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Player stuck if downed Thrall is behind a Rampart


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Requirements: Grineer Tileset with ramparts (those gun things which you can use), On a planet with influenced by your Lich.

What happened: I downed a thrall behind a rampart but got stuck(no controls, no chat) after I went over to mercy kill the thrall. What happened I guess was since the button for the interaction for the mercy killing and interaction for the rampart is the same, both occurred at the same time after I pressed the button so the animation for mercy killing is on going while I was transferred into the rampart view.

Repro steps:

1. Go to a grineer tileset where there is a rampart and have a downed thrall behind it (make sure that the interaction for the downed thrall is close to the interaction for the rampart)

2. When player pressed the button to mercy kill the downed thrall, while the animation is going the player will also automatically enter the rampart view (but you cant even shoot using the rampart)

3. In this state its completely stuck. You cant do anything else. You cant move, exit rampart, shoot using the rampart, transform to operator, type in chat (chat wont open, so cant do /unstuck). The only thing that could fix this is for the enemy to kill you.

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