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Hate Visi-Fortium - Advise + Price Check




I rolled my Hate riven and got this;

+ 10% Combo Efficiency (approx 100% MAX)

+ 16.5% Melee Damage (approx 220% MAX

+ 3.7 Initial Combo (approx 37 MAX)

- 1s Combo Duration (Approx 9s MAX)

Firstly, I dont really know how the combo modifiers work as i mainly play this game as a shooter.

Does 100% efficiency basically halve the number of hits taken to increase the combo counter?

Does 37 initial combo give me 37x hits on my first hit? (effectively taking it straight to 2x combo multiplier)

Hate seems to be be quite popular at the moment and has a good disposition, what would it be worth? (I am open to offers :) )


GLG Bravo


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'Combo Efficiency' reduces how much of your Hit Counter you spend when performing a Heavy Attack.
'initial Combo' adds a minimum number of Hits that your Hit Counter will always be at a minimum of.

as for value, uhh.... the negative pretty massively hurts the other traits, making it quite difficult to use for normal attacks, but mostly ok for exclusively Heavies.

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