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I spent a metric ton of peace offerings on the enemy syndicates



why did I spend 3 hours offline to return from rank 0 enemy syndicates to rank -2?

I logged off at approximately midnight, and returned at 03:00 to a completely hostile enemy block of syndicates.

I was having a tumultuous night with my friends, and then, I dunno why they turned hostile.

t. Centre of the Tao Te Ching 

They're asking for an orokin catalyst and 100K credits just to be less hostile.

standard mission hostility against lotus missions was 1000 hostility points before.

they're randomly putting 20K hostility points on me for fighting the infested.

the Syndicate union doesn't exist currently, due to the unprovoked hostilities.

>all hostile syndicates were formerly rank 0 on the hostility/allied scale.

Let it be known that they're opposing the Tao te Ching dojo, and Lotus syndicate.

t. Vide Comoditeur, hunted to death by New Loka and Red Veil.


PS. we will treat you the way we treat the stalker syndicate you parleyed

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Why would you even bother trying to keep all 6 syndicates happy?

The system is designed to have 1 main syndicate, one secondary syndicate, 2 enemy syndicates.

Some possible lign-ups are:

red veil and new loka

steel meridian and cephalon suda

new loka and arbiters of hexis

perrin sequence and arbiters of hexis


In the end how this system i've been using works is as follows:

  1. Max out red veil standing
  2. Max out steel meridian standing, but ONLY trough red-veil sigils and missions
  3. Get new loka standing till steel meridian is at a low (note that dropping a rank that is positive wont cost you anything afaik)
  4. Grind red veil standing till steel meridian is maxed again
  5. Goto step 3 and repeat
  6. Wow i've passively maxed perrin sequence. (i got 50% of new loka standing on perrin sequence and it isn't affected by red veil standing)


The faction syndicate system isn't meant to support people being friends with all 6, being friends with 4 of them however is fairly easy.

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