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Hello Tenno,

I am looking for people that are interested in competition within warframe. I own a warframe discord server that focuses on speedruns, endurance runs, eidolon/orb mother fight time trials, serious fashion framers and captura artists, conclave, among other competitive content thats in warframe or can be viewed or made as such into something competitive. We also plan for multi-platform clan and alliance competitions in the distant future and are on the lookout for clan and alliance leaders that would be willing to participate and/or help support this endeavor. We have a few already that are willing. We're a multiplatform Endgame server that's kind of new but growing! If you consider yourself to be very knowledgeable of warframe or think you are a good player thats interested in leaderboards or competition this server is for you! I plan to try my best to make this server non-toxic as i know alot of elite players will be here. As for newer players or casual players this server will be a great warframe discord to chat in even if you're not so interested in these things in warframe but still would like to join to chat with fellow tenno! 

If anyone from any platform would love to join heres a link to the server: 


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