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Consumables should not cost resources


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Couple of reasons why:

1. If you are low on certain resource and you need it, you will be reluctant to use it. That could cause many mission failiures, conseqeuntly resulting into more resources lost from rewards.

2. Many people may just be greedy, causing some kind of greefing problem of: "you craft things I need that stuff!"

3. Even if you use them but fail the mission then it is dead investment again causing people to be reluctant to use consumables in harder missions. Especially in public matchmaking where it can be expected that you are going to fail more often.

4. Once you are packed you may do the opposite, just craft so many of those that missions will become an easy ride getting rid of any challenge.

Why would DE want us to use resources?

Maybe create some form of investment or make a use of otherwise useless resources. That could make sense BUT sense of investment only makes sense for coordinated groups using voice coms where you have certain guaranteed degree of success. If would DE like to make us use resources so we do not get farmed so quickly, why not just decrease the drop rate?

So how to keep consumables limited and make player skill count?

Very easy, set a hard cap on how much you can use per mission. Lets say you get 20 charges of creation material per mission, each missile costs 4 material to craft, repair kit 2 and so on. This way you have limited amount of resources you can use for different purposes without any need to hold on them(little bit like Dark Souls health poitions).

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16 minutes ago, BroccoliSouPcz said:

set a hard cap on how much you can use per mission.

If you invest yourself into the game for long enough you'll reach a point where all these consumable costs become meaningless due to the stockpiles you have. Which means there is no cap, no limitation to your use of them, nor any real consequences if you fail the mission.

This suggestion, on the other hand, does provide a limitation to consumables. And that will affect new players and veterans alike.

Small disclaimer, however. I'm against resource stockpiling, and I think they're the cause of many huge issues within the game. What I said above merely aimed to clarify how I believe that such a suggestion could seem good for a particular section of players for a limited time, but would still become a problem later down the line (and thus not a real solution to the problem), affecting everyone then.

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If the devstream is anything to go by then the missions themselves flood you with the resources. If we just get more or less endless of it then I dont see a huge issue there, if that changes and it becomes really scarce then that's gonna be a problem for sure. Especially with the resources being needed for both dojo research and fighting.

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Please, OP!
Squad Health/Energy/Ammo restores are the only way I have to burn off Nano Spores!
There are Actual Millions of them.
I'm burning em' as fast as I can, but there are so few cases I need to use many consumables.
I'm snowed in with left over resources.
That said, they don't cost enough to ever dig me out of that mountain, so either way is fine.

There's a ton of grind in this game..
and some days you just don't have it in you to be on point before a deadline.
..or you've foolishly just forma'd your gear for the hundredth time,
and really can't get behind every minute of it.

Perhaps you are in a public that's struggling hard, and consumables are the only
thing that's going to keep them from rage quitting on something they underestimated.

Realistically, the only people using 30 of these things per mission are likely
the people most in need to blow off some steam and just win this time.

Much like we don't like to spoil things for each other in the story,
It's rare that I see enough of those things used to really warrant a second thought.
I get that the sentiment of being able to cheese your way through takes away from the experience.
Maybe things get super balanced over the next 4 years in game..
Like, if everyone's kit plays exceptionally well with random content, we'll see less use of them.

Currently, I see it so much less than in previous years for that reason:
Our kits are being reworked to fit better across the whole game,
and we're not needing craft-able bandaids so much.

Best way to get rid of consumables, is be sure everyone's kit is sufficient.
In the meantime, there's a box of bandages in case they goofed up the enemy scaling in a timed alert.

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That is my point, either you waste something precious or you just burn through them because why not.This reduces the challenge and fun(for me). I am glad you brought health/ammo/energy pads because that is an excellent example of how these things make the gameplay trivial (getting rid of all the hp/energy/ammo management layer).

To summarize though, I am just afraid that people unexperienced/unwilling to use resources may ruin public experience from railjack(basically the rpg mentality-I need to save that poition for later) and that mass consumable spam may render difficulty nonexistent. I am not trying to complain about the amount of resources we have to use or that we have to use them. 

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30 minutes ago, DrivaMain said:

draws from your own inventory.

I cannot imagine they wouldn't do this.

Could leave a box for public use, and confirm-to-permit secondary cache of emergency only.
Like "Break glass in case.." but you are the only one that can open it.

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