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コンクレーブの近接武器 改善点 要望


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Using Google translate, sounds about like:


Problems introduced with melee 3.0:

  • More range/bigger hitboxes on melee weapons
  • It has become very easy to kill with melee because of how much stronger they have gotten
  • Animation cancel after slamming
  • [not sure entirely] It has impacted what weapons can be brought to fight people who bring these 

PvP is less fun now because of these.



  • Range and/or power reduction
  • Blocking needs to be looked at [assuming block percentage]
  • Telos Boltace:
    • Big range
    • Ragdoll
    • Powerful
    • => reduce or eliminate the ragdoll, and the damage and range of special effects like that. Or add cooldowns.
  • Weapons with special effects/automatic tracking [assuming Wolf Sledge is meant here]:
    • Reduce range/damage
    • Decrease distance when thrown
    • Reduce/Remove the auto tracking



Google Translate original:

In melee3.0, the hit judgment has expanded greatly, and it has become possible to take a kill easily due to its increased power.

In addition, by pinching the rolling after a melee attack, you can cancel the stiff state, so there is no gap and it is difficult to defeat with a shooting weapon.

And in order to win such players, and other players do not use shooting weapons, but are starting to use weapons that can easily be killed as long as they approach a powerful opponent with a wide range.

I want you to improve the current situation that has narrowed the pleasure of PVP.


I also write the parts that I personally want to improve, as well as suggestions for improving weapons that are considered specific problems. Specific numbers cannot be exported because they do not understand the warframe formula.


All melee weapons

Range reduction and / or power reduction. Disables speed reduction and rolling attack cancellation.

Attenuation of blocking performance.



Currently, this weapon is so broad that it has an extraordinary range, is very powerful, and can stop your opponent.

Reduces or eliminates the range of pulling and blowing and the range of damage of special effects that are problematic for this weapon. Or draw and blow special effects, not slow, and reduce or eliminate damage.

Increase the cool time of special attacks, or make it impossible to reuse until defeated.


Weapons with special effects for long-range attacks and weapons with automatic tracking function.

At present, there are many weapons that can be used for long-distance attacks. There are weapons that have a wider hit detection than shooting weapons, are powerful, and have an automatic tracking function.

The improvements to these weapons for long-range attacks include a reduction in range and / or power reduction during long-range attacks.

Decrease the distance during long range attacks.

For automatic tracking, the tracking function is attenuated or eliminated.


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