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[Edit] Here are some ideas that I think would help make the Codex useful beyond basic information.

If you look at FF XIV there are hunting/gathering/crafting logs that contain information on what enemies to kill and where for rewards. The bestiary in FF XIII shows the enemy, weaknesses, and drops from that enemy. But this information is given to you incrementally as you kill a large number of them.

Suggestion: The codex should contain the "bestiary/hunting log" type of information as well as adding a quick way to navigate to it from the system view.

With each system having an information panel that shows you X number of enemies spawn there. After fighting/killing those enemies a shortcut to their information becomes available from that screen.

As you kill certain numbers of the enemies you get more information: weaknesses, drops, rare drops

This could also work for bosses and give another location for flavor text/bios similar to what the Lotus lets you know.

Also having some kind of reward (badge)/achievement for getting full completion of a system would also be nice.


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