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Saving boosters


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Hello everyone. I don't have much experience on this platform, so sorry if there's already something like this.

Since I have first hand discomfort from this issue, I might seem a little biased, but I hope what I suggest is desirable for most of the player base.





1. Players not being able to use the boosters.

2. Players having to focus on the booster whether they are comfortable or not in order to take advantage of them. 



1. Letting the players choose when to activate the boosters. 

2. Letting the player choose to activate the booster for a specific amount of time, then putting it on a cooldown.


So, I was just starting Warframe before bed so I could exchange stuff with a certain syndicate (spoiler so I didn't mention) and then go to sleep. But I got a 9 hour booster, perfect for me to waste in my sleep. This is maybe the 3rd time it happened. I didn't make use of them, since I consider my health and routine to be more important than the game. I understand that this is how any player should treat the game, or usually any game for that matter.

But I also don't feel like there should be a situation where the player is encouraged to compromise their comfort in order to not miss out on the game. The player should be able choose the time of their play and not miss out on anything they don't have to. I understand that it can't be helped in case of things like events, and yes, the player should get more progress the more they play, but they should generally be able to choose when to play without any penalty.

Letting the player choose when to "activate" the booster would help a lot in this case. This way the player can save them up to use them when they have time. I don't see any negative effects to this change for now, but if there are, I would surely like to hear them.

Another thing which I thing might help is to let the player choose to activate the booster for a certain amount of time, then set it on a cooldown. For example, they might choose to use the booster for 2 hours, after which they can't use the booster again for 2 hours. This way they wouldn'tbe encouraged to play over their usual time. I'm pretty sure there are people who want to milk their boosters as much as they can, so having this option would make it more comfortable and filling for them.

Thank you for reading this, I hope I was able to deliver my thoughts without any misunderstanding.

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