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Rumblers "Ability in Use" message

(XBOX)Cotton Tail

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There appears to be an issue where attempting to summon rumblers displays the message "Ability in Use" even though no rumblers are present. 

To reproduce (can be done in simulacrum)

Cast Rumblers

Switch to operator and remain in operator mode until the rumblers reach their time limit

Return from operator mode

Any attempt to cast rumblers again results in "Ability in Use" message

This was tested with Atlas Prime

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I don't believe this is just limited to Atlas but can occur with any duration based ability as I've had this happen with multiple frames.  Timers and operators have never played well together - even things like the timer on the zenistar were way and the displayed timer wouldn't tick while in operator (but it would run out).  Don't know if they fixed that as I have used the zenistar  since they ruined it with the removal of punch through on melee.



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