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Extractor Rework Plan


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Ok it been long years for the extractor to get a rework because people don't actually use it no more for they just easy farm them online now on these days and I haven't even use the mobile app for warframe to farm for the truth because they aren't that useful that much people and also they don't get the materials you need like story line quest (railjack) or any other resources like oxy crystal minerals, then those PoE materials there or Fortuna's materials there as well for this is my request for the Extractor get really massive rework for the truth because they aren't doing much action it use to be, so skipping small stuff I would of fill in but it is better to go straight to the plans to start with.

  • The idea is using these extractors for your railjack ship and also deploy more because they what their job is which you can leave it alone once it is farming all the matter of materials need for your railjack, and you can come back for it later for it sort of the old one except for it can alert you that the enemies is attacking it which depending level the area for they could easily get destroyed for their will be missions either defend or you want go as excavation mode so you can farm by it.

- So what happen your not on your PC and needed someone help defend your Extractor?  Simple you could have your dojo help or higher random players to help then again what couldn't even much better then your dojo clan buddies is the kuva liches you have buddy with or you can use tenno clone troopers which bringing back the railjack's proper systems so that the Extractor be help but cost should cost less materials for clone tenno are weaker if you use lower stars.

- How do you assign kuva liches for mission work pretty much once you send out your extractor out in space for there should be command system tablet in your cargo area in your railjack so it be easy and there will be a command system pad/tablet in your orbiter ship (so it less stress on the dev) so you can use the bp of clone tenno/frames or kuva lich to command them defend the post which you can do this on your mobile phone app so they can defend it much they could and returning it once the job is done, but you can order repeat farming either on your mobile app phone or on your computer but be warn your Extractor will have health and your tenno/frame clone or kuva lich can be defeated as it can cancel the repeat order.

- So how this work of the difficult level is depending which space part of the town your in for example earth it be easy which your kuva lich and your clone warframe will have easy picnic in the park but gather less resources but more harder the area the more materials you gathered but beware of need check your level of your kuva lich is in for example you can train your kuva lich but takes times off of using him/her which either pay to speed up to get training to be done or either have it fight in space for in somewhat time like how you grind your warframe's rank (not mastery ranks) for there is a max depending on your mastery rank (for example your kuva lvl 50 and your mastery rank 6 for requires rank up more so your kuva lich have upper hand in it's level) so don't say "but I thought if we made our kuva to reach lvl 5 they should be powerful already full max level" no not really and it is not forsaken which it does help your kuva become like epic boss (not in legendary) once you tame I mean friendship your kuva for they will level up on their own for the kuva lich you kind of suppress or something to help it to be free of limitation controls for your to command, the tenno clone warframe will not matter because they are base on level on stars which they are your balance go for goal which 5 star tenno clone will actually be already full level but it can die in combat as you cannot retrieve it at all no more.  For Kuva Lich you can retrieve it any time but they do get knock out to say in some what killed in action but in a way that kuva lich need healing time for it takes 4-8 hours for it fully healed because you kind of  change the healing resort (as in upgrading) but there is faster solutions by feeding it kuva to make it faster healing it's time for it takes 5k of kuva to reduce the time to be 3-7 hours and when it take it again upgrading the kuva lich for it will be 10k kuva per each for max is 5 time upgrading the kuva lich for result healing faster.

- Upgrading kuva lich time period upgrading 1st -1hr which 3-7 hours, 2nd -1hr which 2-6 hours, 3rd -1hr which 1-5 hours, 4th -1hr which 1-4 hours, 5th -1hr 0-4 hours.

-  As to be your your excavator will be in uses more for the future as you rely your tenno friends, team, the NPC and the forces you hold for farming be more fun,


- right if you wanted note or alert your tenno friends that when you get a alert your excavator is being attack which you can send messages to your allies or making it public and sorry I said you have to pay players which digital lotus been paying us the entire time from all that work which the players do get rewards defending it by getting some the resources (not your resources) but it should be plenty as payment and credits.  Note you can still send it on your orbiter the excavator once you got the railjack so you can send it into space instead default mining regular resources.

That is all in idea solutions of the rework of Excavation drone.

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