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Artemis prime bow model and Empyrean weapons have new damage types


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I noticed a few things in the devstream that I haven’t seen pointed out anywhere so I wanted to point them out but I had trouble with getting images to work so I have given time stamps in the stream that the relevant things are. (If someone could post the images it would be appreciated)


If you look at the gunnery section of the statistics section you will see that there are two new damage types: plasma and ballistic (55:39)

We can also see that there is status chance listed which indicates that there will be new procs as well.

This is a small detail and it was stated that we should not read into numbers but this seems to be a bit more significant and not something that is just a value that is getting tweaked.

What kind of status effects would you like to see with the new damage types?


I also wanted to point out the Artemis bow prime model at 1:36:35

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