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Chroma Rework


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Spectral Scream: Change to work similar to Ivara's 1. Tapping rotates through all 4 elements and holding launches a elemental blast that explodes on impact with 100% status chance. Scales off of rifle mods and vex armor

Heat: Reduces the armor of enemies caught in the blast by 50% 

Cold: Instantly freezes enemies caught in the blast

Toxin: Leaves a lingering toxic cloud

Electric: Similar to volt 4 or amprex, where the electricity will arc outwards and chain to enemies, stunning and damaging them 

Gives more utility to this ability and gives a reason to use it. 

Elemental Ward: Stays the same with some minor changes, aoe effects are the same. Works similar to wisp's mote where all allies have to do is walk into range of the buff to receive it for a certain duration and will have to walk to chroma again to refresh it. Also re-castable. 

Heat: Stays the same, increases hp (increase the value/amount of hp)

Cold: Stays the same, gives armor (increase the value/amount of armor)

Toxin: Still increases reload speed and holster speed. Also Increases fire rate (fire rate buff is static and does not increase based off strength, etc. felt that might've been a little too much) and also gives a primed/charged chamber effect

Electric: Still gives shield but will now also give bonus shield regen and shield gates or damage that goes through shields are reduced

This ability is relatively fine, and hopefully a change similar to this will help push toxin and electricity to be used. 

Vex Armor: Turns into a flat value that cannot increase with power strength. Stacks both buffs at the same time regardless of its health or shield being damaged. Buff spread works the same way as it does now with allies having to be within a certain range of chroma to receive the buff and will lose the buff upon exiting

Damage to buff conversion scales off power strength

Scorn: Flat value of 1100%-1200% (number susceptible to change)

Fury: Flat value of 900-950% (number susceptible to change, maybe lowered)

The values I used as an example are with a using a 348% power strength chroma as a basis. As stated these numbers would have to be susceptible to change for balancing's sake. With the changes to toxin, I'd actually like to lower Fury's value more to further push toxin as the go to element for eidolons since pretty much no other enemies can stand up to even 800-900% vex armor and only in eidolons do you need that much damage. Both buffs stacking at the same time will be better for chroma in general and it won't botch the changes to electric i suggested. Making these buffs flat values allows you to build chroma differently rather than to just min max strength and duration. Maybe now you'll be able to opt into range for more team support.

Effigy: (I'll just get my personal bias out of the way and just say that this is probably one of my most hated abilities, this along with radial javelin.)

Tap: Same as it does now except that effigy will act similar to that of wukong's celestial twin. Also has it's own elemental ward and vex armor effect with the same aoe properties as stated above. Doesn't lower Chroma's armor. Can press X to make it stationary, similar to interacting with syndicate allies. Health base or duration base. 

Hold: Channel effigy's power through chroma to gain wings and increase the effects of elemental ward and vex armor and increases/doubles their range. Duration base or drain ability. 

There are 3 ways to go about this: You could make it similar to that of titanias flight or hildryn's hover. But I think it would be better to just give chroma triple jump with increased speed, distance, and you'll also gain increased duration and full control of aim glide. Also Bullet jumping and landing creates an elemental 'burst' (something akin to heavy impact)

This change is a best of both worlds deal for those who don't like effigy and those who do with each also offering their own benefits. The tap allows you to divide and conquer and spread out your damage more, while the hold one gives more mobility and an increase in damage to make up for not being able to cover as much space. 

As for chroma's passive... I have no clue. One thought was because some people believe that the pelt he wears is that of a sentient was to make his passive a weaker version of adaptation or maybe an adaptation to only elemental damage. Another thought was maybe being damaged by elemental attacks refunds some energy. But both of those seem kinda way too strong and the adaptation might mess with his vex armor so idk. 
Let me know what you guys think

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You have some interesting ideas. If I were to improve his abilities, here is what I would do;

1st ability:

·       Increase the range from 10m to 15m.

·       Make it do continuous damage (like beam weapons) instead of damage a second.

·       By holding the fire button, you will increase its range, damage and cone spread.

·       Increase range when adding range mod to be more noticeable.

·       Chroma has a new glide animation

·       When gliding, he will temporarily sprout wings, if you stop moving you will stay in the air for 3 seconds.


2nd ability:

·       Whatever element chroma has equipped (toxin) it will increase block angle to 90 degrees on melee weapons and Increases status chance on weapons by 30%.


3rd ability:

·       It now effects 2nd ability.


4th ability:

·       Pressing the ability will make it stay in one spot while holding the ability will make it move around on its own. While moving around the damage is increased but it won`t do any cc attacks.



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