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Ropalolyst Mounting - Recurring Bug


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I hope someone sees this..

I’ve been farming the Ropalolyst solo.

When running down the cables in stage 2, if you go fast enough and get close to the Ropalolyst before it takes off, you can mount it early by accident.

The mounting button prompt is to hold X, which if you’re trying to get back onto the cable before falling (same prompt) it will jump up to the Ropalolyst instead.

Since the generator is not yet activated, there’s no point in mounting early.

If you then dismount and activate the generator, the prompt to mount the Ropalolyst no longer exists and it’s model eventually gets lodged in the geometry either above or below the generator, forcing a manual restart.

This happens every time I unintentionally mount the beast in stage 2. (4 times out of the 7 runs I’ve done) Rather frustrating since every run has 3 generators so that means 3 opportunities for this to happen in each (long) run.

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