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Kuva lich fortresses


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Since I’ve seen what’s planned for Railjack, I’ve had a new Idea, since I think I know what the kuva lich system is inspired by.


If all the members of a railjack crew are targeted by kuva liches, maybe they can combine their forces and create a mini-version of the Kuva Fortress. It would only have up to four missions, but each one is an assasination mission headed by a Kuva Lich. Killing the associated lich disables another defense mechanism of the fortress before you go into a final match with the “overlord” of the fortress. After taking down the “overlord” you can choose to either “claim” or “scrap” the fortress. “Claim” it, and your lich can become an “overlord”; “Scrap” it, and the fomorian core will be removed and destroyed (cinematically) and you’ll get a lot of resources, with emphasis on what planet the mini-fortress was attacked near. You also “win” a cutscene where you send a “demotivational” speech to the queens warning how the Tenno will not be so easily “broken”.

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