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Feature Request to help with the grinding when unable to log into the game


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This is a feature request primarily for mobile but could be controlled in game as well.

I, like many others, find myself a lot less able to actually play the game due to life events but would love to continue being able to farm resources such as credits, resources and mods. Currently, the distiller system only allows for very limited farming of resources but it would be great if that were to be increased in terms of number of distillers and loot table. An example would be, create a team of permanent specters to drop to a mission with x% chance of getting common, uncommon and rare loot. The number of teams could be limited like how the distillers work but it would also be awesome to see an increase in the amount of distillers able to be deployed at once (say 3x) per planet along side the current max number system in place. In effect the distillers would total 15 if MR10+ & prime access pass.


Teams can level up based on number of successful mission completions for increased efficiency with max efficiency completing a mission in 6 hours and would have to heal from damage like distillers.

Number of teams allowed to be deployed would be based on mastery rank + optional prime access pass bonus


Teams sent for loot could be based on tier of the team:
- rank 1 = 75% common, 20% uncommon, 5% rare
- rank 2 = 50% common, 43% uncommon, 7% rare
- rank 3 = 25% common, 65% uncommon, 10% rare
- rank 1 exalted = 70% c, 24% u, 6% r
- rank 2 exalted = 45% c, 46% u, 9% r
- rank 3 exalted = 20% c, 65% u, 15% r


Reasons to do this summarized:
- allow people to continue grinding for resources to create new items for use when unable to actually play the game
- give incentive to keep watching, staying up to date and continue playing

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