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Amalgam Javlok Magazine Warp Rework: Seems a lot more boring now, the team-offensive-guardian role needs reverting.


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Recently someone asked how to channel for the reflection mod and after explaining the channelling=>Rage-mode situation to them and that the mod had just been missed

(my post and proposal for it and retribution)


 I tried to look up the other damage refection mod and realised that the reflection effect had been changed to "Blocking gives shields double combo gain".

Honestly, this seems much more boring to me and I can't see a good reason for it; it's not like this mod did insane or passive damage, even stacked with trinity and the idea of combining it with electromagnetic_shielding to protect my squad was really appealing to me.

No-one is going to equip this mod solely to speed up their passive combo gain, but a lot of people would have equipped it to fulfil a team-offensive-guardian role.

Could we consider reverting it, or at least making the effect something more interesting and useful than a buffed half of guardian _derision.

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