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It is considered "bad" leave the Index when changing to the second round?



It is considered "bad" leave the Index when changing to the second round whit 9 seconds remaining on the countdown?

So I was doing 1 Index run, finished the round and the countdown begin for the second round, we were 4 players, 2 selected continue, I selected continue, the other guy selected leave and then I changed to leave while the countown was on 8 seconds. 
After that i started and finished another random mission and got a chat from a guy saying this:


It translates to something like this:
"You are a poor A******, you think that with going out to the last second in the index makes you funny?, well you do not know who you were playing with and im going to report you, go set up another account, A******"

The thing is I selected leave whit 8 seconds remeining. I dont care who he was, I dont care about the insults, the ignore or the "report", he may confused me whit the other guy but,
Here is my question, how much time do you have to politely change your mind after the Continue vs Leave screen?

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above 3 seconds. if its any less than that i hate you and wish your soul to be damned in the fires of hell. but tbh i bring stuff so i can solo anything and everything just in case. i also make it a practice to not change my decision even if someone else does, and only extract if everyone else changes their mind.

i wouldn't worry about it, i have gotten ignored for weird things, like posting in recruitment for a radgroup, joining one, and then another guy in a different group blocking me after i told him ty, but someone invited me already.

or another guy, wanted to buy an item from me and then when i tried to say ok, it said user was ignoring me.

or my favorite, i wanted to buy a riven from a guy for 1k, but apparently i was on his ignore. have never seen him or have any recollection of talking to this person in my life, and i dont talk in region much. his loss i guess.


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