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More and different Arbitration mission.


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I like overall arbitration idea, but sometime's it's "lure" just doesn't work.

Where strength increase is quite popular stats on many warframe builds, sometimes it's just don't needed.


So how about:

Add 4 Arbitration at the same time on rotation

Every Arbitration would cycle not only 4 different warframes to pick from, but 4 different stat boost from each warframe.

Once one of arbitration mission will be completed - all will be put on usual cooldown. 

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I don't want there to be 4 different arbitrations up because that means a lot participation in any given one. 

But I fully agree that there needs to be more stats than just power strength. I was getting ready to post it myself when I saw yours. Lol

The mission with random equipment selection should stay the same, but the stat buff should be random as well instead of just strength.

For example, I saw a Loki one yesterday for +300% ability strength. That is meaningless for him lol. Now, if it randomly picked that stat it's just tough luck, but as is it's just useless to pick him for the buff at all. Having it potentially randomly pick between range, duration, or strength could really diversify gameplay in these missions.

(Personally, I hate Loki and wouldn't notice if they've deleted him from the game so his was just an example)

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37 minutes ago, DarthIronclad said:

Tbh I will rather have that bonus give survivibility instead of a power strength bonus, like an increase to health, shields and armor or a DR

Well, some times it is. Like for Chroma or Rhino.

Sometimes survivability strongly related to other stats.

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