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Dojo Decorations and Rooms


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To whomever reads this,

First, thank you for the hard work and dedication you give.

My question is this: with the addition of Dry Dock and the dojo rooms all being linked in one way or another, with dojo room decorations, and more is there any talk of or plan to streamline the building of a dojo? Maybe a way to shift rooms without having to delete them? or something along those lines? Also, is there any talk of making decoration placement easier so that we can decorate dojo rooms easier?

If there isn't a plan or talk of doing this, is it an issue of too many irons in the fire to deal with it? Is there any chance of something like that taking place? I would very much like to rearrange some rooms but I am debating on if it is worth putting in the time or energy to do so.

Also, apologies if this isn't your realm. If possible could you pass this on to someone who might be able to provide information? While it is something of a small bone to pick, I am far more curious than annoyed with it.

Thanks in advance!

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This would be nice to see, especially since decorations need time to build and there's no way to rush them. With personal decorations this isn't much of a problem, but for dojo specific ones it would be a great to simply allow us to move them between rooms.

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This needs to be reposted a million times until DE gives it a good honest look: Dojo Renovation UI

The Dojo really needs a UI like this to be able to rearrange/reconstruct the dojo. The current system is an absolute nightmare. Especially now that Railjack is here and in some Dojos, fitting the Dry Dock in a reasonable way is next to impossible.

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I am hoping that before New War they take some time to improve old systems that are already here. I love the game and (despite many complaints and issues) I think Empyrean will be cool but the fact that core mechanics and elementary items still have issues is upsetting. 

I REALLY wanna decorate my dojo but then if we have to rearrange rooms and stuff it would be a hassle

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(Image shows a ton of rooms that cant be deleted unless I delete other rooms that I've spent hours on)

Hello All,
I'm coming here to post about a common annoyance to most if not all dojo artisans/architects; the inability to delete the Clan Great Hall, Clan Greater Hall, Clan Grand Hall, and the Clan Grandest Hall. Due to prerequisites and things. Now before  you go woah this cant be done because….. hear me out. What most of us loose when he have to move around rooms are hours  of hard work of decoration placement. And if you started your own clan like me when you were new and fresh to the game you might have made some dumb layout choices Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C you get the picture. Now I have spent countless hours on decoration placements and design so I dotnt want to deconstruct my whole dojo to remove and replace and redecorate rooms. So what I’m suggesting is a way for the warlord to be able to go into a master architect mode and be able to rearrange the rooms that way DE's rules of hall hierarchy stay in place but we can move the rooms we want to forget rid of to a dead end for deletion. This issue is growing mor common as the dry dock takes up a lot of space. I think this feature would save DE a lot of work on the rooms collision and Tenno from having to build endless pointless halls they could rotate, rearrange, and even change what level the rooms are on for ultimate dojo ease and control. No progress lost. I’ve had my dojo since the second or third month on xbox I don’t want to deconstruct all those memories for new ideas and game requirements also don’t want I bunch of pointless Hallways which I have now. Also a good thing would be able to allow certain members to decorate certain rooms, set by the access panel in each room so that way if you want to create member gardens you arent trusting someone to not destroy everything else out of meanness yea it shouldn’t happen in a clan and blah blah,  only give those you trust ect but that is limiting and not realistic and yes video game but come on so much customization, also if you’re a clan who wants certain member to have their own room in the clan they get to decorate it as they like.

Thank you for reading
Kiri Neko 
Dread Wolfs Deceit- Clan 
Warframe Syndicate -Alliance 


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One of dozens and dozens of threads about the dojo editor being due for an update.
There's not a single chance they're not aware of this.

We're all hoping it can be done.
I'm personally looking down the barrel of about 100+ hours of dojo renovation,
to just get it down to a cluster of halls I have regretted since 2014-15.

I'll assume the best, that they're doing what they can..
whether there's just no time or developer capacity to put into this at this time, we can't know.
Maybe they are working on it, but it's going to be a massive undertaking to execute, planned for 2020-21.

My hope is that with Sentient factions, and possibly some form of a Sentient Lich,
we might be able to have this editor drop when they launch.
They were machines made to build solar rails,
a handful of them could swing a dojo rebuild in a fraction of the time.
..just putting that out there.
Would be about 6 months or longer before the story could work that in I assume..
which is a small eternity to us all in the meantime..
both the players ashamed of a junk maze dojo, or the devs under the gun from thousands of clan founders.

I'm real tempted to delete my dojo... displacing it's members, though? That's not good for anyone.
I would rather not leave them in the lurch to find a new clan, or have their labs out of service for at least a week.

Roughly 5 years of tinkering so far never resulted in me building a satisfying dojo, due to the parent room issue,
and the sheer cliff, time vampire nature of it as it is now.

There is no conceivable way they don't know it's in a bad spot, now more than ever with Drydock.

A really really bad spot.. a super obviously, glaringly, hauntingly bad spot..
and I wish them the absolute best of luck and patience from us while they do it.
(Which, please, for the love of all that is good, I fervently hope they're already working on it!)

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I can feel your pain, had to trash one of best decorated rooms to fit that whale-sized Dry Dock.

If nothing else, we could use tree basic tools:
1) An ability to "store" a room with all it's glorious decorations (it's just a bunch of vectors after all) instead of destroying it, for later "rebuild" in suitable place. Give the storage a cap if you must, give store (be it twice the time of deconstruct, for the sake of it) and rebuild (even if it had to be full 24 h) proper time gates - it's still better then starting from square one.
2) An ability to rotate an existing room (this would most likely require decoration wipe).
3) An ability to replace an existing room with different room of roughly same size/shape without the need to delete connected rooms (for example: replace cross junction with small garden; this would surely require decoration wipe).

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'd like to say, thank you DE for the amazing dlcs that you have provided for us. As well as the decorations settings and items to mess with. But unfortunately I came along a problem. It's that, since the new dlc empyrean, it came with 2 new rooms. One, dry dock and second... A room I don't understand it's functions yet. But the problem is... My rooms are everywhere. 

So I came with a solution that only you can make it possible. Room Swap.  If we can switch around rooms without deleting it and restarting the process of wasting resources. As well as all the decorations placed in the room won't be missing and destroyed. 

Also on a different but similar matter, the observatory has 2 great functions the Arsenal n navigation and 8 kneel pads that no one I know uses. My clan mates usually navigate through dojo to missions and the Arsenal become crowded. What if we switched the 8 kneel pads to Arsenal stations instead? 


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Yeah would be a nice feature. But you dont have to waste resources, if you have build a clan vault all resources from deleting decorations and rooms will be refunded there 1:1. So it' s just a matter of time. That still can hurt if you' ve build alot custom structures i know.

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This thread, as the dozens of recent threads on this topic, and no doubt hundreds over the years, will splinter off within days. Someone else will care to be the front runner of this, "campaign," next week, and gank any momentum yours gets to build up. Which, I'd say sucks, but hey, that's what happened this time, and each time before it. It's simultaneously positive and self destructive that we have so many eager champions for this cause.

They know we'd like a new dojo editor. Doesn't hurt to keep these kinds of threads active, regardless of the form or poster.. I can't assume to know what the hold up could be, but we could all unanimously appreciate a new dojo editor. This was one of the most common and popular threads to be created when railjack released. ...the, "parent room," concerns regarding halls and build delays have made for a less than satisfactory experience, and more than a simply blemished one.

Checking those threads and Necro every one dang of them. Make sure not to spam of course. Worst case, the moderator will merge them, and we'll keep a cohesive conversation, where past comments aren't thrown out the next time someone thinks they're the first person to think of this. Consider, we've been having this conversation for years, and even caring about the subject, how many past threads of this sort did you read? I mean this purely constructively, as you're certainly not a bad guy to start a thread you care about.

Something about the undertaking of a new dojo editor just has not fit into budget or development schedules. There may be a plan for when they want to release it, with a story driven element that ties into how it works. My guess: We're about to fight a lot Sentients in The New War.. they were created to build solar rails.. meaning putting a dojo together, if we convert them (like lich) might be one of those scenarios that would make perfect sense.

Could be it's held up for technical reasons.. we've been riding them non-stop about taking their time more, and releasing with fewer bugs. Despite it being Warframe Tradition to release things and have us bug test them (on PC), it's looking far less cute to folks who see that they've had 10 years to get, what they see to be, a far more sensible grip on the condition of all releases.

I've only had to type something to this effect in about... 10 different threads now since November? So I may be a bit heavy handed in my sentiments, but it's not on you. It's just that we all, "care so much," but every time we put our heads together to express a communal sentiment, it splits off again, for no one to read a word of it.. with many members of the forums being left with the impression that it's DE's fault for not having listened to a dozen fragmented conversations simultaneously.

tl;dr: 🧂

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