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Tennobaum 2019! - Feeding Through the Gift of Giving


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Dear Mr.claus, all I want for tennobaum this year, is a huge load of forma that I can enjoy putting on all of my beloved weapons and warframes.
(Edit:) P.S That Excalibur Zato collection bundle looks spicy...

Also some friends of mine, Tangociss & Ryanrulez5 have some wishes too! Tangociss wishes for the Equinox/Titania deluxe bundles for the weapon skins and Ryanrulez5 wishes for Khora due to his painful misfortune of trying to get her through farming.

Merry Tennobaum, wishes -BM-Swab. (name is bugged on forums, ain't Warnech)


Thank you for the forma: 
- Trunks013
- GrazeZeroLow

Thank you for the bundle:
- Tangociss

Merry Tennobaum ❤️

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Dear Sata... Santa* (oof that was close)

I was an extraordinarily good boy. I cleared out my nightwave, built my drydock and even helped others to build thiers. My mother has left me and locked my father in some sort of weird dimension... I live with my kavat and a glitched Cephalon, but he warms my heart by projecting the images of my mother when I'm out hanging with fellow tenno friends.

So, what I would like for Tennobaum... Destiny 2 Shadowkeep.... pff... NAH

If you would be so kind, I would wish for some forma and the roomba drone. I never dared to buy one since they are pretty costly and I failed to get one during the recent sale as I was too worried about my expenses to get it. That is all. I enjoy the grind, I listen to music while I slaughter the enemies of my new emp... of our Tenno cause.

Take care oh and is it realy true that one of your flying Kubrows has a red shiny opticor mounted on his forehead?

Your forever syndicate follower


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I always love Forma and Catalysts myself.


12 minutes ago, IceColdHawk said:

Happy Tennobaum my dear tenno!

i'd wish to have a progress bar, some neat lil skins as an incentive and thank you for gifting (like in the past years) and a fancy leaderboard to respect the most generous tenno out there!

Same 😞 

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Hello, Im going to try this out. Im willing to pay it forward if I receive any gifts as well. My wishlist this year:


forma bundle (only have 3 atm)

orokin catalyst (only have 1 atm)

oberon blade of the lotus skin

oberon ferosh helmet

Loki Kodama Skin

rota syandana

oberon taurus helmet

polearm phorcys skin

teplo syandana

volt arrester helmet

riven mod slots


any gifts received will be gifted to someone else in the same plat amount.


happy tennobaum Everyone ans Happy Holidays

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39 minutes ago, QueenofYandxre said:
  • Gara Collection. (Platinum64825, the most expensive. But, I need it to get her signature weapons (since I main her) and bypass the MR on them.)
  • Wisp Collection. (Platinum64655, I love Wisp and I want to main her.)

So if you get the second one, the first one will not be necessary ?

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Hello everyone !

Here is my very long wish list :

Altra Syandana


Alloy drum, Circuitry lockbox, Orokin cell Array

Artisan Pack Thanks @trunks013


Dax Portrait

Domestik drone

Flower decanter

Kuva globule  Thanks @QueenofYandxre check your inbox 😉

Riven, warframe, weapons slots

Reclamator pack


Noggle Statue :

Ash, Atlas, Auditor, Azoth, Banshee, Chroma, Clem, Equinox all form, Excalibur all form, Frost, Hay luk, Hok, Hydroïd, Inaros, Ivara, Konzu, Limbo, Lock jaw & Sol, Mag, Mesa, Mirage, Nekros, Nova, Nyx, Oberon, Rhino, Saryn, Trinity, Valkyr, Vauban, Volt, Wukong, Zephyr




Happy Tennobaum to all


Thank you in advance for your generosity and if I can send a gift in return so do not forget to make your wish list

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3 hours ago, Kylo. said:

So if you get the second one, the first one will not be necessary ?

Yes, hun. That's correct. 🤗 Cause I can always buy the Gara Collection for myself later on. I understand that it's quite a lot of plat and I'd rather get it myself, then have someone else spend that amount on it.

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