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Glaive Prime explosion bugged?


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This is my first time trying to post a bug or anything in forums for that matter, please critique constructively if possible and/or guide me to a more proper way to do this if there is one:

While trying out the Glaive Prime after the most recent melee changes in old blood I felt something was off with how the explosion felt, damage wise. This is my favorite part of this weapon, so I went to simulacrum and started testing out some builds and I discovered that the explosion portion of the throw is weird in several ways: 

- Explosion no longer seems to gain damage from Condition Overload. I tested this by only equipping that mod on the weapon, and applying around 5 status procs with my Gaze Kitgun (rad, gas, mag, punc, etc.. NOT corrosive or heat to not compromise damage values). I then compared with Primed Pressure Point since as I understand from patch notes, they now stack the same way now (2 stats on enemy = better than Primed Pressure Point). I did in fact experience a damage increase this time, as expected. 

- In a similar fashion, it also cannot gain benefit from Healing Return (heals per status type on target). Again, tested by applying around 5 different status procs. It seems Glaive Prime explosion cannot distinguish if an enemy has a status effect or not, from this, 

- This also led me to test Life Strike for healing, and this does work. It seems Glaive Prime explosion is working as a heavy attack as intended. 

- As such, I tested out the new itteration of Killing Blow. This also increases explosion damage as expected. 

- On the topic of heavy attacks, Dual Wielding the Glaive and performing a heavy attack with it does not appear to gain benefit from Heavy Attack Windup Speed (Amalgam Organ Shatter, Killing Blow, Swift Momentum aura). Instead, the windup WHILE DUAL WIELDING ONLY, scales with attack speed for some reason. More attack speed, faster dual wield windup. Feels nice I guess, but a bit strange. Note that this is NOT the case when locking into melee mode, as heavy attacking with bonus heavy attack windup here does in fact work faster.

- The explosion CANNOT crit under any circumstance. I tested by adding as much crit as was feasible to the weapon (initial combo, Blood Rush, Sac Steel after Heavy attack change, etc) I ALSO tested by taking smeeta kavat and Charm ability and waiting patiently for the critical chance buff, which is supposed to put my critical chance at a flat 200% regardless of any circumstance, allowing for orange crits. No orange numbers from Glaive, nor a noticeable damage increase from crit mods, just in case it was merely a visual bug. 

 So far, it seems explosion only gains damage from Combo Counter, elemental damage, and Melee Damage mods (except Condition Overload). I'm sure there's a bunch more interactions to test but i havent had the time to comb through all melee mods and scenarios.

I'd like anyone to give me opinions on which parts of this are features or bugs, and suggestions on more testing to be done. If anyone can get a dev on this and tell me what the heck is going on and what is intended, even better. Thanks in advance

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Thanks for doing these tests and posting your results. There's definitely a bunch of bugs and these are some major ones.

In my tests I didn't get an increase in slash ticks even with regular throw from Condition Overload. Did you see a damage increase from Condition Overload on the basic throw?

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I am not sure the hit itself from the throw, no explosion, is getting a damage increase either. HOWEVER, it CAN crit, for some reason. I havent done full testing on the throw hit but some of the stuff is wonky. I will be trying to do some testing with other throwing weapons when i can craft them tomorrow, but the only other one i own is Wolf Sledge and it seems to be suffering from the same issues at least with crit and Overload. The throw from wolf sledge seems to be behaving the same way as glaive, so its not just glaive itself or glaive type weapons. Tomorrow for sure I will have more details on this.

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I noticed during some testing tonight that Power Throw does literally nothing. I tried throwing a Glaives Prime at a paused level 1 Shield Lancer and they bounce right off. Tests against Eximus bubbles were hard to pull off but I'll give it another try tomorrow.

EDIT: Glaive Prime's guaranteed slash procs from regular throws don't scale with critical mods either.

EDIT 2: It's impossible to throw a glaive while in the air unless you're dual-wielding. Even if you aim up you'll perform a heavy slam attack.

EDIT 3: It's a minor inconvenience but the dual wield bonus damage throw timing scales with attack speed and gives no visual indication of whether it was successfully timed. This makes it quite difficult to use consistently and doesn't feel fun.

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