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Dojo Research Questions


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I wasn't sure where to put this topic, so I posted it here.

So my dojo is a bit cumbersome (quite frankly, I built it on a spur and just built as I went with no planning whatsoever), and I wanted to redesign it, but before I do, I wanted to clarify a few things before I go tearing stuff down.

     1) If I deconstruct all of my labs (Orokin and Dry Dock included), do I keep all of my research? Or does it get reset?

A) Additionally, what happens to research that is either in progress, or have items already contributed to them (e.g. I have Devar Grey Pigments in progress, but only 1050/1200 contributed)? Should I just finish them and let them complete first before I deconstruct, or will it be able to carry over when I rebuild the lab? Do they still progress despite the lab being absent, or do they resume when it is rebuilt?

B) With the Dry Dock, I'm in the middle of building the Railjack, but if I deconstruct the room before its done, will I have to start over? Or will the research and the repaired pieces I've already done still carry over when I rebuild the room? (Ya, I know, but I really don't want to assume anything and have to go through all of that again, in the case I could be wrong.)

           2) I read there is a 100-room limit and just wanted to clarify this cap. Are there similar limits on energy and capacity as well? Or just the rooms?

A) Is there a "room counter" somewhere in the dojo to see how many rooms I already have?

B) Also, is there a room limit on certain rooms, such as gardens, Temples of Honor, Dueling Rooms, Barracks, etc.?

           3) Is there a "1 per hall" limit on the dojo? E.g. Do we only get 1 Starter, 1 Great, 1 Greater, 1 Grand, and 1 Grandest (or whatever the halls are named)?

A) I know there are requirements to build certain things, which is why I'm having to do a complete rebuild, but I was wondering if there was possibly a way around all of this? Or is this just going to have to be necessary?

Sorry, I know its a lot of questions but I want to be positive before moving forward in my rebuild. I really don't want to tear stuff down if I have to start all the research and stuff over. If I could get some official answers on these, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, any other relevant information pertaining to this topic would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone for your assistance!

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