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Defensive Buffs Make Inactive Frames Vulnerable


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When in operator mode, your inactive frames are normally invulnerable, but receive only 90% DR if they have active abilities. This makes sense for abilities with continuing effects, such as Oberon's Renewal healing allies or Mesa's Shooting Gallery disarming enemies. However, this loss of invulnerability also applies to most defensive abilities that a frame might have active, such as Mesa's Shatter Shield, Ember's Immolation, Trinity's Link, Titania's Razorwing, Saryn's Molt, and Rhino's Iron Skin, as well as to abilities that are irrelevant while inactive like Excalibur's Exalted Blade, Saryn's Toxic Lash, or Nezha's Fire Walker. This results in frames becoming more vulnerable on account of using abilities designed to make them less vulnerable.

This is especially bothersome in any situation where you would want to use your operator to disengage. Ordinarily, you could enter void mode and be immediately safe, but because your frame is now capable of taking damage, you run the risk of it being knocked below 30% HP and forcing you back into it. This can easily result in instant death as you're briefly immobile, already being attacked, and no longer have extra DR.

On top of that, what triggers the invulnerability loss isn't consistent at all. At first I thought it was essentially only looking for whether any of the frame's ability bars are marked with an altered state, but even that doesn't adequately explain it. Titania's Tribute, Khora's Ensnare, Venari, and Strangledome, Nyx's Mind Control, Frost's Snow Globe, Wisp's Reservoirs, Rhino's Iron Skin, and Saryn's Miasma don't trigger vulnerability, and yet Ivara's Quiver does. It seems entirely random what does or doesn't trigger vulnerability, as there are defensive, offensive, and utility abilities represented in both categories.

This is a very poorly conceived mechanic and it needs to be changed. Given that few ability casts accomplish much on their own and channeled abilities continue to cost MP even while the frame is inactive, I don't think punishing their use by stripping invulnerability is even a necessary step. What few cases I can think of where this could be abused aren't even prevented in the current system. Frost and Khora are able to CC large areas while invulnerable, whereas Oberon's Renewal loses him invulnerability and in so doing makes it easier to maintain Renewal indefinitely by way of Hunter's Adrenline. I frankly believe the game would be better if all inactive frames got equal amounts of DR regardless of the situation.

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Forgot to test and report on Saryn's abilities.
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