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Odonata's Energy Shell with Volt's Electric Shield?



I noticed while shooting down level 50-60 drop ships in PoE, that Odonata's Energy Shell adds a considerable amount of damage! Wiki says it adds 50% Heat and +200% critical damage. So I was curious if/how this works/stacks with Volt's Electric Shield.

I noticed that Volt can pick up his shield and board the Archwing while holding it (apparently a very old bug/feature noted by players years ago). When switching back to his primary, the Shield is released and floats in the air wherever Volt switched to primary (though he can't pick the shield up again). Now Volt's shield adds +50% electricity and +200% critical damage. What happens when I shoot through Energy Shell and Electric Shield together?

Since Itzal is no longer overwhelmingly advantageous (it's still the fastest afterburner Archwing), I am wondering if I can make good use of Odonata for Eidolons. If I solo Eidolons, I could bring Oberon or Trinity and then use Odonata's Energy Shell as a makeshift Electric Shield while being able to heal the lures.

Frankly, I'm surprised I never noticed this with Odonata before! I'm glad I farmed Odonata Prime back when Volt/Loki were unvaulted... it sat there unused for months.


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