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Room is on Lockdown and there's no hackable consoles to be able to proceed with mission.


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While hunting a Kuva Lich, two other players and I ended up in the same room as it went into lockdown mode. We finished off the Kuva Lich only to find that all four doors in this room were locked and there were no consoles nearby that we could hack to open the doors. Fortunately, I had some Air Support charges and was able to have Ordis open the door for us, but if this happens to someone else who isn't so lucky, they would have had to abort the mission and probably lost all progress for whatever they were doing.

The mission was Telesto, Saturn and the screenshot shows the tile that we were in on my map. (I was unable to instert image directly into this post.)
It's the room with an upper and lower level commonly found in this tileset.


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