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[Warframe Concept] Xenora, The Predator.


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Version 1: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/937142-warframe-concept-xenora-reaper-of-lifes/

Xenora, Reaper of Lifes The Predator.

Role: stealth, beast-themed warframe.

Biography: Evolution is the best way to create a perfect weapon. After The Old War and fall of Orokin, 
she, suffering from unbearable pain, without her Operator, lost on a infected ship, all alone, forgotten and abandoned, was forced to fight for her freedom, for her life. Infestation, in attempts to consume her, create a deadly beast, what will destroy anyone and anything to safe own life. 

Death from darkness, Xenora will make enemies shake with fear even where they are safe. For there is no safe where she is.


HP: 125 (375 on rank 30)
HP Regeneration: 0 p\s (15 p\s on rank 30)
r: 20
Shield: 0 (0 on rank 30)
Energy: 150 (225 on rank 30)


  Скрыть контент

Predator's Skin
Human Form:
Xenora have faster reloading speed and weapon switch speed.
Predator Form: Xenora's skin adapts to the environment, makes Xenora hard to spot. Decrease enemy detection range by 66% (Like Rakta Dark Dagger, but stronger.)

First Ability:
The Beast
This is an form-ability (like Equinox).
Human Form: Xenora walk on legs, like other warframes. Default form.
Predator Form: Xenora will lay down on 4 legs and loose ability to use her weapon. Also, it give ability to climb on walls and other surfaces (something like Kavats).If you press and hold ability button when Xenora on wall, she will jump in the point of sight, deal 1500 dmg on all way. If you use jump when climbing,
Xenora will jump in the direction of the sight without dealing damage. To turn the form back to human, you need to press 1, standing on floor. When Xenora in Predator Form, she can attack with her claws (Melee Button), deal fast light attacks, or with her tongue (like Valcyr 1) (Primary Fire Button).

Xenora Claws:
Slash Damage.
10 Puncture Damage.
0 Impact Damage.
1.1 Attack Speed.
5% Crit. Chance.
1.5x Crit. Mult.
25% Status Chance.
Small range.
500% extra damage from finishing.

Xenora Tongue:
130 Puncture Damage.
10 Slash Damage.
10 Impact Damage.
0.6 Attack Speed.
30% Crit. Chance.
2.5 Crit. Mult.
5% Status Cance.
30 m Range.

Cost: 0 energy per use.
Range: -
Strength: 800/1200/1500 dmg on jump (Not affect on weapons).
Duration: -

Second Ability:
Predator's Feast
Xenora mark target with spore, that will grow in the body of the enemy, consuming its resources. After a delay ability can be activated: killing the target and create a corpse, that can be used by Xenora to gain energy.

Cost: 25 energy on activation.
Range: 5\10\15 m.
Strength: 3\4\5 energy by 10% of target's HP
Duration: 8\6\4 seconds of delay.


Feast of the Vultures
Xenora's allies also can use corpse to gain energy. One corpse can be used once for each team member (four times in total)


Third Ability:
Toxin Breath
Xenora take a deep breath and spray toxin cloud in front of she, deal great damage.

Cost: 50 energy.
Range: 3\7\10\15 m
Strength: 400\600\800 dmg
: -

Corrosive Breath
Ability also destroying enemy's shields and armour.
Strenght: 40\60\80% of debuff
Duration: 10 sec

Fourth ability:
Wild Power
Xenora jump on target, brutally killing it. Enemies around run out in fear, while Xenora gain huge buff to dealing damage, armor and speed.

Cost: 100 energy.
Range: 25\35\45 m jump, 10\15\20 m fear.
      Jump damage - lethal.
      Buff's - +50\100\200% of damage.
                  +100\300\500 armor
                  +20\50\80% of reload, melee, run speed.
Duration: 20\40\60 sec.


Receiving: Quest " Howl In Darkness "
Infected Ship falls on the planet and Simaris requests Tenno go there and find out what happened. Ship is full of dead infested an Simaris wants to know what or who destroyed them. Tenno go in. Simaris marks the signature of live entity and command Tenno to scan this live form. Player go deep in ship and find trace of Xenora, that lead him in to big dark room. Player need to find and follow footprints of Xenora, to find her wounded and almost dead in one of corners. Player scan Xenora and gets Blueprint, than she dies. Simaris, in order to protect the planet from infestation (and give last honor to Xenora) command to restart damaged ship's reactor, what will cause detonation and evaporate infection. To gain parts of Xenora, players must go on Eris and complete some Capture missions, for which with some chance will be able to get the blueprints.

Changed second ability.
Added augment for second ability.

Changed first, third and four ability.
Added augment for third ability.

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