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Kuva Lich Converter POV


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So I have been grinding the Kuva Lich update for roughly one and a half week now, and I would like to share my experience.

To start off, I think this is a very good update and really enjoy it, but there is one thing in particular that I have a hard time dealing with. To cut to the chase, here is a screenshot of mine q7qkhu
(raw link: https://prnt.sc/q7qkhu)

I have converted every single Lich that crossed paths with me and in my opinion there is basically no reward whatsoever. The spawn chance of the Liches is extremely low, I have Shadow Stalker joining me 5 times more often than Liches do, and Liches are even weaker than foundry-crafted Spectres. Although honestly I am not concerned about whether or not Kuva Liches join my game, but it is definitely something worth mentioning.
The biggest change I would like to see is weaponry being made available for Tenno who decide to convert Liches. I do not comprehend why rewards are being held from us for granting mercy. I know for a fact that there are many players like me who do not wish to kill them but given the outcome of the two options, players are much more encouraged to kill.

If the design was intended to be more in favor of killing Liches then maybe it is an option to reward conversions with mere blueprints that the Lich 'shares' with us. And if the many different variants of the weapon does not allow it, another option could be 'borrowing' the weapon, making the Lich unavailable for mission deployment as result, though these are just suggestions.

And one last thing I would like to see is a proper notification when you finish the Lich. Once you return to your orbiter, you are left with the feeling of: "is that it?", because literally nothing happens. Maybe Ordis could give us a message.

Thanks for reading my feedback!

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Im hoping they let us use our liches as crew members once the railjack solo experience releases, it'd make converting them make a lot more sense. Plus maybe they can have them help us out in their own fighter/crewed ship during missions like they do now if we dont have them already onboard. that's probably a lot of work so if it's not something they have in mind for release i'd love to have it eventually.

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