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Warframe is a very nice game. I see it as an awesome combination of Unreal 2 and Quake4 with online features.

Thanks for making it and for allowing the free play option!


These are my sugestions for Warframe:

- Health above the mob's heads. It's not easy to check a mob's health while you are shooting because you have to move your eyes to see it on the top of the screen and you can't afford that in a fight. Would be very nice to have an option to tell the game to show the health bar of the mobs above their heads.

- Loot log would be nice. Show the log of the looted items while you are playing. If you fail the mission at least you can know what you looted, so you know if you should try again.
- Combat log would be nice too (show the damage done to the last mobs you engaged)

- Enter chat by pressing "Enter" by default.

- All the chat window should be on the bottom of the screen, with smaller letters, visible while you play. Players talk very little in general because it's not easy to play and switch to the chat window in the same time. So the chat window should be available there all the time (unles the user disables it)

- I know, all the above features are implemented in World of Warcraft but they would simply make the game better, it won't transform Warframe into a MMORPG.

- Show the level and the experience (affinity) of the sword somewhere on the screen or maybe when pressing a key, similar to the way it shows the xp/level of the equipped gun.
- An in-game tutorial for using mods would be great too. When a player can equip a mod for the first, time, the game should show him/her how to enter "Arsenal", then to the warframe and then move a mod into it's place. It's not hard for players to learn it but I guess many don't realize they should install mods after completing the first missions.
- Inspect the installed mods while playing a mission.

I would like to report the following issues too (I'm not sure they are bugs or not):

- Every time I'm in Warframe and I get back to Windows without exiting the game (Alt+Tab or Windows key), I gett a small window showing the message "Display setting has been changed! Do you want to restart your system now?". I always have to make sure I don't press "Yes". It reminds me of Windows 98. (I'm using Win7 64 bit now)

- In the Cytherean mission on Venus, after destroying the core and getting outside of the building, there are two holes and if you fall in them, it's quite impossible to get out. You fall into a room which has a balcony, you can jump on some lockers on the balcony, but without Super Jump (Excalibur) you can't jump back up on the platform. I also had to abort missions on Mercury Tolstoj (defeat captain Vor) because of some similar rooms. You can get there if you are too curious and break some fans. From some of them I could escape using super jump (wall run then super jump), but from other rooms the technique didn't help.

- In the last two days, when playing Excalibur, many times it starts to swing the sword on it's own for two or three seconds and you can't shoot. And sometimes it repeats that two or three times. At least you can run while it's doing it, so you can (try to) hide from the mobs that shoot at you. It happens when playing solo. It didn't happen it on Mag, but with Mag, two times it happen to run to the left on it's own, without having any key pressed. Maybe it's the internet connection but I have quite good internet, ADSL 10 MBit/sec


These are my thoughts about Warframe, thanks again for making it !


Later edit:

Another bugs:

- two days ago, when I entered in some missions with my Excalibur, the shield was at half of it's normal value (110 instead of 220). The solution was to abort the mission and to do it again.

- I got stuck once and I had to abort the mission. I think it was the first mission on Venus - Cytherean. It was somewhere outside, between a container and a rock.

- Mission: Venus - Vesper (spy) - when you have to pick up datamass, on the Datamass the text "PICKUP DATAMASS" is written from right to left and the letters are mirrored (flipped horizontally). Someone could read it if he would stand in front of you, looking towards you and with the datamass between you and him,

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