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Exodia Contagion Bug w/Melee Update


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Exodia Contagion is a Zaw Arcane that makes your zaw shoot out a projectile in the shape of its strike when you aimglide with your weapon. With the advent of Melee 3.0 phase 2, it still does this... unless you're a client in a mission. If you're a host, it works fine, but if you're a client, you have to press and hold F to go into full melee mode to use the arcane.

Side note: with Polearms, the animation for an attack mid-aimglide used to be your frame doing a spiralling strike that looked really cool, added a nice flair to using Contagion on my Plague Kripath Polearm. Now it's basically just a mid-air horizontal swipe, and it doesn't have the same effect.

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2 hours ago, SmilodonFatalisSapiens said:

if you're a client, you have to press and hold F to go into full melee mode

It's weird, there was another topic about problems with triggering Contagion, but like I mentioned there,
Host or Client, Melee switch or hold F to switch, I've been using it without issue
(at least in that regard, delayed launch and auto-blocking triggers are still terrible).

Stab in the dark, try resetting your Controls to default (and then configure them again as you please),
that fixed Melee-to-exit-Archwing issues for others, maybe a reset will help here, too.

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