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Lich/Larvling not spawning


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I really hesitated to make this, but by now there's no way it's not a bug. I've been running saturn+ missions (Solo) for 3 days now trying to spawn a new lich. Every single time I do one of these missions, I get the red haze and flickering lights, as if one is going to spawn, but there's never a transmission. It took me 4 runs to get my first 3 lichs, there's no reason for it to be taking more than 5, much less more than 15. I've tried several mission types, including going off of what others have gotten them to spawn on consistently, and still nothing. I know of someone else who has a similar issue spanning more than 30 runs and getting the same thing that I am. I know they're not 100%, I don't expect it to be, but I also know there's no way it's <10% like my current numbers would suggest. It's rather frustrating when some people are on their 30th+ lich and I can't even manage to get my 4th to spawn.

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