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Lich 2020 ideas.


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Expand Lich levels and scaling from a steep 5 lvls, to 10 lvls.

Every 2 levels is territory expansion and wouldn't control more planets.

On requiem failure. You do kill the lich, but in its fury it expends the rest of its energy to try and kill you too. Simply represent that better. Like you bleeding out the kuva and it slamming the oro out of you. Operator out and collect the oro for a free "revive". forcing a unavoidable death just because people don't die enough is so artificial and just feels bad when its completely RNG guessing. They can just have all items stolen for that mission instead.

The lich changes more as it levels up.

At Lich creation. They start out with no damage resistance. Each failure adds a resistance. Every success adds a weakness that wont be overridden.

At lvl 1 Kuva gun.

Gun changes: It always starts at a base 10% bonus attribute. Every duplicate combined will increase it by 10% and add 2 levels to max, completely replacing the forma mechanic and RNG attribute %.

At lvl 3 gains a quirk based on previous encounters with player.

At lvl 5 it gains a Ephemera effect and drops a fragment. X fragments for a complete one. So It takes multiple liches, but is guarantied progress in collecting them all.

At lvl 7 Boosts tax. Can Gain a Hyekka, Drahk, or Carabus partner that is revived by the lich if downed.

At lvl 10, stolen items are doubled on return.

Beyond Vanquishing and Converting. Add Humiliation instead of letting it simply die in 20 seconds.

You drain the lich of its kuva. Breaking the gun and dispelling the ephemera. but gaining your items back and a big chunk of personal kuva. You leave it as a Larvling crawling away in fear.

Humiliated liches can come back if you own a railjack. Maybe in one of the Grineer themed points of interest.

This time, if they are executed yet again, they become the raid version of Lich. Manic Lich? from Tennocon. straight to a stagnate lvl 11? and wanting revenge. New weapons (parts?) for everyone to earn as a harder team effort. Their RNG is both your frame and the setup of the current Railjack effects the warship they control.

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36 minutes ago, Firetempest said:

Every duplicate combined will increase it by 10% and add 2 levels to max, completely replacing the forma mechanic and RNG attribute %.

so instead of 5 forma we would need 6 weapons of the same type ot get it to 40? as you said COMPLETELY replaciong forma where forma wouldnt be an option and only weapons would be. Thats even worse than waht we have now since a single lich takes a few hours to do

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