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[Suggestion] Variety for Railjack mining resources


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Just dropping a quick suggestion here:

Before people start complaining that they are forced to do "boring mining" to research Railjack components ( we know that's going to happen right?), how about giving us other options to get these resources like you did with fishing/mining on the Plains and Vallis?

I for one would love to have a fair amount of Copernics (200-300?) as a sure drop on the Exploiter Orb. I really enjoyed that Orb fight, but currently there's just no reason to do it.

As for the Plains, adding Pustrels as Thumper drops would be cool too.

Thanks for listening!

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12 minutes ago, zioxei said:

If only they explained how we would gain resources for the railjack on devstream. /s

You won't have to rely on rng and you will gain resources as you play. How much you get is going to be based on your skill.

I watched the devstream and don't remember that being mentioned. Any information you could share or a timestamp of the video?

I saw them collecting some of the other resources while in mission, but not those two that currently come from mining only ( pustrels and copernics ).

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