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Status is not proccing on melee weapons


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Running a 193% Power STR Umbra with Chromatic Blade, and it seems that a good chunk of my attacks are not proccing any status (sometimes they just dont proc at all for 5 to 10 attacks). 

I thought it was a visual bug so I decided to test with Healing return in some lich missions - no healing.

I tried testing in Simulacrum and status for the most part is working a lot better than during missions but occasionally some of the attacks still won't proc status (reminder that I am running chromatic blade).

I thought it was a problem with just Excal but got curious with other weapons. 100% status orthos prime is also not proccing status from time to time. 

I haven't played in a while due to school but I am not sure if this is a new bug due to melee 3.0 or if it has been a thing for a while. 

All of this was done solo (not sure if it matters but might as well provide some more info)

Will return with screenshots later but atm I am studying for finals.

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