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My suggestion to improve an aspect of the Kuva Lich system


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So I'm thinking since a well min maxed tenno can start and finish a lich between 1 to 3 hours  with average luck, the flavor of a lich being a continuously present, looming threat, isn't there at all due to their short lifespans, so my suggestion focuses on extending the lifespan of a lich without increasing the amount of murmurs that have to be farmed and without decreasing the rewards received.

I propose that liches have a sort of milestone that indicates a small victory in the fight against the lich that drops the kuva weapon the way it currently does when you vanquish a lich, and rolls a new weapon for the lich based on the Warframe you achieved that milestone with, this way liches can be given a chance to evolve and grow with the player the way that the lich system was originally advertised to be.

As for the milestone, it can be like a temporary vanquish, to add to the lich flavor of resurrecting, and I'm sure some other simple solutions can be found regarding converting or the ephemeras.


Also I'm on my 17th lich and still no chakhurr DE plz

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