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Suggestion for a New Quest, my Interlinked Posts and more suggestions.


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Note: All Quest Content will be subject to change according with other fellow Tenno constructive suggestions.

All names are subject to change.

The Kovaren can simply be called a Rail-Station as an alternative, as that is what I've begun to steer it towards while keeping its own independence as an potential area to explore for Warframe.

I'll be adding content related to all of Warframe's current features and things I would like to see in Warframe itself.

Cognizance Fractured


The War Within Completed

The Rising Tide Completed


As a New War brews, an enigmatic entity wages its own secret War with a Re-possessor Crew, a Mercenary Gang, a Crippled Sentient, and an Infested Hybrid.

Quest Completion Reward

The Kovaren + Kovaren Factions + Kovaren Research-Link Blueprint

Mission Sequence List:

Hack & Tick?

Mission Type = Mobile Defense vs Corpus

The Tenno will be contacted by a pair of free-lance agents known only as ‘Hack & Tick’.

Ordis “Operator, it seems my communication systems are being…”

Hack & Tick “Tenno, We must apologize for this intrusion, but the matter is urgent.”

Operator’s Voice “Then speak.”

Hack & Tick “It appears that an enigmatic entity is hunting across the system.”

Hack & Tick “This entity seems to be foreign to our system, as it doesn't discriminate against Sentient, Infested, or other lifeforms.”

Hack & Tick “Currently, it is chasing an Experimental Ship that was hijacked from a once-secret Corpus Laboratory.”

The Chase!

Mission Type = Archwing Pursuit vs Grineer

The Tenno will again be contacted by ‘Hack & Tick’.

Ordis “Oh no, Operator, not again…”

Hack & Tick “It seems your Cephalon has upgraded its systems… it took Us awhile to contact you.”

Operator “Do you have to always silence my Cephalon?

Hack & Tick “We do not trust the Cephalons. Is that the only question you have?”

Operator “What did you find?”

Hack & Tick “We found that the once-Corpus Businesswoman Kasira and her Familia alongside Scragg and his Dogs were the ones that hijacked the Kovaren.”

Hack & Tick “The Corpus were experimenting on a damaged Sentient and an Infested Hybrid.”

Hack & Tick “They are both still onboard. The hijackers will not be able to handle either of them should they awaken.

Hack & Tick “We also have identified the entity. It is a creature from the Void, and it is using the Grineer to corner the Kovaren. 

Now What?

Mission Type = Intermission Decision Making

Decisions of the Mission:

Kasira “So Tenno, why have you come and more importantly why did you save us?”

The Tenno now must choose:

Sun “I saved you to become my ally in the New War.”

Kasira “Well, consider us partners for life!”

Neutral “I saved you to become my suppliers in the New War."

Kasira “Well, as long as I can make a profit!”

Moon “I saved you as conscripts in the New War.”

Kasira “Well, it is better than dying right now…”

Scragg “Tenno, you have saved my warriors, how can I repay this debt?”

The Tenno now must choose:

Sun “You can become my ally in the New War.”

Scragg “I will fight beside you, as fellow immortals!”

Neutral “You can become my conscripts in the New War.”

Scragg “I will serve you for now, Tenno!”

Moon “You can become my dogs in the New War.”

Scragg “I will fight for you only because it is a debt of honor!”

The Tenno must now fight a Mobile Defense Mission ‘Kovaren vs Grineer’.

What’s That?

Mission Type = Defense "Kovaren vs Grineer”

The Tenno & their allies have obtained the coordinates of Claw. They must defend the Infested Stasis Chamber.

After they have defeated the Grineer, the Void Entity strikes. 

It is a quadruped creature that looks akin to a skeletal jackal wrapped in Void Energy. 

It leaps at the Tenno automatically entering a Cinematic. 

The cinematic shows the Void Entity pulls the Operator from their Orbiter and attempts to devour them. 

Just before the Operator’s head would have been chomped, a large infested mass spears the Void Entity, lifting it off the ground. 

The Operator reaches for their downed Warframe and once they connect, they merge. 

The now Void-Fueled Warframe grasps the Void Entity’s jaws. 

With an explosive detonation of Void Energy, almost everyone is knocked away and down from the shattering of the Void Entity. 

The only one standing is the Tenno’s Warframe whose Operator has returned to their Orbiter.

The Tenno now must Choose.

Sun “I owe you a debt of honor. I will accomplish one thing you desire.”

Claw “I desire to follow you, my kin!”

Neutral “I see you have awoken. I suggest you decide your own fate.”

Claw “I will follow you, my kin?”

Moon “I know that you are not fully cognizant. I command you to serve me.”

Claw “I will serve you… my kin?”

Stop Lich!

Mission Type = Timed Assassination 'Kovaren vs Grineer'

The Tenno and their allies reach the decaying Orokin Vault where they find a Grineer-Lich with Thralls trying to tame the crippled Sentient.

It reaches out its mind to the Tenno and says, “I require assistance from you, though we were once enemies.”.

The Grineer-Lich turns around to see the Tenno, Kasira, Scragg and Claw.

It commands its thralls to attack the Tenno & allies, while it uses some fell device to enslave the crippled Sentient.

If the Tenno or allies land any attacks on the Grineer-Lich, the Mission Countdown will increase.

Until the Grineer-Lich is Slain or Converted, the crippled Sentient will assist by transferring its power directly into the Tenno’s Parazon to overcome its defenses.

The Tenno now must choose:

Sun “I will detach this device; in return we will forge a truce.”

Xipharas “A wise decision that will greatly increase the outcome of our mutual survival.”

Neutral “I will detach this device later; in return you will become my prisoner.”

Xipharas “An unwise decision, but one I will not argue with.”

Moon “I will use this device to ensure your cooperation.”

Xipharas “A foolish decision, this will decrease our mutual survival!

Something’s Wrong!

Mission Type = Cinematic Choices then Void Mobile Defense

The Operator’s mind fractures as the Void Energy they were forced to consume creates a miniature void within the Kovaren.

The miniature void causes the Tenno to be hurled into the Void where they must battle the void phantoms and collect Fragment Whispers of the Operator’s Mind.

Mission Objective:

When they have collected at least two Fragment Whispers, they can now extract by running into a Void Gate.

Completion Rewards:

Once they return, they see two Operators, the host ‘original’ and a ‘symbiotic’ one.

The Tenno must customize the Symbiotic Tenno and cannot pick any of the appearance choices that the Tenno currently has chosen, except for colors.

The Tenno must name the Symbiotic Tenno.

The personality of the Symbiotic Tenno will be chosen via majority of choices the Tenno has chosen.

Forged Bonds.

The Tenno receive the following:

The Kovaren:

The Kovaren comes equipped with the following:

Kovaren Factions:

Kasira: Raising Kasira’s Standing will allow the Tenno to unlock Kasira’s Powers and increase her influence.

Scragg: Raising Scragg’s Standing will allow the Tenno to unlock Scragg’s Powers and increase his influence.

Xipharas: Raising Xipharas’ Standing will allow the Tenno to unlock Xipharas’ Powers and increase its influence.

Claw: Raising Claw’s Standing will allow the Tenno to unlock Claw’s Powers and increase its influence.

Symbiotic Tenno: Raising the Symbiotic Tenno’s Standing will allow the Tenno to unlock its Powers and increase its influence.

Hack & Tick: Raising Hack & Tick’s Standing will allow the Tenno to unlock their Powers and increase their influence

Tenno Orbiter Dock:

This allows the Tenno to dock their Orbiter.

Kovaren Exploration:

The Tenno can explore the Kovaren and expand it via Kovaren Room Blueprints obtained through the Kovaren Factions.

Kovaren Research-Link Blueprint:

This will upgrade the Tenno’s Foundry to link with the Kovaren’s Research that is obtained via the Kovaren Factions.



This content is to provide more ideas for description of the Kovaren Factions' Advancements. I would appreciate assistance with asset creation and story-line advice. All Arsenal and Quest Content are subject to change according to fellow Tenno constructive suggestions.


Base Health: 2,000 | Base Shields: 2,000 | Base Armor: 1,600 | Speed: 100 km/s. | Energy: 500 | Special Feature: Can be used as Support in Railjack Missions.

Armaments: Five Pairs of Turrets | Two Primary Weapons

The Kovaren Rail-Station Quest:

This is will be a series of six interlocked quests that has the Tenno readying the Kovaren for the New War.


Solar Rail Connectors: This grants the Tenno access to Solar Rails for PvE Missions and allows them to connect with the Kovaren.

The Solar Rails will consume Railjack Resources instead of Specters.

Specter Slots are filled with 'Warframes that have Sentience' as noted in one of my posts.

Focus Balancing; Operator Mode Adjustments & Abilities.

The Solar Rails will be crewed by all allied Faction Forces.

Reinforcements: This grants the Tenno Support Squads from all allied Factions in their Missions.

Tenno Formations: This grants the Tenno to interlink Squads that are within Support Distance of the Kovaren.

This grants all Interlinked Squads infinite Affinity Range and allows Tenno to support other Squads in Missions as Support Squads.

Railjack Docking Station: This allows the Tenno to dock their Railjack at the Kovaren to resupply in the field.

Allied Faction Forces

I've been working on Redesigning how Syndicates Work with the following link:

Warframe Role Balancing.

I've begun work on trying to add more synergy and scaling to Warframes than what we currently have with the following link.

My feedback on the Intrinsics System.


Kovaren Faction Leaders, Quests, etc.

Note: All Kovaren Factions will receive their own Modular Systems, Research and can become customized by the Tenno at a later date.

All named NPC allies will receive their own Arsenal and have their own Upgrade System similar to the one that can be found in 'Suggestion for Focus Balancing; Operator Mode Adjustments & Abilities.


Introduction: She was once a successful businesswoman, until one day her fellow Corpus business associates nearly killed her. Luckily for her, she was able to survive via her Guardian Osprey, Xarthic Aegis. She now leads a Repossessor Crew to steal from her enemies while buying extra-muscle should things go astray. 

Kasira’s Arsenal:

Armor = Corpus Combat Suit: Health: 75 | Shields: 125 | Armor: 20 | Energy: 100 | Sprint Speed: 1.15

Weapons = Secondary: Spectra | Companion: Barrier Osprey

Special Feature = Energy Shield: Kasira boosts her shields with her Energy Pool when it becomes fully deleted.

Kasira's Forces:

Kasira ??? (Yet to come up with a last name.)

Secret Reservoir Quest:


Unlocks Kasira’s Passive Ability that increases Resources looted when in Missions.

Unlocks Corpus Technology.

Corpus Portable Shield Dome Generator: This item will project a Field of Energy that blocks incoming ranged attacks until it becomes overheated.

Corpus Light Walker: This Robotic is programmed to fire whilst on the move, keeping a safe distance between enemies and its protected location.

Corpus Shield Osprey: This Osprey is programmed to support other units that are on the front-lines.

Corpus Engineer: This person is trained in repairing, using and maintaining Corpus Tech.

Upgrades the Tenno’s Standing with Kasira to the next Rank.


Introduction: He was a former Grineer Commander who has now turned to being a Mercenary Gang Leader due to having been exposed to a Kuva-extraction incident. With Kuva flowing within and around him, Scragg has severed all ties with the Grineer Queens. He has gathered Grineer outcasts and deserters to his gang of savages dubbed, Scragg’s Dogs.

Scragg's Arsenal:

Armor = Grineer War-plate: Health: 175 | Shields: 25| Armor: 100 | Energy: 100 | Sprint Speed: 0.75

Weapons = Secondary: Kuva Quatz | Melee: Kuva Ack & Brunt

Special Feature = Armored Rush: Scragg dashes 20m dealing 50% Weapon Damage per meter to all in his way, which are affected by the knockdown status effect.

Scragg's Dogs' Forces:

Scragg ??? (Yet to come up with a last name.)

Deadly Rematch Quest:


Unlocks Scragg’s Passive Ability that grants him two Thralls which accompany him in Missions.

Unlocks Grineer Technology:

Grineer Dog Lancer: this is a Mercenary Lancer from Scragg's Dog Forces, highly trained in the art of trench warfare.

Grinner Dog Butcher: this is a Mercenary Butcher from Scragg's Dog Forces, highly trained in frontal assaults.

Grineer Dog Bulwark: this is a Mercenary Bulwark from Scragg's Dog Forces, highly trained in shielding allies.

Grineer Dog Sergeant: This is a Mercenary Sergeant from Scragg's Dog Forces, highly trained in leading their fellow Mercenaries.

Upgrades the Tenno’s Standing with Scragg to the next Rank.


Introduction: Xipharas was nearly destroyed by his own when they deserted him to face strange entities alone. He was excavated from the moon by the Corpus and placed within an Orokin Vault that sealed his power. As the Vault’s integrity fails, he plans on exacting revenge against his own kind.

Xipharas' Arsenal:

Armor = Scouting Vessel: Health: 50 | Shields: 150 | Armor: 30 | Energy: 100 | Flight Speed: 1.10

Weapons = Homing Missiles: Similar to Vomvalysts | Arm-blades: Similar to Conculyst

Special Features = Sentience Revival: Xipharas revives himself after 300 seconds.

Xipharas' Forces

Xipharas ??? (Yet to come up with a last name.)

Re-forged Vessel Quest:


Unlocks Xipharas’ Passive Ability that allows him to enter Warrior Vessel when in Missions.

Unlocks Sentient Technology:

Sentient Shard Mimic: this is a Sentient which is a small Vomvalyst that initiates surprise attacks.

Sentient Shard Collector: this is a Sentient that collects the cores of slain Sentient Allies and Foes.

Sentient Shard Scientist: this is a Sentient that repairs collected cores and adds them to Xipharas' Forces.

Sentient Core Storage Device: this allows a Sentient Scientist to add excess cores as resources should Xipharas' Influence become max. in the mission or region.

Upgrades the Tenno’s Standing to the next Rank.


Introduction: The being that the creature labeled Subject – Claw was a survivor aboard a derelict Orokin Ship retrieved by the Corpus. There was found a unique strain of the Infested Virus within the survivor’s system, the Corpus tried to weaponize it. The controller code installation was interrupted when the Experimental Ship was hijacked.

Claw's Arsenal:

Armor = Cultivating Carapace: Health: 200 | Shields: 0 | Armor: 50 | Energy: 100 | Sprint Speed: 1.00

Weapons = Secondary: Pox | Melee: Hirudo

Special Features = Claw naturally regenerates 1% health per second.

Claw's Forces:


Inner Monster Quest:


Unlocks Claw’s Passive Ability (The more kills that Claw accumulates will increase his sprint speed, attack speed/fire rate and damage.).
Unlocks Infested Technology.

Infested Charger: this creature is designed to attack enemy positions in massive waves.

Infested Leech: This creature is designed to sneak upon enemy positions, taking out sentries.

Infested Osprey: This creature is designed to drop Infested Leeches right on top of enemy positions.

Infested Brute: This creature is designed to spearhead attacks upon enemy positions.

Upgrades the Tenno’s Standing with Claw to the next Rank.

Symbiotic Tenno:

Arsenal = The Symbiotic Tenno can equip any Warframe, Weapon, Gear, etc. that requires Mastery equal to its current Rank. | The Rank of Equipped Arsenal Items are capped to Rank 5.

Symbiotic Tenno' Forces

Symbiotic Tenno

Symbiotic Operatives
Umbra Sentience (This would allow the Tenno to have Warframes with Sentience similar to Excalibur Umbra: combine this with the link for Suggestion for Focus Balancing; Operator Mode Adjustments and Abilities, could grant a Praetorian Warframe Squad of sorts for the Tenno.).

Missing Memories Quest:


Unlocks the Symbiotic Tenno’s Transference Mode.

Upgrades the Symbiotic Tenno’s Arsenal Rank Cap to Rank 10.

Upgrades the Tenno’s Standing with the Symbiotic Tenno to the next Rank.

Hack & Tick

Introduction: Hack and Tick are twins that were orphaned when the Grineer invaded Earth. They were able to escape their people's destruction, nevertheless, this caused a fire to kindle within them. They began a shadow resistance movement to oppose all who would enslave or take from them, while awaiting the fabled legend of the return of the Tenno.

Hack's & Tick's Arsenal:

Armor = Vacuum Body Suit (Both) = Health: 100 | Shields: 100 | Armor: 10 | Energy: 100 | Sprint Speed: 1.20

Weapons = Primary (Tick): Komorex | Melee (Hack): Falcor

Special Features = The Reaping (Hack): As more enemies are slain by Hack, his Attack Speed increases by 1% per Kill (Max. 50%) that expires after 20 seconds upon leaving combat. | Mirror Decoy (Tick): When Tick becomes cornered by enemies, she will escape by sending a Mirror Decoy and entering Stealth for 15 seconds.

The Resistance Forces:

Hack & Tick
Syndicates (This can open up to allow Tenno to form their own personal Syndicates that other Tenno can gain Standing with and Earn Offerings.)

The Resistance Quest:


Unlocks Hack & Tick’s Passive Ability which allows them to use Stealth Drones that access & Hack Terminals in Missions.

Unlocks Resistance Technology:

Resistance Trooper: This person is trained to defend specified locations and how to complete patrol sweeps.

Resistance Field Weapon: This item can be dedicated to one of the following; Light Mortar, Light Anti-Infantry Shredder, Light Anti-Air Flak Launcher.

Resistance Sergeant: This person is trained in leading Resistance Troopers and grants those under its command the Fire-Team Upgrade.

Resistance Engineer: This person specializes in repairing, using and maintaining Resistance Tech.

Upgrades the Tenno’s Standing with Hack & Tick to the next Rank.


Bonus Content I've Added to this Post that does not need to be linked to "Cognizance Fractured" Quest-line Content.

These are the following things I've begun to work on in addition to all of Cognizance Fractured Content and other Content Suggestion Posts:

Redesigned Kuva Lich System: I believe this should work similar to a Syndicate Standing except independent for each Converted Lich.

Converted Liches can be customized and upgraded by the Tenno.

Kuva Enhancing: This will be used similar to 'Suggestion for Focus Balancing; Operator Mode Adjustments & Abilities' link, found above, in that the Tenno upgrades aspects of the selected Converted Lich.

In addition, Kuva can be used to Upgrade the Converted Lich's Kuva Arsenal.

Standing: This starts out as Indifferent and changes as the Tenno forges a bond with the Converted Lich, increasing mission rewards through randomized tables.

The Converted Lich will offer all Rewards that it would give to the Tenno if it had been slain as Offerings.

Remove the Reinforcement Timer on the Converted Lich.

Instead, allow the Tenno to issue Orders to their deployed Liches through a revised Tactics Menu similar to Railjack Tactical Menu.

Converted Liches will reinforce the Tenno with their own Forces should the Tenno signal for assistance.

Converted Liches begin to view the Tenno differently as their Standing goes up as well as adding new Dialogue and Choices for the Tenno.

Marked for Death: I personally believe this should be made similar to my Re-designed Kuva Lich System.

These are my opinions:

All Hunters can be converted through a system similar to the Kuva Lich System or they can be defeated as normal.

Converting a Hunter: In order to convert a Hunter, they must complete a series of missions that the Tenno goes from being the hunted to be becoming the hunter.

If converted, they will no longer Hunt the Tenno.

Instead, they will have Offerings that correspond with their Drop Tables.

They can be customized, have Standing Raised with them and eventually have new Dialogue and Choices for the Tenno.

Solar Rails: I believe that Solar Rails can be repurposed to function as Outposts for Clans, Alliances, Factions & Sub-factions to resupply their Railjacks and provide Territory Control to help with the New War.

Solar Rails (as mentioned above) will consume Railjack resources.

Solar Rails (as mentioned above) will be crewed by Allied Faction Forces chosen by Warlords and Founding Warlords whose Clans participated in creating them.

Solar Rails can be deployed to Empyrean Areas which a Warlord or Founding Warlord has fully unlocked all nodes in that specific area, becoming a Solar Rail Outpost.

Once deployed, Solar Rail Outposts must be defended either every week, every twenty-four hours or anywhere in between (Feedback required to decide on a time-schedule.).

Solar Rails will allow all Tenno from the same Clan and Alliance, to deploy one Resource Gathering Drone per Solar Rail in a Solar Rail Outpost without Decaying and with automatic resource generation.

Only one Solar Rail per Clan can be deployed in a Solar Rail Outpost.

Specters: I believe that Specters should be redesigned as follows:

Faction Specters become Faction Operatives while Tenno Specters become Warframe's with Sentience (See my link for Suggestion for Focus Balancing, Operator Mode Adjustments & Abilities).

What I'd like to see for Clans and Alliances:

Clans: Add more Room Space as well as add more Clan related Content and Special Rooms.

Alliances: Allow Alliances to create their own Alliance Headquarters with Space, Energy, Content, Special Rooms, etc.

Factions and Sub-factions: Allow Alliances to forge their own Factions and Sub-factions with other Alliances.

Allow Factions and Sub-factions their own Faction and Sub-faction Headquarters with Space, Energy, Special Rooms, etc.

Factions will increase the Maximum Member Count to twenty-thousand (20,000) Members while Sub-factions can only have five-thousand (5,000) members.

Factions are when Alliances forge pacts with each other while Sub-factions are when Clans form a Sub-faction together without having to leave an Alliance.

This allows five (5) Alliances to combine and to have any number of Sub-Factions.

Sub-factions can only be created between Clans in the same Faction.

Factions are formed to strengthen Alliances while Sub-factions are formed to expand a Clan's association.

Factions and Sub-factions receive the benefit of Solar Rails just like Clan and Alliances.

Note: This can bring massive benefits to how the Current In-game Community Works and to establish a Chain of Command for the New War.

This will also require massive amounts of Resources and Coordination between Clan, Alliance, Faction and Sub-faction Warlords to battle in the New War.

Tenno Versus Tenno:

For this, I would say the following:

If Tenno want to fight each other then have an select button under Options - Game-play to allow Tenno to fight those not of their Clan, Alliance or Faction that also have this option selected.

This is only for Tenno that are not in the same Clan, Alliance or Faction as Dueling Rooms and Obstacle Courses should be allowed to have Tenno train their Members and grant Conclave Standing without having to actually resort to Tenno Versus Tenno Mode.

All Conclave Mods, Rewards, Items, etc. Should be usable for Tenno Versus Environment Mode and vice-versa.

All Tenno Versus Tenno Affinity Points will be similar to Focus Points for Conclave Standing.

This opens up a very large potential for Conclave and Tenno Versus Tenno Mode as well as Tenno Versus Environment Mode.

Conclusion: If Tenno want to fight each other's Railjacks, Archwings, or simply each other, they can do so by selecting Tenno Versus Tenno Game-play Mode under Options.

Note: This is not to detract from either Tenno Versus Tenno or Tenno Versus Environment.

And if this is done outside of Conclave Matches, then Tenno will also have to face hostile NPCs as well as other Tenno.

Orbiter: No longer just a transport!

I believe that the Orbiter being a transport and home for the Tenno can be upgraded because of the New War.

The Orbiter can be deployed into Empyrean Missions.

The Orbiter receives its own Statistics similar to a Railjack just to a lesser extent except, it will have a higher speed, boosted speed and maneuverability than a Railjack.

The Orbiter has one Armament Weapon and one Special Passive that is based on its Selected Landing Craft Type.

The Orbiter is piloted by Ordis when the Tenno leaves it through deploying in Archwing Mode.

The Orbiter receives its own Avionics and Grid System.

Ordis will retreat before the Orbiter would be destroyed.

If there is a Linked Railjack Squad, the Tenno can join the Railjack Squad as a  Tenno Operative (explained below).

If there is a nearby linked Railjack Squad and the Tenno decides to support them, Ordis will redeploy the Orbiter after three-hundred seconds.

This prevents the Tenno from either Mission Failure or Mission Abort.

This will also allow a Railjack Squad to repair their Railjack and return to the mission without Failing the Mission or having to Abort the Mission.

The period for a Railjack to be repaired I think would be around six-hundred seconds.

The Orbiter would have its own Avionics while Ordis will have his own Intrinsic Paths.

Solo Mode becomes Tenno Operative Mode: No longer truly Alone.

With the New War starting, I believe that Tenno that go into Solo Mode should be considered a Tenno Operative that can assist and be assisted by other Tenno Squads during the New War should the Tenno Operative link themself to other Tenno Squads.

Tenno Operatives will receive and grant bonuses to linked Tenno Squads.

Note: If a Tenno Operative is linked to at least one Tenno Squad, they can no longer Pause the mission when they press the Menu Button (escape key).

As for Riven Mods, here are my thoughts:

Riven Mods will have randomized stats.

However, these stats can be exchanged for different stat types at a 1:1 ratio that are selected instead of randomization.

Each of these stats can be upgraded to receive a maximum amount that a Legendary Mod could receive.

The negative stat can be removed.

The polarity can be changed to Universal.

The Riven Arsenal Item Type can be changed to different types that are selected.

Riven Mods that are Dissolved will also grant Riven Slivers.

Riven Mods that are Fused will create an Unveiled Riven Mod that has Stats, Polarity and Arsenal Item Type that are selected instead of Randomized.

All of these changes (Except that Riven Mods that have been Dissolved would cost no Kuva) would cost separate Kuva Costs that increase up to a fully-three-bonus stat Legendary Riven Mod.

This Legendary Riven Mod would cost 24,000,000 Credits to accept as a trade.

It would have a Mastery Rank of 16.

I believe that all Warframes, Weapons, Companions, Archwings, Archwing Weapons, etc. should receive their own Riven Mods.


I believe that Ordis should be given the following:

Ordis Specific Standing and Offerings.

These offerings would be Cephalon Augmetics that would empower the Operator's Warframes.

Cephalon Augmetics are similar to Operator Focus Schools. except that each Cephalon Augmetic Focus can only be unlocked by Mastering a specific Warframe.

Cephalon Augmetics will have its own Drain Pool and its own Resource Pool that would be used to Activate Augmetic Boosts (Passive Cephalon Augmetics do not cost Resources.).

I believe that Helminth should be given the following:

Helminth Specific Standing and Offerings.

These offerings would be Helminth Evolutions that would grant properties from other Mastery Ranked Warframes to Augment the Abilities and Statistics of Helminth Evolving Warframes.

Helminth Evolutions are similar to Operator Focus Schools, except that each Helminth Evolution Focus can only be unlocked by Mastering a specific Warframe.

Helminth Evolutions will have its own Drain Pool and its own Resource Pool that would be used to Activate Evolution Boosts (Passive Helminth Evolutions will not cost Resources.).

Edited by Fordrim
Adding Content and Interlinking Posts.
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I really like this.

This brings together the factions of the universe that Natah was trying to split up and can be a start to get that purpose going.

It also doubles as a kind of starbase.

This has the potential to be it's own contained update like Jovian is.

It's a shame there is no Warframe RPG game so we can play out these ideas for ourselves when the Dev consider this not fitting into their world view/ideas.

Keep up the good work on this.

Maybe you can make this into a rounded out concept with art and assets that might get accepted. 😁💖

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