sword into the wall and dragging it down, Khimera made his fellow tenno jump from the squeal the metal gave when he did so. "...and I want my revenge. This isn't enough...this entire hive isn't enough...I know it's out there somewhere. I can feel it...the thing that took him away...that separated us..."


Confused beyond a shadow of a doubt Martin looked around, hearing the faint sounds of growling and scraping on metal past the Volt's words. "Look, I don't know what you remember but we all lost a lot, Surish lost people to these things too you can't let your anger get the best of you! They will use it, they will eat you alive and use you to fuel their power if what rumors say is true!" He hissed, snapping his head toward the only exit as he saw a shadow flick by. "Look, we need to go...now...they know we're here...you know they know..."


"Yeah..." Again a vicious grin made it to Khimera's face as he tore his sword from the wall and stepped back, the entire panel denting outward before falling over with the heavy, molten weight of a semi-human figure. Spies! Infested Corpus Crewmen lurking in the walls attaching themselves like surveillance devices for the hive! So what Khimera had been doing had been justified but...that meant.


"Martin! Khimera! We need to leave!" Surish shouted, sprinting for them with Lodestone close behind and behind them a pack of twisted, almost canine-like creatures that snarled and snapped even though they had no visible mouths. "The bombs are gonna blow in five minutes! Go, go, go!" She commanded, much to the displeasure of the Volt she was looking at.


"Tch...Lotus better be happy." Khimera growled as he turned to run, touching the floor in a runner's stance. Letting his energy flow to his legs he let it burst outward, affecting his squad-mates as well. "There will be more to kill...there will always be more to kill." He murmured to himself as he jumped into a full-on sprint back to extraction, falling into a slide with his burning blades held up to slice apart a Charger blocking the path of his friends. It was satisfying, but not enough...he needed to destroy more of them...why had the Lotus not sent him on such missions before?!


4 Minutes, 30 Seconds.




Kapitel Sechs B- Luxure


Un-phased by the production of more anti-matter shards Menos Yana held up his other hand, producing a small, spherical device between living creature and machine. "Tsk tsk my dear." He spoke in an imperious voice, letting the device go to float in the air before him rotating at increasing speeds. "I am the master here, your impetuous behavior will not be tolerated." The Corpus Research Head scolded as if speaking to a child, believing himself quite in control.


"My toys are better than your toys~" Nova-Quinn called in a sing-song voice as she threw her arm out, sending a cascade of explosive shards at her foe. Unfortunately, they all exploded in rather harmless fashion well-short of their target. Making a childish noise of complaint she tried to see what had stopped her power from working.


The red blaze soon cleared to reveal the device hovering and whirring and rotating much as it had been before, though a little red dot had formed at the center that didn't seem to move. Smirking, Menos Yana held his hand out to retrieve the object. "Sample acquired and analyzed. Your anti-matter will no longer be able to do me any harm." He spoke with absolute confidence, chest swelling out as he slipped the device into his garb without a care even as more shards were fired at him from the frustrated Nova.


Rather than exploding before contact they seemed to stop for a moment as they touched the obnoxiously cocky Corpus before going boom. Still, even once the anti-matter explosions had cleared he was unscathed, something that should be completely and utterly impossible! Already, though, Menos Yana had lifted his gun and fired off a single round that hit the Tenno in the shoulder, sending her sprawling backward with its force.


"I told you, little girl, your anti-matter can no longer harm me." With a sigh the Corpus Research Head brought his weapon into both hands and fired three more times at the Tenno who had ruined his precious habitat experiment.


This time, rather than getting hit, the black and red Nova flickered away, appearing far too close for comfort in proximity to Menos. "F*** you!" She snarled, slamming an uppercut into the Corpus' jaw, causing him to fall back. "I'm gonna tear you apart!" The raging Tenno screamed, raising a leg high for drop-kick only to narrowly miss as Menos Yana rolled out of the way. Still, the earth beneath her foot had cracked and rippled red with her energy.


Again a shot from the powerful sniper rifle was fired and again it sent Nova-Quinn flying backward with its force. "Bah! What a brute! Still, that you charged your limbs with anti-matter to grant yourself increased strength is impressive. Still, how did you dodge my bullets so perfectly?" He inquired, messing with what appeared to be a dial on the side of his helmet. "Let's see...what's this...?"


"Program Fortuna: Protocol Ignition. Warning: damage to body integrity highly probable. Proceed?"


"Yes!" Nova-Quinn screamed with a maniacal laugh, her body glowing in full crimson aura as if she'd been set ablaze by her own anti-matter. "I'm gonna F*** you up!" She shouted as she got up and rushed for Menos Yana again, causing the surprised Corpus to fire bullets at her. Almost like a duplicate of the shield protecting Menos, the anti-matter blaze around Nova-Quinn's body had disintegrated the bullets before they'd reached her for impact.


"No! Get away from me you profane brute!" Menos Yana shrieked, turning and running away himself, though he used mechanical spider legs that sprouted from his back to try and escape instead of his own feet. "I must let the Council know of this Program Fortuna!" He hissed to himself, springing up to try and leave through the ceiling.


Such an escape was not in the cards for the sorry, simpering Corpus as the furious Nova grasped at one of the mechanical legs and squeezed tight, destroying the part she was gripping even as she dragged Menos Yana back to the ground. "You're a bug...I HATE bugs!" With no mercy in her heart Nova-Quinn threw her fists and legs into a flurry of blows; her entire body a machine meant to deal out hell to her foes.


Eventually the red aura left Nova-Quinn as she stood up, surveying her handiwork. Nothing but a bloody mess was left of the Head of Research and Bio-Engineering for this facility. Foraging through his robes she found the little device he'd used to render her 'normal' powers useless and crushed it with a low growl. This was not the end...even now the sirens of alarm sounded through the entirety of what Nova-Quinn had once thought of as a decrepit ruin.


Turning away from the corpse she'd just made the female Tenno slowly walked over to where she'd seen Mossy fall not twenty minutes before. Falling to her knees, Nova-Quinn gingerly picked up the burnt, broken body of her now-dead friend. How she wished to bring him back...to undo her mistakes. To have just stayed in the peaceful Eden with Mossy forever. Holding the little creature close one last time, she moved a hand down to dig a small grave for Mossy, placing him inside and covering it up making a small mound to show he was there. Taking her time getting up, already Nova-Quinn was aware there were drones in the room and that more enemies were showing up. There was no saving her naive Eden...there was no going back from this.


"Activate final Protocol."


"Fortuna Program: Protocol Sakura. Do you wish to proceed? Irrevocable damage will be done to body and systems."


Looking up at the ceiling, seeing sunlight lancing through holes and pockets in the metal plating, Nova-Quinn parted her lips to speak. "Yes."




Kapitel Sechs C- Trădare


"Oh?" Crowley tilted his head, his dark hair falling like a curtain of shadow off to the side. Already he could feel the skills of Insepitor ready and at his disposal, something he planned on using to finish this quickly. "Forgive me if I'm not impressed by the name of an old assassin." In a moment's passing Crowley was behind the green spirit even as it was forming a full body, swinging Lunasos in a powerful vertical slash. Sadly, the preemptive strike merely dispersed the green into a toxic cloud of poisonous chemicals. "Shhh..." Half-way to swearing the blue Nekros jumped back, finding himself up against the tablet of his latest foe. The cloud slowly crept closer and all he could think of doing was using the power of the Lunar Scythe again.


"Encase it." Came the voice of Arcturus, a phantom at the edge of Crowley's vision pointing at the destructive haze of death coming toward the Nekros.


Nodding, at last the thin Tenno was able to see a benefit to the memories of others being enmeshed into his own being. Pointing Lunasos at the cloud he invoked the Snow Globe power voluntarily this time, rather than allowing the spirit walking at his side to protect him. Immediately the cloud of sickly green vapors was swallowed up by an orb of ice, leaving the normally toxic gas harmless. "Thank you, Arcturus."


"You may have won over Arcturus and Insepitor but you shall not have my allegiance betrayer!" Came the voice of Crowley's opponent. The Saryn was much like modern models in build, though she seemed to have extra bulk in her arms and legs with extending prongs that appeared to be vents for her poison.


"I would lie if I said I wanted to fight all of you...is it the only way to earn back my memory...and your trust?" Lowering the only weapon at his disposal Crowley looked sadly at the green-lit assassin before him. His shoulders sagged, showing his exhaustion from fighting only two of what he assumed to be dozens of spirits that were linked to him in some way. "Already I feel the pain and glory of two of your number...I-" Crowley was cut off as the ghostly Saryn sliced through the frozen globe with two vorpal-sharp Fangs, moving in for the kill. Seeing words were useless Crowley slipped a hand up and tucked the shaft of his scythe under his arm, making a quick downward slice to allow him to move away from the wall and get breathing room.


"No more talk! Betrayers like you always try to talk out of their punishment..." With a very snake-like hiss Sand Asp snapped her arms down making her Fangs' range extend in an even brighter green aura than her decoy-cloud. Giving no quarter she came forward at the backpedaling Nekros with repeated cuts and slashes, not letting him rest or move the huge scythe save to try and block her own venomous blows.


Silencing himself Crowley could see she would not be swayed, yet something felt off about this. Her striking range was odd as he could feel small nicks and cuts burning on his arms and sides and even legs but her motions didn't match where he felt the sting of her poison. Trying to figure it out a thought came to his head. Decoy? Bringing Lunasos back for a horizontal slash Crowley allowed his abdomen to be cut by the glowing green blade of a Fang in order to follow-through with his attack.


"What?!" Came the feral hiss of the Saryn as she ducked low from the attack but it did not falter or seem to slow down for a second strike her way. Rather than moving to attack Sand Asp again the blue Nekros turned about and let momentum carry him to throw the large weapon toward a tablet depicting an old Nyx on it.


Grinning, the ice-colored Nekros clutched at his Fang-wound as he saw the phantom of a Nyx revealed and impaled to her own tablet. "Hah...as I thought...your range and movements were funky..." He chuckled, looking back to see Sand Asp stunned by the shock of being found out so swiftly. "I see...I remember." Closing his eyes Crowley walked over to the Nyx's spirit who was already beginning to fade and join the others. "You two...Minerva and Asp...you two were our greatest assassins until someone caught on to your trick. Minerva worked at a distance confusing foes as to your location and you took them out, poisoning them into a slow, destructive death."


Shock turned to anger as the spectral Saryn began shaking. Letting out a frustrated cry she ran for Crowley, both Fangs brought to bear practically oozing her most potent poisons. Then, as if in slow motion, she could see what was being done. Lunasos was pulled free and getting hefted over the Nekros' shoulder. Even as Sand Asp looked up she could not stop her reckless charge. It reminded her of her own death...she truly felt a fool to repeat her mistake a second time. The hollow circle fell over her head and in the next moment the stakes finished her. There was no pain, only a warmth as she felt her spirit following Minerva's to join the side of someone who...sympathized? "Yes..." She whispered as she faded into a wisp like the three before her. "...you are worthy."




WOW this took forever for me today...thank god I have wednesday off to make more chapters.

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Kapitel Sieben A- Pakao


Even now off to the side of the helmet HUDs of the four Tenno was a timer counting down to detonation. There was no time to slaughter, only to run and escape. Already three of the four were thankful for the acceleration granted by Khimera's Speed power, particularly Lodestone who was slow to begin with. Regardless, it was easy for the three thankful to tell who was not so happy to leave so swiftly.


Khimera let out cries of savage fury as he cut through each Infested in their way, taking the lead to extract only unintentionally. He did not want to allow any of his allies the pleasure of cutting down the Infested if he could. The raging Volt only just barely allowed his comrades to catch up when he sprinted ahead of them to slice apart one of the shambling abominations. Even as they drew closer to the extraction blip on their HUDs Khi did not stop his killing. Something inside him had to have this, had to have these monsters destroyed. A fragment of memory told him he once had a friend like this as well, one who would stop at nothing to see these creatures obliterated. That friend would surely be alive, there was no question in Khimera's heart about that.


3 Minutes Remaining...


Time was short, even as Khimera pounded on a door panel to get it to open. Martin was there in seconds, slamming the other panel and overriding the frustrating lock. Unfortunately, Speed had finally worn off and Lodestone was lagging behind at last, Chargers on his heels.


"Khimera!" Lodestone called, continuing his slow run even as he aimed back and fired his Boar into the face of a Charger trying to down him. "Help!"


Whirling back to see the Rhino on the verge of being overwhelmed triggered another flash of memory for Khimera. A battle...abominations just like these taking part in the destruction of civilization around him. The silver and gold Rhino in his memory was pinned by at least eight of the beasts, barely fending them off.


"I told you to run! I promise I'll find you...go!" The Rhino in Khimera's memory called, only moments before a leaping Infested pounced upon him, knocking him down. "GO!"


And in the second the memory had been there it was gone and only Lodestone was there being overwhelmed. The memory, however, had been enough.


"Activating Protocol Indra. Dispersing Seeds of Lightning."


The voice called to Khimera just as his other two friends were rushing back to try and save them. More Infested were running into the room to take down the Tenno just as their hive would be taken down. Immense power rippled through the Volt Warframe, circuit-lines of red flaring brightly and suddenly enough that it made the Infested hesitate in their attack. Without any thought to it Khimera raised his right arm to the sky, a diamond made of condensed electricity forming at the palm of his hand. The next second seemed an eternity as time ran slow in the eyes of the overclocked Volt. The diamond split into a thousand lights that homed in on each Infested, leaving only the four Tenno untouched.


"Calling Indra's Arrow."


It was the voice again, and again Khimera acted with a will beyond his normal consciousness. Clenching his right hand into a fist he brought it down sharply and activated the power, causing massive electric shocks to rupture Infested bodies from within like great crimson spears. Just like that those seconds were over and time resumed with Khi feeling drained of all energy. Even as his vision faded he saw Lodestone getting up and running toward him, arms outstretched. For some reason it made the previously rampaging Tenno smile. It seemed so familiar...so...comforting to have the Rhino coming to save him. "I promise to find you...Canis." He whispered words he'd spoken in the past to himself as he fell into blackness, not even sure if this would be the end or not.


Lodestone scooped up the downed Volt and hoisted Khimera over his broad shoulder. "Go! Must escape!" He growled, stomping past Martin and Surish who already were unloading their clips into new Infested coming to avenge their fallen. Extraction was in the room just ahead, they had to get there before the bombs went off or they went with the Infested. Martyrdom didn't taste right just yet, they still had plenty left to do as Tenno.


1 Minute 30 Seconds Remaining...


Surish walked backwards as she blew apart Chargers and Runners before they could get close, finally desperate enough to call upon her magnetic abilities crushing all the nearest Infested into small clumps of twisted flesh. In suit, Martin brought forth spears of light that burst in a radial pattern from his body, pinning multiple foes to walls in the narrow corridor leading to Extraction.


Lodestone set up Khimera in his Snub Fighter first, making sure the ship began to leave before getting into his own. What the bulky Tenno saw as he turned about and stepped back onto the clamps of his Snub Fighter was surprising to say the least.


Martin and Surish were already getting into their own, but they seemed to fail to see the bizarre creature just shambling into the Extraction area. It looked nothing like the others, not a transformed individual...it was something purely of the Infested Biomass. A long, flat tentacle for one arm and a face that reminded one of a squid among other strange, seemingly vestigial masses of flesh and hardened cartilage. It seemed to look up at the retreating Tenno and a chill went up Lodestone's spine.


"You cannot escape us." It was a warped, hissing voice in the Rhino's head, one that echoed even as his Snub Fighter took off, swiftly leaving the area of the asteroid along with the two of his comrades. They would treat Khimera at the safehouse, but for now they had some time to breathe after such a disturbing mission.


The three vessels left visual range of the Ancient, though it knew they had not failed. Even now as the fires of explosive fury began to creep toward it, destroying the asteroid hive completely, the Ancient reached out to the Collective. "We must beware the one of red lightning." Was all it was able to give before it was stolen away by a fiery death.




Kapitel Sieben B- Fleur


Nova-Quinn's body became wreathed in scarlet anti-matter flames even as she left the grave of her dear little animal friend. Corpus and Drones alike opened fire upon her person but not a single bullet, laser, mine, or anything else managed to harm her. The anti-matter blaze around the girl's body devoured such projectiles, fueling her power even as it ate away at her very being. Her walk was slow and with purpose for she could see the way out on her helmet's HUD and she would go to it.


Unrelenting, the reasearchers, scientists, and fanatics desperately tried to kill the Tenno, seeing her as only a threat now rather than a prize. It was all bound to fail, however, as when Nova-Quinn drew close her foes' bodies blazed alight with the anti-matter flames that would eat through their very being. The screams of pain and shouts of dismay did not reach the female Tenno, however, for she only knew she wanted to leave this sad place.


The walk was like through a maze, going through every major research and experimentation room the Corpus possessed in the facility, everything designated a foe being set ablaze as soon as Nova-Quinn drew close. Strangely, none of the areas with nature in them were along the path, though if the Lotus was responsible for this then she new the value of such a place in what was a barren system.


The door out was at the end of a long corridor filled with the Corpus and their Proxies, reinforcements having been sent when Menos Yana's distress signal had activated upon his death. They did not matter...nothing mattered anymore. The long walk down the corridor being barraged by missiles of every type only served to fuel the flames around the Nova's body further, temporarily delaying the destruction of her own body and mind.


"Threat Identified: Destroy." It was a very deep mechanical voice belonging to a massive Proxy blocking the way out even for its own allies as they began to scream and writhe in agony. The Jackal...one of several Jackal Prototypes equipped to handle Tenno and see them destroyed or capture. This one was different from most, colored a bright green color and covered in toxicity signs. Bracing itself the massive mechanical creature released a missile that trailed venomous gas along its path to Nova-Quinn.


Calm as could be the black and red colored Tenno lifted her hand and ignited the missile in anti-matter flame, causing it to explode in fantastic fashion causing great harm to her victims. Just barely did the noise of shock and confusion from the Jackal Prototype reach Nova-Quinn's ears as she walked past it, under it and beyond out into the open-ness of the planet her broken Eden lay upon.


"Finish Protocol." NQ commanded, falling to her knees as the flames on her body went out; even her vents did not show signs of life or energy. Behind Nova-Quinn the entire facility was bathed in crimson explosions that flared outward like cherry blossoms coated in blood. All the Corpus she had ignited, all the Drones and Proxies and devices...all of it was now gone. With her vision fading and getting blocked by static Nova-Quinn collapsed, losing consciousness as she lost all will to live.


"Severe damage to Warframe systems detected. Severe damage to neural network detected. Severe damage to body detected. Fortuna Program shutting down. Re-initializing normal systems. Begin Recovery..."




Kapitel Sieben C- Limită


Again Crowley returned to the center of the chamber to see who would next be his opponent, or opponents if they were now all coming in pairs or more. From what he had seen one of every kind of Warframe he currently knew of would be here for him to fight, unless there was going to be more than fighting which would be a nice refresher. Still, some part of the Nekros wanted to try using the new abilities he had 'acquired' with Lunasos.


The sound of clapping caught Crowley's attention as a deep blue Excalibur, Loki, and Banshee emerged from their tablets side-by-side. They all shared the same coloration which could end up problematic if they ended up taking him three-on-one. The Excalibur drew a plain Skana as his weapon, the Loki a Snipetron, and the Banshee a Paris bow. Still, they made no hostile movements just yet though the Excalibur stepped forward, pausing in his archway to the center of the room.


"Greetings...Grand-Master." He spoke eloquently, giving a low bow of respect. "We are the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh tended by you in the past. You have tended hundreds, thousands even, but you know better...those of us here are all special to you. Arcturus, Insepitor, Minerva, and Sand Asp have all returned to you...but we do not wish to fight...not all of us." Now the Loki and Banshee had made there way to their respective archways, kneeling down before Crowley in a motion of respect. "I am Mercurius, and I led my cell to its destruction. I see hope in you, Grand-Master, and so we happily return to your soul."


Silent, Crowley waited a few moments before he chose to reply to the offer. "You are...certain? I abandoned you...all of you...because I was so selfish...so tired of carrying your sorrows...that which is my duty!" He exclaimed, swinging Lunasos about to rest the top of the blade on the floor. "I do not deserve forgiveness...not for my sins."


Chuckling softly, the Loki stood while Mercurius knelt. "I am Advent, the Sixth." He informed, swinging his arms about in expressive gestures as he spoke. "We know what you did and why. Still, if you truly wanted to run away you could have left the chamber any time. Instead you stay and fight and even punish yourself to return to your duty, to your place. You still have one lesson left to learn before you're ready." Kneeling again, Advent seemed to smirk even though his face could not be seen.


"A...lesson?" Tilting his head, Crowley ran a hand through his hair. "Already the memories not my own show me so much. Still...there is always something new for me to learn." Trying to be good-natured about this whole thing the blue Nekros leaned on the shaft of the Lunar Scythe, casting his gaze over to the Banshee. "And do you have something to say before you join the ocean of my soul?"


Shaking his head, Mercurius stood up in place of the Banshee. "Mia cannot tell you what she has to say...her throat was damaged in her death irreparably. She still wants you to know...we are thankful you have returned after such a long sleep."


Kicking the blade of Lunasos the skeletal Tenno brought it up so he held it like a ceremonial staff as before. "I am thankful you forgive me...it eases my heart." Holding his hand out as if to bring the three spirits to the after-life himself Crowley watched the trio become sprites and draw themselves to Lunasos, lighting up three inscriptions. Smiling to himself the keeper of the dead felt like they reminded him of a trio he knew. One he was a part of once long ago.


"Final Trial." Rumbled a deep voice that was impossible for even Crowley to forget normally. The words brought back lost memories as easily as drawing the souls of the ancient Tenno in did. A large Rhino bearing a pair of massive gauntlets clad in gold light stepped forth from his tablet, seeming to shake the chamber with each ethereal step he took.


"Zenith." Crowley brought his scythe to bear, ready to use what powers he had at his disposal to finish the trial. "I remember you...you were the last one I tended before the Collapse...I still want to remember it all...must I defeat you old friend?"


Nodding solemnly Zenith slammed his fists together making a sound like a gong echo through the vast room. What spirits had not joined Crowley came forth to watch the final trial take place. Why they had not come to test the Nekros was a mystery, but they knew why things had to be this way. Not all of them wanted to punish Crowley for what he did, many were wise enough to understand they would have long ago gone insane under the burden Crowley bore and still bears even now.


"So be it." The inscription of Mercurius flared to life as the gaunt Tenno rushed forward at break-neck speed, slamming Lunasos into the gold-lit Rhino. Unfortunately such a powerful strike seemed to bear no force upon Zenith, bringing Crowley to activate Insepitor's inscription and teleport above the hulking phantom. "I give no quarter, old friend!" He shouted, enveloping Lunasos' edge in sickly green venom as he cleaved downward.


Rather than the blow making it, Zenith side-stepped just narrowly and brought up a leg, kicking the Nekros in the chest and sending him flying into one of the pillars of an archway. "Must re-learn my lesson, foolish friend." Zenith's voice was like a rumbling boulder down a mountain-side, and he was as impossible to stop as a force of nature.


"Augh!" Coughing up blood Crowley slumped down and touched his lips with his fingers. "Heh...always...hak...rough on me..." Spitting out what blood was left in his mouth the blue-clad Tenno swept his scythe in an uppercut arc, sending a wave of ice to his opponent. Needing a moment to activate the next inscription Crowley utilized Mia's this time, looking for a weak-point. "What?!" He gasped in dismay as Zenith destroyed the Ice Wave with a single punch. There was no weak-point showing up on the Sonar, Zenith had no weaknesses!


Standing and rolling his shoulders the golden spirit of the Rhino pointed one gauntlet-clad fist at his old friend. "Too reliant on 'magic' to see the truth." He rumbled, starting to thunder forward like a freight train.


"Too reliant?" Utilizing the inscription of Advent, the desperate male became invisible, slipping away to another part of the chamber. "Is it not tactic?" He mumbled to himself as he quietly slipped away.


A loud, raucous laugh filled the chamber as Zenith's shoulders shook. "Predictable!" He called, lifting up one heavy foot. "You will fail!" This time Zenith's voice was tinged with anger as he slammed his foot down, sending a mighty quake of golden light rippling outward like the light of the sun. It was only a short time before Crowley was sent sprawling, though he kept a tight grip on his weapon. "Use own strength!"


"Gah...huk...nngh...my own...strength?" Slowly getting up Crowley could already see the juggernaut coming at him again in a reckless charge. "Ah...I get it...I always did out-think you in the training room..." Instead of slipping out of the way or activating another inscription the blue Nekros held Lunasos horizontally, running in to meet the charge of the beastly ghost.


Letting out a battle cry Zenith raised his fist to deliver the final blow. He was unstoppable, no-one on the battlefield among the Tenno could ever best him in a one-on-one fight! Yet...Zenith knew he had been proven wrong even as he could feel gravity leave him, getting swept off his feet far from his target by the reach of the scythe his friend wielded. "Hah...so close." He said with regret in his voice even as the azure image of Crowley came to stand above him, scythe at his throat.


"I remember...you always advocated that even Tenno have limits they cannot surpass. Even you truly ended up not being unstoppable in the end old friend." With a soft sigh, Crowley held his hand out, helping the Rhino to his feet. "I want to feel this pain...the sorrow...the hurt...the anger...all of it...because with it comes those fleeting moments of joy...of happiness...of love...things that I shall never know in all my life."


The spirits began to gather around Crowley, one by one vanishing into the soul orbs that granted life to the inscriptions on the blade of Lunasos after so long of the artifact remaining dormant. Still, Zenith remained behind until he was the last, the only light in the chamber besides the moons high above the forgotten world. "You have happiness...have friends...all of us with you...forever." Pulling Crowley into a tight hug Zenith threatened to break bones for a moment before he, too, faded away.


Falling to his knees Crowley felt memories flood over his mind, drowning him in a sea of images, thoughts, feelings, and experiences. All of the Tenno with him now were legendary warriors, assassins, teachers, healers...all of them who had seen and done much in their time alive. Bracing himself from fully collapsing on the floor with his hands Crowley choked and sobbed, feeling their pain and sorrow most of all, every regret they had ever had when they died. Everything they had wished to do before leaving this world. There was so much he felt right now, so much he knew he had to bear. Even so, Crowley's vision was clouded, he could barely see anything aside from the memories flowing over him.


"Grand-Master Crowley...it's time to get up. You have work to do."


Such a familiar voice...a female voice. Wait...it sounded so close...that was odd. Closing his eyes the Nekros felt clarity slowly return to him as his own soul ceased being suffused by the others, gaining harmony with them after so long. Using Lunasos to help stand up again Crowley slowly opened his eyes to see Hayden Tenno's phantom...and the Lotus. She was a hologram of course, but she appeared in full-body it seemed, at least to appease the Grand-Master of the Dead at the moment. Below her neck was a dark, flowing gown that seemed to glide over the womanly curves of the Lotus. Even so, it was a false image and Crowley knew it. The Lotus never revealed herself in such trifling circumstances as these. "First...tell me where I am...why no one has found me..."


Hayden looked to the Lotus briefly before stepping forward, touching Crowley on the head causing the fragments of the Nekros' helmet across the room to float up and fly together, molding into a new shape...the shape of a Raknis helmet. "You are out of the reach of the Sol System...in the black space beyond the Outer Terminus." The First Tenno said softly with a smile as Crowley looked up in shock. "Welcome to the Dark Sector. In particular...welcome to Vis, the Grand-Master's Monastery."




Okay, this wasn't as bad as the last time I wrote. I think I should give myself time off between chapters. Anyway, enjoy!

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Kapitel Acht A- Probuditi


The sleep Khimera had fallen into was one enveloped in memories. There was no sound or voice or color but they flickered across his eyelids showing him a past he'd forgotten from many long years in slumber. A dull roar came to his ears like an oncoming wave crashing against rock and shore. The images came to a stop, showing him in dream what happened just before he'd been whisked away to frozen slumber. It stayed a frozen, gray image for a while, allowing the sleeping Tenno to inspect it as if it were a photograph.


The Rhino from before was not there, which was disconcerting, but instead two other Tenno in vastly different Warframes were at Khimera's side in front of a massive set of floating, possibly rotating rings. The one was very gaunt, wearing a vicious, frightening helmet that would make most normal people recoil in fear at the sight. The second was a very smoothly-designed Warframe, very streamlined and swift-looking and most assuredly female.


Reaching out with his dream body Khimera tried to touch the image, suddenly finding himself at the scene that had once been stand-still. Color, sound, light, and motion all came to the memory in order, breathing life into what had once been forgotten.


"Fools, we cannot waste time! There are no more ships, you must risk the jump!" Shouted the blue, skinny Tenno pointing to a pulsating light in the center of the rotating golden rings.


"We cannot just leave you, you're our friend!" The female Tenno, now in red and black, protested the command.


"I can't just leave my beloved behind!" The memory-Khimera added defiantly, sweeping his arms out in an aggressive gesture.


Somehow Khimera could tell behind the scary helmet the blue-colored Tenno was quite sad to have to do what came next. "You must survive...both of you. Khimera...Scarlet...you two need to live for those we've lost!" In a moment the skeletal Warframe pulsed with azure energy, sending Khimera and the girl identified as Scarlet through the glowing light by invisible force.


Bright light...a hole...a portal through space leading to an unknown destination. That was it...the huge mechanism had been the Forbidden Archway, a portal that was a last-resort when one had to get somewhere or escape. In this case the latter was the scenario. Even now Khimera saw through his memory self that the portal was closing behind him, leaving him no choice but to fall to his destination...the facility where he'd awakened. What had happened to the blue Tenno, and the one named Scarlet? At least from the context of the memory the Rhino, Canis, was still very much alive so far.


Unfortunately, all dreams must end and for Khi it ended all too soon in a bright flash of light and green smoke. Coughing vigorously the wasp-colored Volt awakened, seeing familiar faces above him, and a Meridian-helmeted Trinity. "Augh...god that's noxious." He chuckled, putting on a brave face after what he'd done at the asteroid base and just seen in his dreams.


Sighing in relief, Surish shook her head, lightly placing her fingertips to the smooth dome of her helmet. "You're hopeless...what you did saved us but you nearly killed yourself...or so our borrowed Healer says."


The Trinity nodded, poking Khimera's chest and forcing him to lay back down even as he tried to get up. "No, you must rest. You dealt yourself a great deal of damage...whatever you did over-clocked the systems of your Warframe and very nearly destroyed your nervous system."


Gritting his teeth, Khimera realized just how lucky he was to even be able to move if he did that much to himself. "Protocol Indra...whatever it is I still need it...it gave me the power I needed to save Lodestone." Looking around a bit the Volt became concerned again. "Where is he?"


Surish and the Trinity exchanged glances and left an uncomfortable silence in the air until Martin walked in and tossed a newly-made Strun onto Khi's chest. "Lode is still beating himself up about what happened. He regrets being slow enough to get caught by the Infested. He said you experienced a memory seeing him that way that made you go nuts...was he right?"


Reaching up and dragging the shotgun from his chest and setting it aside, Khimera took his turn creating an uncomfortable silence. The three Tenno standing over the Volt stared at him expectantly, knowing that Martin's accusation was correct. Rather than tell the full truth Khimera moved off the examination table and sighed. "My life is mine...I'm sorry I caused trouble." He said softly, limping away from the table to get back to the terminal.


"Tenno Khimera, when you have recovered I have a new mission for you. Meet the two other Tenno Operatives I'm sending to the coordinates specified. Be careful, do not be fooled by anything you see there. Lotus, out."


Shaking his head, the wasp-colored Volt sat tiredly in front of the main terminal of the safe-house, looking at the glowing panel blankly for a moment. "Shut up Lotus..." Khi grumbled, wanting to sulk alone for a while.




Kapitel Acht B- Eveiller


"Main System Start-Up Initialized. Re-booting Neural Support and Regenerative functions."


Blackness became light as Nova-Quinn awakened, much of her memory of the past hours gone. She remembered waking up, remembering herself, a small fluffy friend...then nothing. Sitting up slowly the female Tenno groaned softly and rubbed over her head. "Bleeeehhh...feel icky sicky tired." NQ whined childishly even as she waited for her Warframe's systems to fully restore themselves so she could move freely and look about.


Start-Up took several minutes due to the massive damage sustained from Program Fortuna, not that NQ knew that in the slightest. Getting up she looked around, seeing a smoldering ruin behind her and a landing pad in front. Just like when she woke up she saw an image of the flower lady on her helmet HUD speaking to her.


"Oh good, you're awake again. I have a special mission for you Tenno. Some old friends are gathering at these coordinates. Please board the Snub Fighter I've sent and join them. Please don't accidentally blow them up."


Giggling, Nova-Quinn started walking to the landing pad not that far off, bobbing her head to some unheard tune. "Awww, you're so silly flower lady! I don't asplode my friends!" She exclaimed with a child-like innocence in her voice and step. "I'm so happy I get to meet my old friends again flower lady. What're they called?" Nova-Quinn asked as if she were in class and Lotus was the teacher.


"One is a Volt under the name Khimera. He commands electricity and is colored like a wasp. Crowley is in a Nekros colored in cold blue colors. I ask you not be frightened if their appearances are...unfriendly looking."


"Okay flower lady, I'll do my best!" With a grin Nova-Quinn slapped the elevator terminal taking her up to the landing pad where her chariot to her mission awaited. "Off to the wild stars yonder!" She cried, posing for no one in particular before boarding the Snub Fighter waiting for the erratic Nova.




Kapitel Acht C- Ridica


"Vis...I managed to get lucky enough to get transported to Vis?" Crowley mused even as his memories revealed to him all circumstances involving what happened just before the Collapse snatched away everything that had been held dear.


"No, I brought you here." The Lotus interjected, folding her arms. "I didn't have the time to get Scarlet and Khimera here as well, you pushed them in before I could lock in coordinates. Still, their time away from you and each other has been...enlightening for them as their memories have returned."


Nodding, the blue Nekros nodding, reaching up to his helmet to feel over it. "Ah...so familiar...I wonder why it changed?" He mused before returning to the task at hand. "So if I'm out of normal Sol System reach, how do you propose I return?"


Hayden shrugged, expressing his uncertainty on the matter in gesture rather than words. He wasn't privy to all the information in the universe or anything like that. "Ask the Lotus, she's your guide now. I must return to the life beyond." With a short wave Hayden Tenno's spirit flickered before fading from the material plane back to wherever spirits go when the body dies.


A soft sigh from the hologram made Crowley return his attention to the Lotus. "Grand-Master Crowley, you must re-group with your old allies. I will open the Vis Gate for you just this once. After that I'll leave you the coordinates of this place. You will need to return someday, I believe."


Tilting his head, Crowley hefted Lunasos over his shoulder, giving a raised eyebrow behind his helmet. "And how do you propose I tote this relic around without thieves trying to get their grubby hands on it?"


"It has a camouflaging function, I have prepared simulacrum data for you to use from a scythe called 'Hate' by the Tenno that have encountered it."


The name of the scythe made a chill run down the Nekros' spine as he looked at the beautiful Lunar Scythe. "A shame...that vicious murderer didn't get destroyed in the Collapse too. Regardless...thank you...I understand I cannot use Lunasos without your permission, yes?" He queried, looking back to the Lotus.


"You will require my permission to reveal the relic and permit its use or you will receive due punishment. I will send you the necessary camouflage data once you arrive through the gate. Even your allies cannot know what you hold with you. Perhaps when all the relics are gathered again it will be safer." The Lotus held her hand out to the center of the room the center engraving of the ancient Nekros Warframe shifting and splitting apart in a Yin-Yang design and spiraled apart as it sank down, revealing a mechanism similar to the Forbidden Archway. "Perhaps one day you'll have the necessary tools to command the gate."


"Yeah, w hen you decide I'm gonna need it again." Rolling his eyes, the blue-clad Tenno stood over the Vis Gate, looking down into the swirling vortex of light. "My regards to the Council and their pompous ilk." He said as he turned around, giving the Lotus a salute and a short laugh before he fell backwards into the portal.


Shaking her head, Lotus chuckled softly and let her hologram fade. "Good luck, Tenno."




Yes these are all extremely short chapters but I've been strapped for time and besides that these are basically an intro to the final chapter (or chapters, possibly) of Gold, Crimson, Azure.

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Let me just say this, I freakin' LOVE how you post it in more than one chapter at a time! Keep up the amazing work, dude.


It's been fun and exhausting, and personally it's been a nice challenge to put up all three chapters up at a time, since all of them occur (technically) in the same time frame.

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Kapitel Neun - Moirae Vivisector Vouivre


Khimera input the coordinates given by the Lotus into his ship's navigational system. He had taken time enough to recover that his movements were no longer hindered. His mod load-out had been changed appropriately for a little more team-play than he was used to. The range and strength of his abilities had been improved significantly by this, and he had bulked up his shields as well, otherwise focusing on mods that improved his swiftness in battle. Much of this was actually a gift to him from the Lotus left in his Snub Fighter along with a special set of weaponry tagged as belonging to [Lost Cell] which he had yet to make sense of. In any case, the Braton Vandal, and Lato Vandal were greatly appreciated upgrades.


Hesitating in sitting down as his ship took off Khi looked over at the Strun that had been crafted personally by Lodestone. He wouldn't use it forever of course, but something told Khimera he wouldn't be coming back to visit any time soon. Sad as that was, they would be better off without his erratic and emotion-fueled behavior. Moving to his seat the Volt strapped in and tapped on the computer panel as he took off, leaving his team-mates wondering what was going on.


"Computer...find personal communications line of Tenno identification Lodestone." There was a few seconds of silence from the AI before it responded that it had patched into the comm-link. "Send this recorded message to Tenno Lodestone after one hour's time." Khimera paused, letting the recording system activate before he sighed audibly. "Lode...I...I'm sorry if I've confused you all...hurt you or Surish or even Martin. I may not come back to our Cell after this mission...I'm going back with my old comrades to help find someone precious to me. Thank you...for everything. I can't endanger any of you further though...not with my presence as it is. If you ever want to speak with me...you know how to reach me. I'm sorry if I seemed to treat you different because of my past, but I promise you I did not do so knowingly. This is farewell...end recording."


"Recording made, timer set for sending in one hour." Spoke the cold, mechanical voice of the ship's computer A.I. A timer popped up on the console, counting down from sixty minutes. It left Khi with a sad feeling, though he knew this mission was more important than personal wants or needs, especially if the Lotus was reuniting him with powerful allies from the past. The navigation system noted that it would take at least twenty minutes to get to the destination, giving Khimera time to rest a little more...and contemplate.




Nova-Quinn found the ship rather stocked with all sorts of shiny things, though the computer was telling her what all of it was like a nagging teacher before she could even get into the cases that held things just beyond the reach of the red and black Tenno. It was a necessary precaution, but at least NQ was better prepared when she modified her Warframe rather than putting in random things that looked nice into the slots. By recommendation the excitable female had equipped all of the modifications to unlock her abilities as well as improve their energy consumption and strength. Though she didn't realize it, NQ was in quite the weakened state so the rest of her slots were devoted to improving her physical integrity and her aura slot was occupied by Rejuvenation to keep her recovery up. These shiny new mods weren't the only thing left to her by the flower lady either.


What had most caught the attention of Nova-Quinn when she'd entered the ship was a beautiful black shotgun identified as a 'Hek' shotgun. Though even after listening to all the instructions the computer had to give after take-off Nova-Quinn was unable to open its case. She assumed it meant one or her friends was supposed to have it. Instead the lively Tenno took the Despair throwing knives from their holding place and a pretty-looking double bladed staff. Eh, the big Hek-gun looked heavy anyway, it'd be a pain to lug it around right now.


"Full range of movement and flexibility restored. Regenerating lost mass and energy." Came a monotone voice in NQ's helmet, telling her that her body had recovered enough that her movement wasn't going to be hampered in any way, not that she'd noticed any hindrance to begin with. Though...lost mass and energy?


Poking and prodding her own body in a concerned fashion Nova-Quinn eventually cupped her armored chest in an unflattering manner. "Oh no, am I a pancake?" She asked herself before dropping her hands to rest on the arms of her chair. From that came thoughts of pancakes with cherry syrup drizzled over them making Nova-Quinn rather distracted. The timer on her own computer monitor stated that she had 15 minutes until she got to her special mission destination.




The blue Nekros fell through the Vis Gate calmly, knowing he would easily reach his destination. He had no doubt that Khimera and Scarlet would be there as well. If all calculations were correct they would all arrive at the same time, though at different locations of the area. That was, at least, what the Lotus seemed to intend to do with them. After all, what better way for them to meet than at the target of their mission? Surely she would not just send them to a remote location just to meet each other, that was just silly. No, Crowley knew that this mission would have something to do with the Collapse, with their pasts.


The sensation of falling back lessened and Crowley shifted his pose, feeling gravity pull down on his feet more. Bracing for impact, the guardian of the dead drew Lunasos onto to see its form twist and distort, becoming disguised as the wretched Hate scythe. At least the Lotus had been kind enough to have the colors match Crowley's, though that was little consolation.


The gate seemed to open only briefly as Crowley fell through, landing in a small river of murky gray-green water populated by fungi and lily-pad-like growths on the surface. Crouched down from the impact of landing the Nekros slowly stood up with Hate in hand, taking in his surroundings. Without a doubt this place had been overrun by wildlife most strange. It was as if much of the flora had been...tainted...by something. Memory flickered in Crowley's head, telling him this was the result of an Infested Hive taking over a large area. A Hive? How could this be, there was no way those monsters had...no...it could not be!


Turning around slowly Crowley looked up in horror as he saw an untouched window of stained glass designed in the floral emblem of the Tenno surrounded by stylized thorn rings. This was once a place of honored dead, a Chapel by any other name...the very place Crowley had lost first in the Collapse.


"Welcome back to your old home, Tenno Crowley. You know what must be done...do not lose yourself." The Lotus spoke softly across the blue Nekros' line, giving him a crimson marker telling Crowley where his target was. The only true resolution to this mission was to kill the source of the Hive, to destroy the abomination that so long ago stole this place away from the Tenno.


Turning around, already Crowley could feel his rage and hatred boiling just beneath his skin, turning his ice-blue energy a bloody red. "Consider it done." He growled across the comm line, starting his walk down what had once been the grand vestibule of the chapel known as Onmyosekai. Now it was a trail of decay leading into the rotted heart of destruction.




Khimera had waited patiently to arrive at his destination but what he saw from the 'window' of the bridge was not what he had expected for a meeting place. The landscape was a mockery of nature and beauty, rivers of dark sludge and pulsing red mixed together while land seemed as flesh and nature itself twisted by some aberration's darkest nightmares.Still, the surrounding area was not the destination, it was a massive structure that lay before Khimera's vision. It was composed of spires made of chitin and bone, flesh and stone. Burning red lights for eyes seemed to peer through the hazy air at the Snub Fighter from the outer walls of the structure. Only small bits of what could've been the original building remained, mainly beautiful windows of obvious Tenno design and massive structure-maintaining pillars that seemed to be reinforced by tendrils of Infested Biomass.


"What...what monsters made this?" The Volt spoke under his breath in horror as he recoiled from where he stood. The answer was clear but the question had to be voiced if only to make him understand his own disbelief. "Infested bastards...they take him away...and now they desecrate this place with their filth..." He hissed, body crackling with energy.


"Do not let your anger take away your reason, Tenno. Inside you must find your old allies and destroy the maker of the Hive. Do not be fooled by what you may see inside." The Lotus informed, her voice seeming a little shaky which was unusual for the normally calm and collected guide of the Tenno.


"Fooled? Hardly...even if it takes me a thousand years I will see this Hive destroyed." He growled, impatient even as his Snub Fighter took him down, giving Khimera a brief glimpse of another Snub Fighter flying down to another entrance point.


"Not the inside...you will understand when you reach the target."


Rolling his eyes Khimera sat down and rapped his fingers on the arms of his chair in impatience. When he finally landed it wasn't half a minute before he was out and running through the twisted building for the red marker that would take him to the creature that had destroyed what had once been such a beautiful place.




"Ewwwww this place is soooo icky!" Nova-Quinn complained even as she hugged herself and looked around her entry point to the Hive. This was definitely out of her league in scale of icky-ness but it wasn't like NQ had a choice if she  wanted to get to her friends.


"I never said it would be pleasant work, Tenno. Be on the look out for anything black and yellow or cold blue. Those will be your allies. Head for the waypoint marker to get to your target."


"Bleeeeeeeeeeeeh!" Nova-Quinn whined to the Lotus as she stepped over a small river of disgusting water, taking the least flora-riddled path toward the next room. "Next time ya gotta warn me flower lady, I don't like gross things!" Persisting in that line of thought, NQ earned a sigh from Lotus before she was left to her own devices to get to the waypoint.


Just as the doors to the next room slid open the black and red Tenno was greeted by a vicious beast with tentacles and a nasty green gas around it. Jumping back, the female shrieked and buried a volley of knives in the creature making it shudder and go down, leaving a poison cloud where it lay before rotting away at an accelerated rate and re-joining the Biomass of the building. In response several chargers pulled themselves from the walls of the next room, growling menacingly.


These were not normal Chargers made from twisted Grineer bodies but looked more like beasts born directly from the Biomass, larger and stronger and more varied in color and design. One of them had yellow quills on its back that stood on end as it stared at the Tenno intruder, firing off like small missiles streaking volatile energies.


Startled, without thinking Nova-Quinn threw up a wormhole, warping the quills behind the chargers letting them get hit by their own attack. The ranged Infested died first by some grace, though the other few were not so unfortunate as their comrade. A blue one, seemingly more like a gorilla than a canine like its counterparts, rushed forward swinging a large fist at the comparably small Tenno girl before it. Rather than connecting the vile beast found the Tenno atop its arm running up to its head, decapitating it in one solid swing. "Booyah icky things!" NQ shouted as she jumped from the falling body, stabbing through the back of the red Charger, throwing a few knives into the remaining one to clear the room at last.


Unfortunately red eyes began to glide along the walls, tracking every move of the slender female even as she removed her weapon from the rotting Infested body to continue on her way. "Groooossss." She made a pose as if she were disgusted and threw a knife to try and kill one of the eyes, failing as it slid easily out of the way. Making due with being watched for now even the normally perky Tenno felt dread creeping up her spine as she progressed further.




Crowley traveled with a deliberately slow pace, taking his time to let the forces of the Hive come to him on his terms, cutting them down with his Hate, showing no mercy for the aberrations guarding their master and maker. The very walls pulsed and writhed with each death and birth, showing infested that were by no means of the normal kind. The malice and intelligence the regularly made Infested in the Hive displayed told the blue Nekros that this was a place of great importance for the monsters, one they would do everything to prevent the destruction of. Oddly, though, so few Infested were being sent out. The groups were becoming stronger even as Crowley progressed further toward his target but they were not the masses of lesser Infested that Crowley had expected to come this way. Perhaps the stronger ones too up more Biomass to make and infuse with intellect and special properties?


While thinking on this the old Tenno heard a clicking noise and snapped his arms up, clocking with his scythe even as a great winged monstrosity came from the vaulted ceiling and pinned Crowley to the ground. The creature roared and thrashed, splaying webbed wings with red eyes on them in a threatening manner even as a blunt beak filled with gnarled teeth snapped and dove down for the blue Tenno's head.


Twisting this way and that the gaunt guardian of the deceased hissed up at his assailant. "Begone!" He spat through gritted teeth as he sent power through his limbs into a Twin Soul Punch to blast the winged beast back. Picking himself up Crowley found himself slammed into a fleshy wall by one of the large wings the Infested sported, and he was fairly certain the wall had turned itself into a harder substance at a moment's notice in order to increase the damage of the impact. Indeed the wall now had a Crowley-shaped indent in what was likely a mix of chitin and bone, forcing the Nekros to pry himself free and duck away from another strike. "I said begone!" He commanded, grabbing one of the Infested's wings and dragging it down with unnatural strength, flipping over onto its spiny back to bring Hate just under the creature's neck. "Even Khimera's manners are better than yours." Crowley commented as he beheaded the creature in ceremonial fashion, watching as instead of rotting the beast burned away in spectral flames. Fire...fire could cleanse this place.


Taking his leave of the room of the Winged Infested the azure Tenno checked his helmet HUD to see how close he was. There was no map of the place save an old one from the ancient times before the Collapse and even that was highly inaccurate by now. The target marker was exceedingly close, something that was at least a little pleasing in this bleak, unsavory place. "Please be waiting for me...we have no idea what is here."




More than the rifle or the pistol Khimera tore through Infested and Hive alike with his Heat Swords. The normally terrifying screams of the abominations sounded like a symphony of fury-wrought vengeance to the Volt.  Searing through Chargers, Runners, Leapers, and even Ancients of myriad design and strength Khimera spared no expense in dealing with his hated nemesis' in his own way. Speed was frequently used to improve the wasp-colored Volt's reflexes and afford him swifter attacks, eviscerating the twisted forms of the Infested without mercy or hesitation.


Panting softly, Khi knew he had to reserve his strength for what was to come. Everything pointed to this mission being an assassination under the guise of meeting with his old friends. This was nothing like the asteroid base and he had no map aside from following the red blip on his HUD to take the right direction.


"You are close, your friends are near the target as well. Be wary of the target, we have no information on its capabilities other than it is ancient and powerful."


Khimera jumped a bit when the Lotus popped in to inform him of his proximity to the target. It was nice, but lacking information on his target was unsettling. Normally Lotus knew just about everything about assassination targets...what was this thing he was after?


Taking his time getting into the next room where the red waypoint blipped repeatedly, the Volt started to methodically stab at the red surveillance eyes that dotted the wall around him, having grown to a massively multitudinous number over his trek to what must be the heart of the Hive. Most of them managed to retreat toward the ceiling, but the amount that were scorched away was sufficient enough to bring some calm to the bloodthirsty Tenno. With such a side-task finished Khimera looked to the archway leading to the next chamber. "Soon...they will pay..."




"Icky, Icky, Icky!" Nova-Quinn complained, having run away from most of the Infested chasing her using Wormholes to set them back repeatedly rather than wasting time destroying most of them. However, even as she ran she failed to notice they had stopped chasing her after going through an archway, as if they feared to tread in the room she'd so carelessly wandered into.


Bending over and panting, out of breath, NQ hardly noticed as two other Tenno entered the chamber after her. When she finally stood upright and stretched she noticed her fellows had arrived. "Ohi! Hey are you guys my old friends? I'm Nova-Quinn do you remember me at all? Probably not I don't even remember your names. Do you know why we're here? This place is really gross isn't it?"


The skeletal, blue Tenno held his hand up and sighed, though he didn't seem frustrated by the excitement. "I am Crowley, or you may call me that at least. We were once in a cell together...uh...Nova-Quinn." Motioning for Khimera to come closer, it took a few moments for the Volt to come to trust the slightly frightening looking Crowley. Leaning close the Nekros whispered in Khi's ear, or the equivalent thereof with their comms. "She does not remember herself, she likely has memory damage. Do not use her real name. I can already tell you know it so just use the name she gave us...Khimera."


Growling, Khimera sheathed his Heat Swords and folded his arms. "Fine." Regardless, he knew memory loss as extensive as Scarlet's meant she had things she truly did want to forget or things that were extremely painful. Moving away from Crowley, Khimera looked the Nova over briefly. "I'm Khimera, Khi for short to my friends such as you two. Do either of you know what we're looking for?" He asked, the three Tenno looking between each other and shrugging somewhat. The chamber was massive and had tendrils of Biomass that served as pathways between lakes of murky red water that looked hazardous to touch.


At the back of the the large room was a large stairway leading up to an altar made of bone and pale flesh, the steps lined with a shining obsidian black chitin and padded by pallid panels of cartilage. Ramping steeply along the sides were tendrils and bulbous masses of Biomass with the occasional all-too-human eye staring out blankly in a single direction.


(Cue Ambience Music and Quoting Material: 



"Oh, it's you." Came a cold, condescending voice from up at the altar as a much more...defined horror left the wall behind the altar, leaving a gaping opening lined with teeth leading into blackness in its wake. "It's been a long time, how have you all been?" The creature asked mockingly, making the three Tenno cast their attention at the master of all around them. The Infested that had come was the maker of the Hive in the Onmyosekai, a being of absolute power here in the heart of its own creation.


The Hive Master's upper body appeared feminine in nature, though dark chitin formed something akin to armor at the monster's shoulders and down 'her' arms forming into wicked clawed gauntlet-hands. Webbing and thin-but-tough flesh and spinal-column bone structures emerged at the waist, forming the tresses of some bizarre, obscene ball gown. Under the webbing the creature's body drew out into a long, serpentine shape that dragged on into the blackness behind her like a mix of a massive snake lined with vestigial spines and feeler's not unlike a millipede's legs. Worse, the face the creature bore was so human it was unsettling. That an Infested of any kind could look anything like a human could only mean it was powerful beyond compare to be able to manipulate its body in such a way. The flesh was a dark, dried-blood red and the sclera of her eyes was a burnt black with orange irises. Rather than hair segmented chitin and chains of metallic bone hung down from the Hive Master's head. If one statement could be made about the sight: she was a sinister beauty of unnatural make.


Slithering around the altar the Hive Master slowly began to make her way down to the three Tenno she knew oh so well. "Don't remember me? I remember all of you." She smirked, pure-white lips curled into an unsettling grin as she pointed first to Nova-Quinn. "I stole something precious from you and you writhed so deliciously in agony." The creature cackled as the red and black female recoiled in fear and disgust. "And you..." Turning her gaze to Crowley, this time the Infested scowled furiously. "You loved this wretched place, how do you like it now that it's my domain you doddering old fool!" The blue Nekros gave a snarl of rage but did not move, too far away to strike at his foe. Finally, the Hive Master turned her head to look at Khimera, her expression much more calm which made it all the more frightening. "I remember you...you fought so hard to keep him alive and well...and you got dragged away." Her voice was oozing false sympathy, hardly able to contain her joy at torturing the Tenno before her in her Hive. "Know that it was I who struck the blow that destroyed his defenses...if he's still alive somewhere I have no doubt he's a cripple!" The shrill laugh of the abomination echoed in the chamber even as the two Tenno looked to Khimera for his own reaction. Crowley knew it hurt to lose, but he'd never loved to lose that much. Nova-Quinn would have understood if she only remembered.


A wrath-soaked roar built up in the Volt's throat as he clenched his fists, grand arcs of electricity peeling off his body in magnificent fashion, sending electrified showers of water high toward the chamber's ceiling even as the Hive Master continued her descent. There were no words for Khi's emotion, only a pained howl filled with hate and rage and sorrow. Without ever lowering his volume Khimera turned his tear-blurred gaze upon the nemesis of all things dear to him. "WHO ARE YOU?!"


This time the Hive Master stopped, frowning a bit as she tilted her chin up in something of a royal manner. "I am Moirae Vivisector Vouivre. I was born to carry out your war and made it my own. I am the Fate Dissecting Dragon. I am the last thing you shall ever know in your miserable lives that have ever hindered my work!" From MVV's back sprang a multitude of limbs sporting blade and claw-like appendages connected close to the base by webbing, giving her a cobra's hood look even as she threw out her main arms to splay a web of razor sharp wires at the trespassers in her hive. "I am Queen here, and you will bow to my rule!"




So much work...so worth it. I had a feeling this would end up being ten chapters or so, so expect an epic battle to occur next time...on Gold, Crimson, Azure!

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I am terribly sorry for the wait. I had planned to make this chapter earlier but the Event happened and I pushed myself hard for 2 days to get a total of 101 missions done just in case I can't play after today for some reason. (I want a handcannon dangit) Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone who's given my story even the slightest glance and brief read, but this is the final chapter of the tale of my Lost Cell.


warning: there is swearing.




Kapitel Zehn - Finale




All three Tenno leapt away from the wires, barely making out of range of the deadly web of nearly-invisible strands. Rather than ending it there the Hive Maker whipped her main arms about, trying to catch her prey in a razor sharp net. Already the trio was at a disadvantage so deep in the Infested Hive, not to mention an arena of their target's choice. MVV clearly knew well enough at a great distance they were not likely to get any hits in at her, and aiming would take too long, they would become diced Tenno before getting a shot off!


"Guh, disgusting." Khimera growled low as he landed in some of the murky water, feeling its vicious nature already eating through his shields. Running for a fleshy island to get out of the acidic fluid, Khi could see a splay of wires coming down from above. "You little-" Raising up his Heat Swords the Volt slashed in an arc as he jumped from the water onto a safer, drier platform, leaving the wires cut.


Similarly, Crowley had leapt back on the central path they had been on, cutting apart the web of the Infested monstrosity with his dark scythe. For all its wicked looks it seemed to slice apart the wires with much more ease than the cleansing flames of the Heat Swords. The ice-blue Nekros snapped his head about, checking the positions and well-being of his allies. Khimera was safe now for the moment and from the looks of things Nova-Quinn was all right, though very visibly grossed out by their opponent. Taking what few seconds they had before Moirae struck again Crowley inspected the creature further. He could see that after a short length the resemblance to a serpent ended at the creature's lower half, becoming a pale, almost worm-like body lined with erratic black designs much like on the Hive Maker's too-human face. It seemed the further from the core of the body, the less defined the creature became, melting back into an amalgamation of Biomass.


No sooner had Crowley made this observation than Moirae heaved a coil forward, the pale flesh defining itself like a serpent's body again, several red eyes opening up upon the black lines from before. "Wretches, you will die!" She screamed as the eyes sent forth rays of baleful light along the path of their gaze. Again the Hive Maker scattered her prey, forcing them to move away from the lasers, leaving them with no opening to draw closer to her being. If they could not touch her they could not win, and unlike Tenno she would never tire. "You cannot defeat me! I am ETERNAL!" MVV shouted, her voice echoing through her hive like a call of victory. However...to proclaim one's victory so soon was one's first step toward defeat.


Nova-Quinn had remained fairly quiet during the fight, forced to actually focus for the first time since she'd actually awakened, not counting her lucid event that had damaged her systems. Stopping for a moment on an island of Biomass the red and black female remembered what had happened the last time she'd used Wormhole to block an attack. Curious, NQ took aim just off to the side of the weird snake lady and brought up a red-framed portal. True to the last time when the laser touched the rip in space it distorted and ran across the undefined portion of Moirae's body. The unnatural, beastly shriek of agony that came from the creature caused the Hive to rock and quake, her main body disconnected from the rest now by her own doing. "Woo! Did you guys see that I totally-" Not a moment after Nova-Quinn began to celebrate her intelligent decision than one of the many limbs sprouting from the Hive Maker's back stabbed into her shoulder, pinning her to a wall.


"You vile little beast! You will be the first I kill!" The humanly beautiful face was twisted with rage, a vicious visage baring sharp fangs within a deceptively pretty mouth. Already the many instruments of her craft raised up, ready to vivisect the female Tenno that had desecrated her precious, meticulously crafted body.


"Not today! Never again!" The wasp-colored Volt retorted, bringing out his Braton Vandal and releasing a spray of bullets without any thought to aim except at the creature that they had been sent to kill. Holes were torn in the webbing that served as a cobra-like hood for Moirae and the spray trailed lower along what would normally be a vertebrae's spinal column leaving a bloody, but superficial, mess.


With a hiss of dismay MVV went low to the floor of her chamber, slithering through the normally acidic fluids as if they were not there. Using her multiple limbs she clawed her way back up toward the altar, hoping to re-connect with the rest of her body. When she came to the top of the mound of Biomass the Hive Maker's eyes widened to see the keeper of the dead above her, Hate raised to send a killing blow. Unable to move swiftly enough to fully avoid the cleave she let out another abominable cry of pain as her right limbs were severed, forcing her to drop down from her climb back to the floor.


Below waited the other two Tenno, having caught their target in a pincer attack, though they had forgotten the fair portion of tail the creature had left. More than a dozen eyes opened up along the serpentine half of the monster's body as it flailed, sending a spray of lasers about forcing the trio to take cover away from the thrashing Infested. Having brought up his shield in the nick of time, Khimera was far too close for the recovering Hive Maker's comfort, his glare just as menacing as Moirae's.


"This is for Canis." He said softly, lifting his Lato Vandal, charging the firing mechanism with his own power, making what was a pistol into a rail-gun. With the lightest squeeze a bullet was fired with far more force than it was meant to, blowing off a chunk of flesh in the Hive Maker's abdomen, splintering scaled armor and rending flesh. Not happy with that Khimera stood behind his shield and continued to unload the clip, intent on making macabre swiss cheese out of his nemesis. Watching her writhe was the only joy he could take with each squeeze of the trigger even as his friends returned to his side to help. Crowley was finally close enough to unleash a Soul Punch, making MVV convulse in pain even as Nova-Quinn sent a volley of antimatter shards into the tail to damage it beyond regenerative function repair.


By the time the Electric Shield had worn off what was once a menacing, monstrous creature of twisted beauty lay before the Tenno as a mess of shredded flesh and scale and webbing, only her face unmarred by the assault. Moirae glowered as she struggled, trying to draw the Biomass of her Hive back to her, to restore her might. "You...you think you have won?" A cruel grin spread across her face as she looked up at her prey. "Foolish Tenno-" Even before she could finish Crowley sliced the Hive Maker's head in two, stopping the writhing of the body at last.


"We have, abomination." Crowley said as he hoisted Hate over his shoulder, slowly making his way around to the stairs leading back up to the altar, letting Khimera have a moment alone while Nova-Quinn tagged along close behind. As Tenno, their fight would never be over, not until they died, but that didn't mean they couldn't relish the moment of victory they had achieved against a foe that had remained undefeated for millenia. Pausing at the altar, Crowley waved his hand over it, burning away the corrupting flesh of the Hive to see the place of sacred countenance still intact beneath. Alabaster white, the altar was carved in fine lines of Orokin design, something that had existed long before even Crowley had taken up the mantle of Nekros. "I see you could never open it..." He murmured to himself, mainly referring to MVV though he knew she could not hear despite the many crimson eyes now lining the chamber walls watching the Tenno closely. Taking his index finger the blue-clad male slowly traced over the center design upon the top of the altar, lighting it up in the same blue hue as his energy. The light spread across the top and down to a crevasse just below the top. Pre-empting the growth of the Biomass Crowley burned away the surrounding Infested flesh as well, preventing it from getting inside the altar. As soon as the 'lid' of the altar fell off the Nekros swiftly reached in and pulled out an object, an artifact much like his disguised scythe. His quick movement was necessary as no sooner had he removed the object than did the Hive's Biomass sweep into the altar to try and claim it for its own.


Nova-Quinn looked around a bit while Crowley did his thing and Khimera was left to stare at the dead body of their foe. Most of this place was still really icky, especially all those creepy eyes on the walls. At least they'd done what they were supposed to, right? Wait, wasn't the flower lady supposed to tell them they did a good job when they were done and tell us where to extract to? Tilting her head, NQ looked into the dark hall leading away from the altar room. "Hey, didn't this seem kinda easy?" She asked, turning to look at Crowley.


"It did." Khimera said grimly as he came up the steps to join his companions, looking at what Crowley had in his hand. It was strange, looking almost like an ornate head of a spear, by the pointed tip at one end and the general shaping. It was molded and shaped as if a dragon was grasping for a sphere-like jewel at the other end of the object while on the other side was a lupine creature doing the same. At the end with the jewel, which was a beautiful sky blue, the gem was surrounded by the symbol of the Tenno and Lotus. "What IS that?"


Turning it about in his free hand the Grand-Master inspected the object casually. "Salvation. It is an artifact to cleanse this place...but it has not been in good care." He explained, glancing briefly at Nova-Quinn before returning to the artifact in his hand. "We will have one chance to repel the Biomass and extinguish the Hive here. If the Infested had gotten their fleshy tendrils on it before we...they would have become immune to the only weapon we've ever had capable of truly eradicating Biomass besides the slow crawl of flame or the pure sting of ether."


"So...what? We just stab it in the floor and be done with it!" Khimera explained, not noticing the low rumble coming from the dark hall where the severed half of MVV had begun to retreat, nor taking heed of the squeaks and exclamations of the female Tenno nearby.


"It is not so simple, my friend. We must go to the core where all the Biomass is maintained and controlled. It's not like we could stab it into MVV's dead body and-" Behind his helmet Crowley's eyes widened as he rushed to the side of the altar platform, peering down to where Moirae's body had been. No longer was it there, merely a mass of Biomass flesh pulsing and writhing. "Oh no..." Whirling about, Crowley outstretched his arm to Nova-Quinn. "Nova-Quinn, get away from there!"


Moving away on command, Nova-Quinn covered her ears, or at least where they were in relation to her helmet, as the dull rumble became an impossibly loud, deafening roar, shaking the Hive and causing parts of the architecture to fall apart. "What's going oooon!" She shouted over the intense noise, though her answer was swifter in coming than she realized, and far more unwanted than NQ could imagine.


"Did you honestly thing that pretty little thing was my real body? I'll kill you for destroying it, but first I'll need that little trinket of yours, withered old man!"


A blast of plasma filled the hallway Nova-Quinn had up until recently been looking into, searing a hole through the opposing wall leaving a gaping window out into the open that even the Hive's Biomass chose not to fill. Without need to speak the trio of Tenno fled from the platform, moving toward where Khimera had entered only to have the Biomass close in on the entryway and keep them locked in.


"Hahahahahaaaa I will feast on your flesh and 'frame and grow stronger just as I did back then!"


The voice was deep and grating, nothing like the sweet, lilting tones MVV had spoken earlier. Even worse, it was by telepathic link this new threat was speaking so no amount of ear-covering would reduce the deafening volume in the Tennos' heads.


The roar intensified as a massive beast burst through the walls that had separated the altar chamber with whatever was beyond the dark passageway. If no other countenance could match it, this creature looked like a dragon, horrible and twisted. It was an aberration of the noble beauty of the creatures it emulated. Massive wings sought to fill the enlarged arena, covered in massive red eyes that never blinked, burning a death-glare into the three the beast saw as prey. The head of the creature was pointed with a double-jaw that unhinged as it roared, lined with great spires of ebony for teeth and a tri-forked tongue that lashed out of its own accord made of very familiar pale Biomass. The rest of its bulk vaguely resembled an abominably enormous Charger, though its scaled armor shell was layered repeatedly without weak points. The claws grasped at the floor, keeping the beast anchored even as it would splay and beat its wings. This was the true face of Moirae Vivisector Vouivre, the dragon that would dissect fate. A single red eye on the forehead of the monster gazed down at the Tenno with all the fury and malice of ages past.


"Any last words, prey?"


Khimera stepped forward, rifle in his hands. "Yeah." Taking aim, the Volt drew a deep breath to shout at the top of his lungs. "F*** YOU!" Holding the trigger Khi let loose a focused spray of bullets, forcing MVV to recoil its head to protect its real eye even as the wasp-colored Tenno swept his rifle about, damaging the eyes on its wings, forcing them to close one by one.


"Yeah you big meanie!" Nova-Quinn threw her Despairs as fast as he should muster, the sharp knives piercing the scaled armor but they would only do so much damage to so massive a monster.


Looking down at the artifact in his hand, Crowley felt dread and sorrow creep into his heart. "Lotus...is there really no other way?" Even before his friends had begun their final assault on the creature he knew it was useless to use regular weapons against the real body of MVV. It had taken too many lives, had too long to evolve and grow strong.


"You have my permission to release limiters on Lunasos." Came the soft voice over the transmission, though that did not ease the anxiety in the Nekros' chest.


"And what of my friends? They cannot fight like this, we are useless against this creature by ourselves! Why did you send us here to die!" He exclaimed, narrowly getting missed by one of the draconic beast's claws coming down close to them. Already Khimera and Nova-Quinn had begun to move, using the arena's size to their advantage to maintain mobility.


"I told you I had no idea what was inside...to not trust what you see. I can't help Nova-Quinn but Khimera I can. Defend her, she is still in recovery and cannot sustain her Program Fortuna." Lotus protested, though Crowley could tell she was just as distraught by the situation as Crowley. Even with Lunasos and Khimera's Protocol Indra they could not bring down this monster without the Cleanser.


"Damnit...forgive me, my home." Crowley sighed, holding out his Hate, watching it return to its true form. Looking up, he could already see MVV gearing up for another plasma blast. "I call upon the spirits of the dead, please give us strength." He spoke solemnly, the inscriptions upon the scythe's blade glowing brightly even as the blue Nekros swung it about, slicing at the claw in his way.


"Pay attention, old fool!"


The creature snarled as it unleashed a blast of plasma, scorching away at the floor as it swept the ray of death about, forcing Crowley to sprint out of the way. Suddenly the Nekros felt lighter and faster, causing him to look to Khimera who had activated Speed to allow them to escape the burning destruction. Nova-Quinn opened a Wormhole in front of her azure ally, sending him above the beast's head where he could land a meaningful strike.


Seeing an opportunity to finish things, Crowley let his impatience get the better of him as he swept Lunasos about to slice off a horn in the way of his trajectory, landing on the creature's neck. "Begone, beast!" He shouted, holding the Cleanser up high and driving it down to the armored shell on Moirae's neck.


Unfortunately, as any Tenno initiate could tell you impatience will be your death. The artifact did not pierce the hard scales and the dagger point broke off from just trying. It was a failure, but not one that could not be rectified. Still, the beast laughed loud and long even as it shook the ice-blue Tenno from its neck, preventing from an attempt to get at a less armored part of its body to kill it.


"Ungh...hrr...no!" Crowley twisted in the air, his scythe making a golden arc as he brought it abought, cutting shallow into MVV's tough skin, allowing him to spiral down one of the creature's arms, vaulting off even as the dragon lifted to shake him off violently.


"Insistent little pests!"


Swiping low with its other claw the massive Infested managed to snatch up Nova-Quinn just before she could Wormhole out of the way. Squirming and writhing in pain as the monster squeezed, the female Tenno found the air in her lungs leaving even as she drew close to the maw of the Hive Maker. It smelled fetid and off rotten flesh and burnt blood and she could not even call upon her powers to save her like this!


"Initiating full release of Protocol Indra, limiters remotely removed. Please Tenno Khimera, save her!" The Lotus urged even as power coursed anew through the Volt's body, giving him strength he had felt before.


"It will be done. I shall lose no one else to this thing!" Looking up, Khi could see the other claw going for him now, six-digit grasp coming down like dark judgment. "No!" He exclaimed, his rage held in check even as he dropped his rifle and brought both hands up, a flash of red electricity bursting from his palms even as they connected with MVV's, making the beast roar and recoil in pain. "And I thought Infested were fine with electricity!" Khimera snapped as he felt his power coil up in his back, the four red lights on his Warframe's back glowing brightly. Crouching down, the Volt sprang out of the way as the claw came down again, propelling himself to Nova-Quinn trailing lines of lightning red.


"You! We were warned of you!"


Too massive and slow to move its grasping claw out of the way Moirae roared as another powerful shock forced it to release the Nova it had intended to devour. Consumed by its fury the Infested abomination began to charge what open eyes it had with the same devastating energy as its plasma blasts, intending to ensnare and destroy the Tenno if it could not consume them.


"I think not." Crowley spoke coolly, Lunasos hoisted over his shoulder with the inscription of an old Excalibur burning brightly on the blade. Sweeping the ancient weapon in a circle the keeper of the dead called forth radiant spears of light before slamming the butt of the shaft down on the floor, piercing the remaining eyes with the lances formed by an older version of Excalibur's ultimate ability. The screech of rage and pain was satisfying to hear, not to mention the plasma flames that now started to creep over the damaged wings of the Hive Maker.


"You...you...I'm gonna blow you up!" Nova-Quinn exclaimed, finally back on her feet summoning up a large orb of antimatter aimed at the beast's head. The single eye on MVV's forehead glared at the sphere, knowing better than to fire its plasma breath with that in the way. Still, it was a nice effort on the part of a fairly weakened Tenno warrior.


"Far too childish my dear." The creature rumbled, moving its head aside easily as it moved to give another swipe at the trio.


"Is it?" Khimera retorted as He sent a shower of bright diamonds up toward the ceiling, his hand open toward the sky. "I'll show you how childish we are!" Clenching his hand into a fist the Volt sent spears of crimson lightning down upon the massive beast in myriad amounts, many of them piercing the antimatter sphere causing it to grow large enough to touch MVV and explode in fantastic fashion.


Now stunned, the Infested reeled from the force of the attacks brought against it from three mere Tenno, THREE. How could this happen? After so long being the lord and maker of this Hive now only a mere three insignificant beings were going to end it all? This could not be, the collective had to do something to stop them, something to end these vermin! Even now the mind of Moirae Vivisector Vouivre searched through the collective for aid, begging for help, but none answered. All had their backs turn to their fellow Infested Hive Maker; Moirae had chosen its fate the moment it allowed the Tenno any purchase against it in battle.


Intent on finishing the job they had all started long, long ago the Grand-Master of the Dead swept forward at the collapsed monster, slicing off its lower jaws and searching frantically for a point of entry. The stunning would not last long and he had to finish this now before MVV got up and obliterated them. Dropping Lunasos, Crowley took the Cleanser in both hands and drove it through the roof of the creature's mouth toward where a normal brain would be, where he hoped the core of the beast resided. The sound of squelching flesh and tearing tissues was unpleasant, but it was not as horrible as the indescribable sound that left the beast once Crowley recoiled, taking Lunasos and Khimera's Braton Vandal with him in retreat.


The entirety of the Hive of Onmyosekai quaked and shuddered, the building itself starting to collapse as Biomass retracted and withered, taking away support from the more decrepit and destroyed parts of the building.


"Great job Tenno, you have done the Sol System an immeasurable service this day. Head for extraction, the building is collapsing." The Lotus sounded like her usual calm self now, but there was no denying this was no time to relax. Now that the path to extraction was free of the blocking Biomass from before the trio could at least make their way there.


Nova-Quinn took the lead of the run back to extract while Khimera took the rear, Crowley returning Khi's rifle as they ran and re-camouflaging his scythe. As miniscule as those things were in the priority list of things at least they'd gotten them done now. No mutated Infested came to block their path, only writhing patches of Biomass and debris from the collapsing structure were there as hazards now.


NQ took no time in cutting down obstacles in their way, her antimatter shards serving to destroy falling chunks of building before they reached the sprinting trio. Her Orthus cut through now-thin webbings of Biomass that feebly worked to block their way, freezing over the withering flesh and shattering it.


Crowley, without any weapon besides his scythe, kept watch for slightly more distant obstacles, using Soul Punch to break apart boulders of stone blocking their way to the exit even as more of the building crumbled around them, the deep rumble of ruin ever present and menacing the Tenno all the way to the extraction point.


All three Snub Fighters were at the one extraction point, so it took no time at all for the three to get into the retrieval molds, getting a last glimpse at the once-beautiful place of Orokin make before they were set off on a new course far from where their most recent mission had taken place. The controls of the ships were being remotely operated, likely through the Lotus' commands, but they seemed headed in the same direction; toward Tenno-controlled space.


"Khimera...Nova-Quinn...Crowley...it grants me relief to see you all safe and sound. While I cannot give you any heading for your personal goals I am taking you to a place where you may find allies and friends. I wish you luck, Tenno. I look forward to seeing your progress as we work to take back what this war has stolen from us."


Smiling softly, Khimera sat down in the piloting seat and closed his eyes, folding his arms over his chest. "I will find him someday..."


Nova-Quinn kicked her legs as she sat in her own Snub Fighter, humming a little tune. "That was lots of work, I think i'm gonna take a nap when we get home."


Shaking his head, Crowley set his scythe against the equipment case and looked out the bridge window. "We've been gone a long time, milady. I look forward to setting things right."



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