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Mr 19 test detection bug

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Long story short npc vision is far higher than it should be, hostiles can spot you from across the map even when your on the spawn platform.

This test is doable but entirely dependent on luck. Things like glaves/gunblades and warframe passives help however its really down to weather or not any npc outside of enemy radar range (with mod maximization) turns and spots you when they are effectively just a few pixels across.


I have done this mr test and cleared it in the past, back then it was a challenge but very much doable with a little prep and practice. Hostiles had good vision but would not spot you across the map and through platforms. For the record i cleared it with ivara and the dark Ratka dagger.

Attempting this now it feels like a completely different test. One in which your required to use a ranged melee weapon to even have the chance of beating it. And thats all you get, a chance its luck if your redeemer pellets hit their mark, its luck if they kill your target and its luck if your target decides to investigate what just shot him.

Everywhere I've looked reguarding this test several people indicate its overtly bugged. Almost everyone else admit the spotting is far greater than is reasonable.

Please DE take a look at the MR 19 test on all platforms and see for yourself. I know its not a critical issue but it is obviously not working as intended.

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